Messages to Maria for The Divine Preparation of Hearts, Germany


Thursday, February 24, 2022

The evil one will come to take the Holy Eucharist from you!

- Message No. 1341 -


In adoration

Jesus says: The evil one will come to take the Holy Eucharist from you.

Children, be warned, because if that happens, you are worshipping the evil one!

My words of consecration are Holy. If they are changed, you will receive only empty bread, but you will not be able to receive My Holy Body.

So stay alert, for the one who is coming is not Me, and woe to the one who hurries after the false one, loves him and worships him. He will be lost, for he has not learned to distinguish Me, his Jesus, from the one who has come along.

He doesn't know Me, even if he thinks he does, because he is not with Me, but blinded by beautiful words, which the one(s) who ran away are smearing around his mouth and have already done so!

Children, remain vigilant, because the time in which you live is confusing and difficult, and good to him who is truly with Me, with his Jesus. Amen.

Whoever worships the wrong one will perish, and nothing will I be able to do for him. So remain vigilant, and awaken those of you who are already following those who have come along! Amen.

With deep love.

Your Jesus. Amen.

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