Messages to Maria for The Divine Preparation of Hearts, Germany


Sunday, September 6, 2020

It is the final battle that must be fought!

- Message No. 1257 -


Do not close your churches, for My Church is holy!

Warmth radiates from the cross into My heart. Comforting, so comforting warmth, and Jesus is there. I am standing in front of the closed gate and Jesus says: So you will be separated from Me , but some will be able to come to Me, but the others will not. They will stand in front of a closed door .

My child. My little soul so loved by Me, which you are. Yes, it is true. I give the warmth of My heart to those who truly, honestly and sincerely love Me, who place Me above all the transitoriness, who are faithful to Me, who are devoted to Me and live in obedience to Me, to their Jesus. Amen.

My child. The end times have begun, you already know this, but too many children turn away from this knowledge and seek security and stability in their little world THAT NO LONGER EXISTS! (reference to safety and stability).

You are terrified and cling to every straw that is held out to you, but believe Me, beloved children that you are, these straws will break and let you fall into the abyss, for first the devil has purposefully terrified you through his henchmen, and now he generously, yet deceitfully, offers you -and you see and DON'T WANT TO SEE(! )-auxiliary straws that bring you into his utter dependence and cost you death, because:

The eternal life attains only the one who turns to Me! You attain the eternal life only by giving your trust to Me, your Jesus! You will get eternal life only through Me, your Jesus, therefore convert, trust in Me and believe!

I give you hope and confidence, but you must believe in Me, and trust completely in Me, in your Jesus, WHO AM YOUR SAVIOUR(!)! Only I can and will lead you through this time of the end! It is the last battle that must be fought before the gates to My New Kingdom will open.

Children! Only those who are truly with Me will find entrance! All you others, be told: you have preferred worldly things to Me, your Jesus! You have preferred prestige, power and money to My love! You have given comfort and selfishness, disrespect and negation to Me and your neighbor!

You must convert, because the decision falls now soon: With your free will you may choose, but there is only Me and My adversary! You cannot choose both: Sometimes good and sometimes evil, just as it pleases you! You must choose Me, only Me and the way into the Father's Kingdom of Heaven, for everything else, EVERYTHING ELSE, will bring you to perdition!

Be told that the decision will be made soon, and then well to him who has professed Me. You cannot choose both ways, because only I can lead you to the Father. But whoever thinks he can continue to live as if he alone is master of his life, soon horror will befall him, for YOU WILL ALL recognize, but then it will be too late for you!

Who chooses the way to damnation, consciously, because he pays homage to the devil, out of convenience or out of denial of me and hell, no matter which your motive is: None of you will attain eternal life at My side, none who is not faithful and devoted to Me!

So convert now, because time is running out for you.

Everything comes as We, Heaven united, through Me, your Jesus, through My Most Holy Mother Mary, your Mother in Heaven, through My Saints and God the Father, the Most High, Himself, say it in these messages! There is no mercy for those who do not convert, and damnation will be your eternity.

So decide well, for only I Am the way to glory, but My adversary brings suffering and fornication, greed and hatred among My children, and you will be lost if you do not turn away and toward Me, for if you do not profess Me, I will not be able to do anything for you.

My love for you is great, it is infinite, but when mercy must give way to justice, and that day is near, you will be lost forever, those who have not found Me, and did not want Me, your Jesus.

So convert now! Convert, so that I can give you My love too.

My desire is great, and no sin is too grave that I, your Jesus, cannot forgive it. So ask Me for forgiveness. Confess, atone and repent, for this is how you will come closer to Me. Amen.

Convert, beloved children that you are. The time that remains to you is short, and the days will darken.

I Am the light your soul needs and seeks, so come to Me, give Me your yes, and I will hasten to you, and your soul will be resurrected, as it is prayed in the Creed by My faithful and loving children.

Believe in Me, in your Jesus, for only I can lead you into salvation. Amen.

I love you very much. Visit My holy places, for they give you strength and confidence. Amen.

Do not close your churches, beloved priests, bishops and ecclesiastical leaders, for My Church is holy, and giving strength and hope to all those who love Me. If you close your churches, you close the way to Me for the children! Of course, they will continue to pray and feel My closeness, but you are depriving them of the holiness they can receive only in My Holy Church and Eucharistic Celebration!

So open your churches and celebrate the Holy Eucharist, for it is My Blood that was shed for you, and it is My Body that was given for you, and it is My Relic of the Cross that you venerate here in the Shrine and is kept and displayed giving strength and love to My believing children. Amen.

I love you very much.

Your Jesus from the mountains of Cantabria. Suffered, crucified and died for you. For the atonement of all your sins. Therefore, convert, for the sacrifice for your sins Am I, your Jesus, as your Way and Savior. Amen.

Through Me you will see the light of heaven shining, and through Me you will gain entrance into the Kingdom of Heaven. So convert before it is too late. I, your Jesus of the Holy Cross, await you. Amen.

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