Messages to Maria for The Divine Preparation of Hearts, Germany


Friday, November 23, 2012

Repentance and penance are necessary to be allowed to enter the Kingdom of God.

- Message No. 3 -


Our Lady is waiting for me more urgently than usual. Every day since the last message, She has been talking to me and asking that I write. Unfortunately, I have not been receptive.

Greetings. Come back to Me, My child. I miss you. I love you and I want to help you. Listen to Me and write this down.

I know you are confused and have doubts, but always believe that everything is for your best. No matter what you decide, it will be right and you will be helped. Pray about the things you have to decide. Then everything will be fine. We will always help you. Always we will be there for you and for everyone. It is important to know that you can call/ask Us at any time. Many people do not know this and despair over their things to decide. Be sure that if you ask Us, you will be helped.

Pray, My children. It is in prayer that you find power. Only prayer can (really) help you. It is the most powerful thing you have. A prayer can move mountains if only you believe in it (prayer). Many will have heard this sentence before, and many may now shake their heads and say: I don't believe that. And by doing so, they deny themselves the power they have when they say a prayer in faith. You see, My children, how easy it is when you say a prayer in faith.

My child, just let everything flow. You have to tune out to hear Me, and you are finding that difficult in the last few days. Don't distract yourself with little things, but look at the big picture. Only God is important and His purpose here on earth. You have a mission here on earth and that is to serve Him. By serving God the Father, the Most High, you are helping Him to accomplish His plans, and be sure that these plans are for the benefit of all His children. He loves you so much. And He ardently desires that you be happy. In this day and age, this is very difficult. Crime, crises, famines, bad living conditions, etc. Greed, avarice, and lust are weakening the morality you once had, and opening the doors for Satan and his nastiness. More and more of God's children are getting lost in his arms, and the balance of natural joy/happiness in life is upset, and more and more of God's children are becoming sad. The joy that God the Father created and intended for you is being strategically destroyed by the Adversary. This will soon come to an end.

My children, God the Father loves you. He loves you so much, and He loves each and every one of you. His love doesn't care if you have sinned, He just wants you to find your way back to Him and does everything to make that possible.

He does not approve of any sin, on the contrary, He detests it, but He still loves every sinner, no matter what sin he has committed. In this day and age, which is riddled with vice, He eagerly desires the return of ALL HIS children and offers His unfailing love to everyone.

In order that as many of God's children as possible may find their way back to Him, He gives you - now already prolonged - the time of mercy. This is a time when all God's children can return to Him through repentance and penance. Repentance and penance are necessary in order to be allowed to enter the Kingdom of God. The children of you who want to return to the Father, you hereby have your "entrance ticket".

After repentance comes purification. When you have also accomplished that - this is an "automatic" process, that is, something you do not do yourself, but something you are subjected to. Repentance, on the other hand, is what you have to do of your own accord -. so when you have completed this purification, then you are allowed into the preparation. You do not do this by yourselves either. There are many Holy Celestial Helpers who will assist you and instruct you.

Then there are the holy angels. Some of them have been with you all (your) life. There are many angels. And just as Satan has his dark army, God the Father has his heavenly ones. These angels protect you. Many of them accompany you already during your lifetime. In the heavenly kingdom they have again a responsible task concerning you, which is only briefly mentioned here. It is important for you to repent and do penance.

My children, believe Me that it will be very difficult for many of you to have any feelings at all again. Many are so contaminated by Satan's (shameful) deeds that their senses are dulled and cannot feel anything except lust for their own pleasure. Help these souls through your prayer. Pray that they may regain their natural sensation (sensibility) created by God the Father, and pray that they may repent. Through the restoration of natural sentience (sensibility), they will then desist from vice and be able to repent. Pray then also for repentance, then the soul can return home.

So, My children, I thank you for listening to Me again.

I love you, and I rejoice in you.

Your Mother in Heaven.

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