Messages to Maria for The Divine Preparation of Hearts, Germany


Friday, June 7, 2019

Your perception has been led in one direction for a long time!

- Message No. 1217 -


My child. Please say the following to the children of Earth:

Your time, beloved children, remaining for the preparation of yours will be short-lived.

I love you very much, beloved children that you are, but you must change and find your way to Me, to your Jesus, before this time has passed.

A new world order is to be 'drummed' into you, and especially the young generation is affected by this doctrine. In schools and universities this new world order has been presented to you for a long time, but so skillfully that you partly do not even notice it.

Your perception has long been led in one direction. Whoever is not 'tolerant' today, neither for race-mixing or for religion-mixing, which are offered to you as freedom, nor is open for all that goes against the commandments of God the Father -and even murder is allowed today, the murder of the unborn!-, is considered an outsider, is labeled as a race-hater, as 'abnormal', as radical, -the list is long-, is stamped and if possible shunned!

Children, it doesn't work that way! You marry people of the same sex. You tell your children that this is normal, but where would your offspring be if the father had 'wanted' this? You (your governments send) planes into the air to 'spray' poisons. With heavy metals and highly toxic substances you are made ill! With 5G technologies you will be brought to your knees! You will be made slaves of the upper elite, and you will let it happen!

Children, wake up and see what is happening in your world!

Again and again We come to you and give you guidance on what you can do, but you do not want to listen, you do not want to act, and you do not trust in the power of prayer, nor in Me, in your Jesus.

I suffer greatly, having seen all this coming at My death on the cross, and yet I fight for you until the last day.

I beg you to repent! I call to you to pray, because without prayer, My children, you perish miserably, without repentance you will not obtain My Father's Kingdom of Heaven.

Repent, beloved children that you are, and prepare yourselves. The time of preparation is coming to an end, and you must be ready before it is too late for you.

I love you very much. Look at what is going on in your world, and then, when you have looked properly, go into deep prayer to Me, to your Jesus. Amen.

In deep and sincere love,

Your Jesus, Who I Am. Amen.

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