Jesus died for you because He loves you so much. Through His greatest sacrifice has He redeemed all of us from our sins, allowing us to come back to the Father, if we follow His words.

Messages of Our Lady at the Apparitions of Jacareí SP, Brazil


Friday, July 9, 2021

Messages from Our Lady Queen and Messenger of Peace and Saint Veronica Giuliani, communicated to the seer Marcos Tadeu Teixeira

With the Rosary one can conquer the evil Satan. With the Rosary, one can conquer Hell!



Message from Our Lady Queen and Messenger of Peace

"My dear son Marcos, today I come from Heaven with My daughter Veronica Giuliani, to bless you, to bless the father I gave you and whom I love so much, to bless My children here present and the whole world.

Yes, how much My daughter Veronica Giuliani has loved Me and pleased Me with her life. How many souls she helped Me save and take to Heaven. Her life was a perfect act of love, a continuous act of love for My son Jesus and for Me.

She was truly an unceasing flame ablaze with love and all those who imitate her will also become unceasing flames of love.

Follow My daughter Veronica Giuliani on the path of prayer, of sacrifice, accepting with love all the sufferings that the Lord allows and offering everything for the salvation of sinners.

Follow her by being mystical roses, yellow roses of reparation and penance, suffering and offering everything in reparation for the sins of humanity. Then, upon you My son Jesus will pour out all the graces of love from His Sacred Heart and give to all mankind as well: peace, His blessing, and the restoration of all things that have been destroyed by the evil one.

Pray the Rosary every day! With the Rosary one can conquer the evil Satan. With the Rosary one can conquer hell!

I bless you all with love and especially you, my beloved little son Marcos. Thank you so much for this film of my daughter Veronica Giuliani's life that you made so long ago, with so much effort, so much dedication, forgetting yourself.

Yes, while most people were looking only for the satisfaction of their desires, the fulfillment of their selfish wishes, you dedicated all your time to make this film of my daughter Veronica, to make her known and loved, and so that everyone, especially children and young people, would follow her along the path of love for God, of total dedication and consecration of life to the Lord, who draws so many graces and blessings into the world, chases away and cancels so many punishments, and crushes the power of Hell.

Yes, you have succeeded in enkindling the hearts of many souls for the Lord, for me, and you have succeeded in making the desire for consecrated and religious life sprout in the hearts of some of my children.

Yes, for all this I thank you, My son, this merit is all yours! And for this I give you today 67 special blessings, and for your father Carlos Tadeu, I now give 112 thousand blessings that he will receive every year on the Feast Day of My daughter Veronica Giuliani.

I will also give today to 3 people of your choice 4 special blessings. Yes, this is how I reward your faith, your love your total dedication to Me with all My graces.

I bless you and all My children: of Lourdes, of Montichiari, of Castello and of Jacareí."


Message from Saint Veronica Giuliani

"Beloved brother Marcos, beloved child of the Lord, I come again from Heaven to bless you and to tell you:

I, Veronica, love you with all my heart! I love you with all my strength, I will never leave you, I will never forsake you. Thank you for making this movie of my life.

Yes, I have waited for you, beloved brother, for so many centuries. I waited for you to be born, so that you could lift me out of the oblivion and contempt of mankind.

Yes, the devil has not managed to stop me in my climb to sanctity, the devil has not managed to discourage me, he has not managed to stop me, not even by setting the people closest to me against me.

Even in religious life, he didn't manage to discourage me when he incited my father, although Catholic and faithful, to oppose my vocation. No, he couldn't defeat me in life. So he tried to defeat me after death, causing my life to fall into oblivion and contempt of mankind.

Yes, I waited many centuries for the birth of the chosen child to bring me out of oblivion and hiding, and to make me shine before all this humanity that now needs us, the Saints, needs our examples more than ever.

I am the heavenly medicine for this generation, my life full of examples of holiness is the heavenly medicine that this generation needs to be saved. And this medicine, my life, you have given in abundance to all my brothers, making this movie of my life.

And everyone who imitates me by following the road of prayer, of sacrifice, of penance, of holiness, of love for God, dedicating his life totally to the Lord and the Blessed Mother will be holy, will be saved.

Yes, this film of my life will make many children, many young people love the love that lets itself be found, say yes to the love that lets itself be found, dedicate their lives, consecrate their lives to the love that lets itself be found.

Yes, 'love lets itself be found,' I said at the time of my death. It lets itself be found here 30 years ago. And, above all, it lets itself be found in the film of my life that you made.

All those who watch this film will find divine love, will find the Lord Jesus, will find their salvation. Therefore, you must give this movie more and more to everyone, so that everyone can find the eternal love that will save him.

Thank you for making this film of my life, thanks to you love is now found through me, eternal love.

Thanks to you now so many of my brothers, whom I love as if they were my children too, know me, love me, imitate me and follow me. And wherever my life reaches, there Satan is defeated, because through me shines the light of eternal love.

My dear brother, this merit is all yours, all yours! That is why I now give you 98 blessings, and for your father, who is the one you love the most, I now give 322 thousand blessings that he will receive every year on my feast day.

Thus I reward you by benefiting not only you, but also the one you love the most. And to all the pilgrims in this holy place who know my life, who came to love me after the film you made, who pray to me with fervor, I give them today 3 special blessings, fruit of the merits of the film of my life that you made.

After my appearance choose 5 people, bless them in my name. Upon them will fall my grace, my blessing this day.

And don't let anyone take away or steal your joy, because great will be your reward in Heaven for the film you made of my life that touched so many hearts and will still touch.

And for every soul that is touched, a new crown of glory will be prepared to be placed on your head and on your father's head in Heaven, because he is your consort in grace and also in love.

Become more and more intimate, more and more united, because the more united you are, the more you will be alike. And especially you, my beloved brother and spiritual son Carlos Tadeu, you will be so much more similar to the son that the Immaculate One gave you, the more intimate and united you are to him.

Don't be afraid to love each other without measure! Be like Jesus and Saint Joseph. St. Joseph was not afraid to love Jesus with all his might and the Lord Jesus was not afraid to give himself to St. Joseph without measure.

The measure of love is to love without measure, to love without limits. The more you love each other like this, the more the flame of love that our most beloved Marcos has will be transmitted to you, my beloved brother and son.

And so, the more you will also become a reflection and likeness of the Immaculate Heart of the Mother of God.

I bless you, dearest brother Carlos Tadeu, with all my heart. I love you with all my strength. I will never, never leave you alone. Every Saturday at 9:00 a.m. I will come down from heaven to bless you wherever you are. And I will pour all my peace over you and cover you with my mantle of love.

I bless you all with love now, and I also bless all these rosaries that you have placed here at my feet.

I also bless these pictures. Wherever they go, there I will be with the Mother of God, pouring out the great graces of the Lord.

I bless you all: from Castello, from Umbria and from Jacareí."

(Marcos): "Yes, I will, Mother.

Yes, I will.

See you soon."

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