Jesus died for you because He loves you so much. Through His greatest sacrifice has He redeemed all of us from our sins, allowing us to come back to the Father, if we follow His words.

Messages of Our Lady at the Apparitions of Jacareí SP, Brazil


Wednesday, July 7, 2021

Message from Our Lady Queen and Messenger of Peace communicated to the seer Marcos Tadeu Teixeira

My mercy has burst forth with all its strength in Our apparitions here


Message from Our Lord Jesus Christ

"My dear son Marcos, today I come with My Blessed Mother to tell you and all My children:

My mercy has erupted with all its strength in our apparitions here, in this place, since 1991 until today, but especially it erupted on July 7, 1994 when We gave the whole world through you Our sign, that We truly are present here in this city, in this holy place calling all souls to Our hearts.

My mercy erupted, exploded and poured out upon the earth as never before, on that day when I manifested with My Mother the sign of the ray of light descending straight from My Sacred Heart upon you, on the hill of Our Apparitions. And there We revealed to the whole world all Our glory, all Our love, all the greatness of Our mercy and mercy for this generation.

Yes, My mercy and My Mother's kindness to this generation is boundless! That is why We continue here for so many, many years calling you to salvation, to conversion. And though your sins continue to wound and make Our hearts bleed, We are not tired... And We intend to insist, insist until you, My children, come out of the blindness and death in which many of you are, see that you are in the hands of Satan and decide to return to Me, to My Mother, through the path of conversion, prayer and penance.

Renounce the evil nature that you have created in yourselves with sins habitually committed and unrepented of.

Come out of death by conversion, for many of you are dead to eternal life because you live only for worldly things, for worldly pleasures, and do not devote yourselves to saving your soul, which is the only necessary and important thing you should be concerned about and devote your life to.

Only then can My mercy have an effect on you, and can My promises be applied to you.

Convert yourselves! Convert yourselves without delay! This is My desire.

To you, my little son Marcos, I promise: every year on this same date, the date when I and My Mother show the whole world the sign of the ray of light of Our glory, Our preference and love for you, I promise to give you 7 special blessings, and an additional one that you may even choose the person to whom you give it.

With this grace, this person will receive a new degree, a new degree of grace and holiness on Earth, and will have many of his faults erased, and penalties of his punishments too. And he will receive a superabundant blessing from My Heart and from My Mother's Heart.

You, My child, are the child, the chosen child of My Heart that I have waited, waited for so long, for so many centuries, for My apparitions with My Blessed Mother to My holy servant Mother Mariana de Jesus Torres.

Yes, thanks to you, Our Apparitions in Quito are now known. You must continue to spread them, so that the swords of pain that the world has carved into Our hearts for despising those apparitions, those messages from our hearts, will continue to come out of Our hearts.

But, many of them you took away with the films you made of Our Apparitions in Quito. Keep going, My son, keep going.

You cannot imagine how much consolation you gave My heart and My Mother's heart by making those films. This merit is all yours, because while people were only looking for the satisfaction and fulfillment of their desires, pleasures, amusements, you dedicated so many days, so many months of your life, to only work for me and for My Mother, and to make the films of Our so wonderful and extraordinary apparition.

For this reason, today I give you, from My Heart, 59 blessings. For your father, Carlos Tadeu, I will give 79,000 blessings that he will receive every year on today and also on the anniversary of My apparitions with My Mother in Quito, February 2nd.

And also today, I will give 4 special blessings to 4 people that you yourself indicate to us and choose.

In this way I will pour over you My grace, My love, and also over all those you love.

Continue to pray My Mother's Holy Rosary (1) every day, for with it, I will increasingly diminish Satan's influence over you and your families and My Heart will reign over them pouring copious blessings over all.

Continue to pray the Rosary of Mercy (2) every day.

Pray the Rosary of those Consecrated to My Mother's Heart (3), the rosary She taught here.

Through this rosary the power of Satan and his influence over you will diminish and more and more you will enter the safe haven of My Mother, until you belong completely to Her and to Me. Then My Will and My Mother's Will will come true, and We will reign sovereign in the lives of all of you.

I bless you all with love: from Quito, from Dozulé and from Jacareí."


Message from Our Lady Queen and Messenger of Peace

"Dear children, I am the Queen and Messenger of Peace. Today, as another month of My apparitions with My son Jesus and all Heaven is completed here, and as you also celebrate the anniversary of the great sign of the ray of light that I caused to descend from My heart upon My son Marcos, I come from Heaven to tell you:

I am the sign that appears in the sky of Brazil and the world to indicate to you the right path that you should follow.

I am the Woman clothed with the sun, with the moon under Her feet, crowned with twelve stars, Who shows you all the way you must follow to reach salvation.

I am the great sign that God places in the sky of this generation to illuminate it in the midst of its darkness, and to guide it along the path of life, conversion, and Peace.

The sign of the ray of light that I manifested in the distant year 1994, on the same day today, is a sign of My extraordinary and merciful presence among you, My children.

I have come from Heaven to be, in the midst of the great night of this generation, the light that guides all My children to salvation.

That sign of the ray of light appeared in the middle of the night as My son Marcos spoke of My messages with ardor. That sign indicates to you that in the middle of the night of this generation, My son Marcos and I are the two shining lights that the Holy Trinity has sent to these times, to guide you along the path of prayer, of holiness, of conversion, of love for God. And all those who follow us, will follow the right road that will lead them to the Holy Trinity and to full salvation in the Lord.

My little son Marcos, not only have I manifested in you the sign of the ray of light that I have not manifested in even the holiest children I have ever had who have ever walked on the earth, but I myself have made you My own ray of light for this generation completely dominated by the darkness of sin and Satan. And all those who hear you, will hear Myself. Those who despise you, will despise Me. Those who disobey you, will disobey Myself, those who do any harm to you, will do harm to Myself and as the Holy Spirit Himself said of Me in Holy Scripture, "He who hates Me loves death!"

All those who do any harm to you, will do harm to Myself. And those who hate Me already have, are already dead to eternal life, already have their eternal death.

So, My son, onward! Continue to be My light that illuminates the whole world. Continue to bring all My children all My messages from all My apparitions, so that they can see the light and can be saved by the light of the Lord, by the light of My Immaculate Heart.

To you, My Ray of Light, as I have always called you! My angel and My ray of light, to you today I give 32 special blessings, and to your father, Carlos Tadeu, I now give 27 thousand more, which he will receive every year, on this date and on the anniversary of My apparitions here. I also give you today a new and special grace of love, which will be... (brief silence - private message)

Don't tell this to anyone.

Go ahead! Go forward carrying My messages with love. All those who help you will be blessed by me.

Keep praying My Rosary every day. Pray the Rosary of Peace, so that I can stop all wars and neutralize Satan. Pray the Rosary of the United Hearts (4) that I have taught here, so that then the hearts of My Son Jesus and Mine will be better known and loved, and We can finally pour upon you the efficacious graces of Our Two Hearts, and transform you into valiant witnesses to Our Hearts.

Reread all the messages I gave you in the year 2012 (5), so that you can fulfill Our Will with accuracy and speed. Give My children who do not know me 6 Rosaries of the Flame of Love meditated number 2 so that My children will know My flame of love, pray My Rosary of the Flame of Love and thus hasten the triumph of My Immaculate Heart in them and in the whole world.

Also, pray for three days in a row the Rosary of Peace meditated #7 and give it to 4 of My children who do not have it.

I bless you all with love: from Pontmain, from Pellevoisin and from Jacareí.

Peace, My children, be in the peace of the Lord.

Peace to you, my son Marcos. I will give the message to your father Carlos Tadeu next Sunday.

See you soon, My Ray of Light."

(1) The Holy Rosary

(2) Rosary of Divine Mercy

(3) Rosary of the Immaculate Heart of Mary

(4) Rosary of the United Hearts

(5) Messages from 2012