Messages to Maria for The Divine Preparation of Hearts, Germany


Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Pray, My children, and help save souls!

- Message No. 4 -


My child. Be very calm and pray to Me. I love you. Listen to Me, My child. I love you with all My heart...Write...You are one of Our children chosen to be messenger for the times to come.

We want to help all God's children, but many do not know Us. Help them to find Us. Their souls must not be lost. This will be the case when the adversary, the devil in the form of the Antichrist, sends his lies, spreads them and "tricks" them. Without your help, many of them will follow him. They will be lost and they will be damned. My child, help Us, help all of you who hear Us, so that this does not happen. Pray, My children, pray day and night so that as many of them as possible may be saved.

If only everyone would trust Us. The world would already be a paradise compared to what you have now. Pray, pray, pray and all will be well. I promise you .

My children, never let the Antichrist confuse you. Believe firmly and with a sincere heart in Us, in Me, My Son and God the Father. Then everything will be fine for you. No matter how bad the times on earth will be, We are with you and We protect you. Believe, My children. Faith moves mountains (figuratively speaking). What I told you the other day is true. Everything I tell you is true. Believe, My daughter. Your messages come from Us, the Almighty Father, Jesus and through the Mother of God. The way to Me, your Father, is repentance and penance. Tell this to all Our children.

Mother of God: My child, do not doubt, even if you do not understand everything now. We love you. Be sure that We are always with you.

I love you. I thank you.

Your Mother in Heaven.

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