Jesus died for you because He loves you so much. Through His greatest sacrifice has He redeemed all of us from our sins, allowing us to come back to the Father, if we follow His words.

Messages of Our Lady at the Apparitions of Jacareí SP, Brazil


Tuesday, July 20, 2021

Message from Our Lady Queen and Messenger of Peace communicated to the seer Marcos Tadeu Teixeira

Pray the Rosary of the Consecrated every day


(Marcos): "What can I do for the Lady today? What do you want from me, Mother?

...I will do all that yes."

Message from Our Lady Queen and Messenger of Peace

"Dear children, pray the Rosary of the Consecrated every day. This powerful rosary that I have taught you here, brief but powerful, will be the great shield through which I will defend you from Satan's attacks.

This powerful rosary that I taught you here at the beginning of My apparitions, will make you live ever more conscious of the vows and promises you made to me on the day of your consecration to Me, will make you live in total trust in My love, in total dependence on My grace, nourishment, and maternal care. And it will also make you feel the need to love and console My Immaculate Heart, so that I can then truly transform you into great instruments of salvation for the whole world.

With this rosary you will understand how much My Immaculate Heart loves you, how much it has loved you, chosen you and called you to be entirely Mine.

Then you will feel the desire to love me more and to live ever more united with me in true love, and above all in fusion, in the communion of thoughts, desires, and feelings of your will with me.

Pray My Rosary every day. With it I will make you grow in true devotion to me.

I bless all of you, and especially you, My little son Marcos.

Once again I say: thank you, for having taken the Scapular of the Passion of My Son from the oblivion and contempt of humanity.

Now that thanks to you My children know the power of this Scapular and the promise of My Son Jesus, how many of them will have the grace of forgiveness of their faults, how many will become more beautiful in the eyes of God and in My eyes. And how many will also feel the need to thank My Son Jesus for such a great promise of love, by praying more, serving My Son more, fleeing from occasions of sin, fleeing from the world, despising their own will, and loving and doing the will of My Son.

This is what I wanted most, and all thanks to you!

Go, My son, spread the Scapular of My Son Jesus' Passion to the whole world, because souls have an urgent, desperate need for it.

Spread My Green Scapular, too. You will be blessed every time you spread these Scapulars, and likewise I will bless those who help you make these Scapulars known and loved by all My children.

All I bless with love now: from Lourdes, from Pontmain, and from Jacareí."

(Marcos): "How nice that he will come tomorrow!

Yes, I will.

See you soon, Mama."

Scapular of the Passion:

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Rosary of the Consecrated