Messages to Maria for The Divine Preparation of Hearts, Germany


Wednesday, November 14, 2012

You are like My "weapons" here on earth.

- Message No. 2 -


Our Lady wants to speak with Me.

My child, listen to Me, write this down.

You are like My "weapons" here on earth. Through your prayer, much salvation is obtained. Many souls have already been converted. But there are not enough by far.

Satan "snorts" with rage. He wants to deceive all souls, then condemn and torment them. He is so evil that he cannot succeed. He sees his power dwindling, and that is why you have so much suffering on your earth at the moment. He tries everything to enforce his plan and knows that he can't do it anymore, and on earth you see the discrepancy between good and evil getting stronger / bigger: Even more evil or (really) good.

The "in-between" will and can soon no longer exist, because of the decision that each of you must make for yourselves: God the Father or Satan. There will be nothing else then.

In order for many more souls to be saved, you must pray (keep praying), My children. Your prayers are good, no matter how small, short or trivial you (sometimes) feel them to be. Every prayer is heard and answered.

Explanation of the answer: The answer is very extensive. Here is an example: if you pray for the salvation of a soul, it will be saved, provided you pray with a pure heart and the soul still has a white spot (to illustrate). The soul that has "consecrated" itself to Satan cannot be saved. It has given its light, which God gave it, to the devil, and he will not give it back. The soul that, although it "pays homage" to Satan and does a lot of mischief on earth, still has light, although hardly visible, but it can be saved. For this soul, however, prayer alone is not enough. For this, much atonement and sacrifice must be made. This is a long process.

So. Now there are many who are (almost) pure of heart and wish for more money, a bigger home and the like. All this is heard, checked according to "importance", i.e., is it really good for this soul to get all this now or later, and after "checking" it is decided. This is an extensive subject, and I hope that you / you understand it a little better now.

God the Father knows what a soul needs, each and every one of you, and He gives you exactly what you need (circumstances) to find your way home to Him. He is a loving Father. He loves each and every one of you. And He awaits you eagerly.

My child, I see you are getting tired. I would like to instruct you further now, but you see how exhausting such announcements are. To understand the whole mystery of God requires a lot of time. More time than you have in your earthly life. Trust. You can only trust. Everything will be fine for the children of God who confess Him, and the time of the New Paradise is near. Very near. Rejoice. Do not be afraid. You will be helped. No matter what else has to happen on your earth.

I love you.

Your mother in heaven.

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