Messages to Marcos Tadeu Teixeira in Jacareí SP, Brazil


Sunday, November 7, 2021

Message from the Sacred Heart of Jesus and Our Lady Queen and Messenger of Peace, communicated to the seer Marcos Tadeu Teixeira

The great sign of the son of man has been given to you!


Message from the Sacred Heart of Jesus

"My beloved and chosen souls, today I come with my Holy Mother on the monthly anniversary of our apparitions here to tell you all: The great sign of the son of man has been given to you!

Yes, on that distant day, November 7, 1994, when all the multitude that was here in this city saw the sign promised by Me and my Mother in Heaven, confirming our apparitions to Our most beloved little son Marcos, on that day, all mankind received the sign of the son of man that I prophesied in the Gospel, the sign of my cross.

Yes, on that luminous cross that My Mother and I showed in Heaven for all to see, all of you were given the sign. The sign that I promised would be the warning, the alert from God that My return was near.

Humanity has already received the sign, has received My warning, God's warning. You are living in the last times!

There is no more, no more time to waste with the passing things of this world. Dedicate yourselves to saving your souls, because soon I will be coming back in glory, and everyone who is a dry and barren tree and has no fruit of holiness to give me will be uprooted and thrown into the eternal fire.

Yes, woe to those who are in spiritual misery and sin when I return. Woe to those who are fruitless. Woe to those who have only the black fruits of this world, which are addictions and pleasures.

These trees will be uprooted and thrown into a fire that no one can ever put out, because it will be a fire lit by My justice.

My Mercy never wanted Hell, but My Justice demands it! And that is why all those who have not taken My messages and My Mother's messages seriously, will be sent there. All those who mocked and scorned Her by despising Her, despising Her messages, or else, listening to Her messages and not obeying, doing the opposite and seeking the pleasures and vices of this world.

Yes, all those who mocked My Mother, who did not want to receive her as My messenger, and who did not take seriously the words of the Holy Mother of God, these will be thrown into the fire kindled by My justice, which will never be quenched.

Convert yourselves without delay! The sign of the Son of Man has already been given as I promised two thousand years ago: 'And the sign of the Son of Man will appear in heaven. And this will be a warning that the end is near, the return of the Lord.'

You are in the last times! So stop wasting your life's time on the things of this world that will soon be no more, and dedicate your souls to the only thing necessary: saving your own soul.

What will become of the souls of those who live only seeking the pleasures and goods of this world?

Have you been concerned about the eternal destiny of your souls?

Beware of the actions and decisions you take now that may have no turning back, and may seal your eternal destiny forever in damnation.

Convert yourselves! Pray! Have the fear of God.

He who fears Me does not seek the pleasures and vices of this world. He who fears Me lives every day in My law, in My grace, in My friendship and does not look at Sodom, but only at Me, at My Mother, at Heaven and at his own soul taking care of it.

Take care of your souls, because the enemy, the devil, is furious and will not rest until he carries each one of you with him to eternal damnation, to eternal disgrace.

Resist him with love, with prayer, with love for My Mother, with love for My Sacred Heart, trying to make My Mother's flame of love grow every day by more prayers, tears, supplications, penance, fasting and good works.

Only in this way will you defeat the dragon and be crowned in Heaven.

Pray the Rosary paying attention to the words you say. Do not pray the Rosary cold, in an automatic way, because those prayers do not please me, nor do they please My Mother. Pray with your heart, pray with love.

I have said it a thousand times, but you don't understand! Cold prayers do not go up to Me, lukewarmness often makes your prayers innocuous. So, pray, pray with love! Pray with fervor! Pray with fervent love, and then your prayers will produce graces and miracles.

Here, where My Mother and I have left wonderful signs to confirm Our presence, here Our thrones, the thrones of Our Sacred Hearts, will shine together with the light of the flame of love that we have placed in the heart, in the soul of Our little son Marcos.

And when this happens, all the demons will be overshadowed, blinded and paralyzed, and will fall back into the lake of fire from which they can never come out again. And finally, I will send the Angel of Peace and My Mother to bless the Earth, and the Lady of all peoples, who in the beginning was Mary of Nazareth, who is the Messenger of Peace here, will finally be recognized as Queen, Mediatrix, Advocate of all mankind, Co-Redemptrix. And I will finally be recognized as the only God and absolute Lord of all peoples, and then, finally, peace will triumph.

My most beloved little son Marcos, thank you for making the film of my Mother's Apparition in Castelpetroso. You have taken many swords of pain not only from Her Heart, but also from My Sacred Heart with this holy work that you have offered to Me today so many times during this cenacle.

Because of this good work I give you 52 blessings today.

To your father Carlos Tadeu, whom you love more than anything, I will give 98 thousand blessings today, which he will also receive on the anniversary of the Apparitions of My Mother in Castelpetroso and also on December 28th of each year.

And to everyone who is here today, I also give 112 blessings that you will receive today and also on December 29th of this year. Thus, I bring down the streams of My Sacred Heart upon all those whom you love and for whom you ask.

Also on that particular soul for whom you have asked Me, I now give, I now pour, 17 blessings.

I bless you all with love: from Paray-Le-Monial, from Dozulé and from Jacareí."


Message from Our Lady Queen and Messenger of Peace

"I am the Queen and Messenger of Peace! From Heaven I came and on November 7, 1994 I gave to all the crowd that was here in this city, the sign of the cross of My Son Jesus, the Miracle of the Sun that pulsated like a heart and changed color and also, the sign of the flame of the candle, the miracle of the candle, that did not burn the right hand of My little son Marcos.

With these powerful signs I confirmed the veracity of My apparitions here forever! I transformed My little son Marcos into another Bernadette of Lourdes, repeating the same miracle I performed in the Grotto of Massabiele, so many years ago, to show that I, the Immaculate Conception, the Mother of God, have also come down here in this city that belongs to Me, is Mine, was given to Me and consecrated since its foundation, to tell all My children that in the end I will triumph over all the forces of evil and My Son Jesus will soon return in glory as He promised you all in the Gospel two thousand years ago.

Here I have shown you the sign of the Son of Man, warning you all that you are already in the end times and soon my Son will return to restore all things.

My Son will return to restore all things in Him, in Christ, to destroy Satan's Empire in this world, and to finally bring down the Infernal Empire and bring to all mankind a new time of holiness, of love for God, of goodness, of concord and of peace.

The sign of the Son of Man has been given to you to warn you that there is no more time to waste with the things of this world. Now it is necessary to put all your effort and work into saving your soul, because those who do not do this, will not be able to save themselves.

The sign of the Son of Man was given in 1994 here to warn you that since then, the countdown to the Parousia, the return of My glorious Son Jesus, to set up His kingdom of love on earth, has begun. And everything that is stained by evil, by sin, will not enter this kingdom.

Therefore, purify yourselves by a life of holiness, of love for God, of good works, of prayer, of fasting and penance. Despising all that the world and My enemy offers you, despising your own will, dying to yourselves every day to live hidden in Christ and also in My heart.

So that then, I can cultivate you as mystical roses scented with love and give you to My Son as a precious bouquet when He returns in His glory.

The sign of the Son of Man has been given to you to warn you that the times have finally come, and now the Lord will come with the fire of His Justice, to give to each one according to what he has done and also according to what he has not done.

So, convert, convert! Pray My Rosary every day with your heart, because only the Rosary with your heart can give you now the strength you need to go forward to victory.

Whoever prays My Rosary distractedly and coldly will not be saved, but whoever prays My Rosary fervently will be saved.

Continue to pray the Rosary of Peace at least every Saturday, so that then, you can feel My peace, you can plant it in your heart, make it grow, and make this peace known to all men.

Here, where I have given the most resounding signs to show the truth of our Apparitions to My little son Marcos, I desire supreme holiness, supreme obedience, supreme love.

Keep reading all My messages! Now, meditate on the messages I gave in the month of May this year every day so that you will grow in My love and holiness.

Practice more the virtue of magnificence, read My life every day so that you will imitate My virtues and know what you must do.

Now the time given by the Lord is ending. Soon My hour will sound! Therefore, convert yourselves without delay, do not postpone your conversion any longer, for soon it will be too late and you will hear that voice echoing from Heaven, which will cast so many to the ground terrified of dread: 'Enter Hell!'

Don't be like them, convert! Without conversion I cannot help you. Without conversion and prayer I cannot transmit to you the graces of My flame of love.

I bless you all with love, especially you, My little son Marcos. Thank you for making the film of my apparition in Castelpretroso. I thank you once again and I tell you: don't let anything take away your joy, you did this, this good and holy work.

While everyone else was only seeking the fulfillment of their personal desires and pleasures, you dedicated so many days and weeks to make Me known and loved, and to bring this apparition of Mine out of the oblivion, contempt and ignorance of mankind.

The merit is all yours, and no one can take this merit from you. Therefore, rejoice, My child, the most selfless, self-forgetful, and devoted of My servants.

To you, because of this, this good work, I give today 178 blessings. To your father Carlos Tadeu I now give 457 thousand blessings that he will receive on August 16th every year, and also on December 9th for three years in a row.

And to all of you who are here I now give 40 blessings that you will receive in addition to today, this year on December 9th.

Continue to pray the Rosary of Tears every day. Meditate every day on a passage from the Imitation of Mary, so that you may imitate my virtues. And also, every day, meditate a meditation by My son Alfonso de Liguori, this will help you on your way to Heaven, and give you the strength to resist all temptations.

I bless you all: from Lourdes, from Pontmain and from Jacareí."



(Blessed Mary): "My most beloved son Carlos Tadeu, I give you today My monthly message:

I love you, My son, do not be afraid of anything, because I am always at your side to help you and to guide you.

On that November 7th, 1994, although you didn't know or could even imagine that I appeared here in this city, for My privileged soul my ray of light, you also, the instant he placed, My son Marcos placed his hand in the flame of the candle without being burned by My power, at that moment you also received great graces from My Immaculate Heart. Great blessings for the link that you would have in the future with him and, let's say, for an anticipation of the merits of all the good works that he would do for me throughout his life.

Yes, at that moment I blessed you and showered great blessings on you. See how much I loved and love you: I gave you for a son a soul who put his hand in the candle flame for so many minutes without burning. Something that no human being, no one on the face of the earth, besides my little daughter St. Bernadette and a few chosen souls, no other soul, no other person ever received grace or miracle like that.

Yes, he was already very worthy of this at that time and already had many merits to receive those 3 great signs that I manifested that day: the miracle of the Sun, the miracle of the luminous cross and the miracle of the candle flame.

Yes, that it did not burn his hand! He already possessed many merits for that, so when he asked for this sign from Heaven I and my Son Jesus gladly and joyfully gave it to him.

Yes, this soul full of merits that over the years has only multiplied its merits by good works, prayers and sacrifices, this soul that had and has the brightness of a precious stone shining in the most intense light of the Sun, this soul was given to you to be your son so that you could understand how much I and My Son Jesus cherish and love you.

We entrust to you this treasure, this precious stone, for you to take care of him, to help him, to guide him in the decisions he must take here on Earth, which are so difficult. And that you listen to him too, because he will lead you along the same path of holiness, of beatitude along which he has walked until today.

Yes, the son I gave you knows the way to Heaven, the way of perfection and holiness. And the more you are united to him the more you will acquire the same light, the same inner beauty, the same flame of burning love that he possesses and also, you will become beautiful in the eyes of the Lord, in My eyes and also in you I will be able to work wonders.

Keep walking on the path of holiness, sometimes leading the son I gave you along the paths of the earth where he needs so much of your guidance, protection, direction and care. Now, letting yourself be carried by him on the path of holiness and spirituality that he knows so well, and resembling him more and more.

Just as water that is put into a vase takes the shape of that vase, and although, being two it seems that they are one. So too, unite yourself so deeply with him that you become one even though you are two.

Thus My flame of love and My plan of salvation will be fully realized, and then My enemy will be humbled and defeated.

I wish that throughout this month you will speak to My children in all the cenacles, of this sign of the candle flame that did not burn My little son Marcos' hand, also of the sign of the cross in Heaven and in the Sun, of the Miracle of the Sun.

Show all My children how I rewarded the love, obedience and merits of the son I gave you. Show everyone how in him I have performed prodigious miracles, which with the exception of my little daughter Bernadette and a few holy souls, I have not manifested and done to anyone else.

The Pharisees and even the apostles continually asked My son Jesus for a sign from Heaven and to manifest His glory. My son denied the sign, the son I gave you asked for this sign and was answered, because he was already very worthy of this.

Show this to all My children, so that they understand the greatness of the work and the grace they have received, the work of salvation, so that they cooperate with it and do not spoil it with their defects, sins, vices and ill will, their disobedience.

The greatness also of the grace they have received, because after this grace they will have no other. The grace of knowing and being in My appearances is the greatest and the last grace, the last opportunity that I have given to all of them, after this one there will be no other.

So then, tremble and fear every day in My presence, and with holy fervor and love collaborate with My plan for the salvation of all mankind.

I bless you and I say: I am still proud of you, Mother is happy and proud of you, My son, continue with all the prayers that I have asked for and given to you, and understand that here, in these grandiose Apparitions, which were already in a certain way implied in the Gospel, when My son said that he would manifest, show the sign of the Son of man to warn all mankind that His return was soon. It was from here, from Jacareí that He spoke.

In these great Apparitions, you, My son, you are one of the main souls, the cornerstone, through which, together with My little son Marcos, I want to save all My children and show the whole world My love and My glory.

Meditate deeply on the meaning of this, so that you too can give My children the light of wisdom and understanding of such a high science, such a great work and grace. So that they will no longer pierce My heart with their defects and sins, and will not spoil or damage My work, because anyone who does this will repay My son Jesus, and it will be terrible to fall into the hands of the Son of God.

To all and to you especially I bless with love now."



(Blessed Mary): "As I have already said, wherever one of these images, rosaries arrive, there I will be alive carrying with Me the great graces of My Son, the graces of My heart.

To all those who wear My Medal of Peace with confidence, I will give on December 30th of each year, and on February 25th of each year, 100 special blessings.

To all again I bless you so that you may be happy.

Stay in the peace of the Lord!"

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