Messages to Maria for The Divine Preparation of Hearts, Germany


Saturday, September 5, 2020

How can you believe that a vaccine will save you?

- Message No. 1256 -


My child. My dear child. Thank you for coming to Me again today, to your Holy Jesus, to Limpias.

Great is My suffering, for I see the aberration of My children growing ever greater.

I, your Jesus of Limpias, see how you create division out of fear, and My Heart suffers, beloved children that you are, My Sacred Heart suffers for you, because of you and the state of your world, which threatens to be dominated by the devil through and through, IF YOU DO NOT RESIST!

Children, wake up before it is too late for you! See how you are being lied to and deceived! See how you are being CONTROLLED, and see how you are playing with open arms to those WHO WANT YOU TO DIE!

How can you believe that a vaccine will save you?

Only I, your Jesus, can give you salvation and blessing! Only I, your Most Holy Jesus, can give you salvation!

What are you afraid of?

If you believe in Me, in your Jesus, then you have nothing to fear! ALWAYS(!) I will stand by you and be with those who truly love Me and stand by Me!

Bear witness, My beloved children, bear witness of Me! I, your Jesus, lead you all the way! Not a soul that finds its way to Me will be lost! NONE!

So convert, beloved children that you are, and pray! Prayer is your weapon in this time of lies and deceit.

And raise your voice! Your voice was given to you TO USE IT! What are you afraid of?

You believe the people more than Me, your Jesus! You have trust in your media and do not see how your trust is used!

The devil through his henchmen is implementing the most evil goals! If you do not rise, pray and fight, you will all be lost!

Laws will be passed over you that will take away any kind of freedom!

See what is already happening! See what laws have already been changed and enacted!

See where your freedom of speech is! If you say something AGAINST the general media 'truth' these days, you are labeled and ridiculed. They point their fingers at you, and stamp you!

Often aggression is brought against you and that from your quite 'normal' fellow men who believe blindly and faithfully everything what they get put in front of them.

Children, wake up! I, your Most Holy Jesus of Limpias, ask all God's children to pray! Join those who tell the TRUTH and do not run after those who lie to you.

I love you very much. Listen to My Word, for it is holy.

In deep love,

Your Most Holy Jesus of Limpias, with My Father, God Most High. Amen.

You show me how God the Father takes to Himself the suffering Jesus, deeply upset by the suffering of His Son, so unspeakably great, even today.

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