Jesus died for you because He loves you so much. Through His greatest sacrifice has He redeemed all of us from our sins, allowing us to come back to the Father, if we follow His words.

Messages of Our Lady at the Apparitions of Jacareí SP, Brazil


Sunday, April 11, 2021

Message from Our Lord Jesus Christ and Our Lady Queen and Messenger of Peace communicated to the seer Marcos Tadeu Teixeira

Because of his yes and his life given entirely to us, the world was spared



(Our Lord Jesus Christ) "Beloved son Marcos, today my Sacred Heart rejoices to come on the Feast of my Mercy to bless the whole world and all of you.

As my Mother and I promised so long ago, today we give the grace of mercy and forgiveness to all those who truly contrite of sins ask us for forgiveness, ask for mercy.

Know, beloved son, that for love of you, because of your yes, because of your life given entirely to me and to my mother, I have spared not only Brazil, but the world so many times from the tremendous punishment it deserved for its crimes and sins.

Yes, how many times would my Father's justice have already made this ungodly, ungrateful and obstinate in sin disappear, but because of his yes and his life entirely given to us, the world was spared so many times.

How many times Brazil has been spared from earthquakes, from plagues in the crops, from many, many floods and other incurable diseases, thanks to your yes and your life given to us. And if it were not for your yes, if it were not for your life entirely dedicated to me and to my Mother, this plague that is now passing through the world would be much worse and many would have already died without any chance or hope.

Yes, thanks to your yes, my son, the world still remains alive and my mercy continues to rain down upon this humanity to heal it from the wounds of evil and sin, to bless the crops, the plantations, the flocks of Brazil and the world, to stop so many punishments that souls deserve for their sins, and to replace justice with mercy.

Yes, because of you, beloved son of mine, the world is blessed with peace, otherwise the Third World War would have already broken out and would have ended the days of all men.

Yes, thanks to you the world can still have hope! And thanks to your yes I can pour my mercy on this generation like an abundant rain. And thanks to your yes, every day ever more, this mercy rains down without ceasing.

So, beloved child, rejoice and be glad in me and in my Mother, because your life, your yes, overcomes my justice and attracts my mercy. Your yes is the triumph of my mercy for this generation.

Your yes, given thirty years ago to me and to my Mother, was the beginning of the triumph of my mercy for this generation that will blossom into the New Heavens and New Earth of peace, love, holiness, unity, harmony, love and obedience to God that I will soon bring to all of you.

I bless you all with love, and especially you, secretary of my mercy, dispenser of my mercy.

Yes, thanks to you, treasurer of my mercy, I can pour mercy on this generation in abundance.

I bless you and especially the one you love most on earth: the father I gave you, and for whom you have prayed today throughout this cenacle and asked me and my Mother to pour over him the merits of all the Rosaries of Mercy you have made for us, and also of the film of my Apparition to my daughter Faustina.

Yes, I heed your request and pour over your father now 500,238 graces, special blessings, which he will receive every Friday throughout this year and especially receive each year on the feast of my mercy.

I bless all my children here with my Mother: from Plock, from Warsaw, from Vilnius* and from Jacareí."

Vilnius: City where the Divine Mercy Shrine in Lithuania is located and where the first image of the Merciful Jesus painted by an artist, following the description of St. Faustina Kowalska, is displayed.


(Blessed Mary): "Beloved son Marcos, today I, the Mother of Mercy, come from Heaven to tell you:

By your yes, the triumph of my mercy began thirty years ago!

Through your yes, my motherly mercy has been poured out year after year on so many souls who had fallen and were mired in sin and would only go to hell, and who have had the grace of mercy and conversion thanks to your yes.

Through their yes, my maternal mercy reached my children who were the farthest away, the most distant from me, and whom my enemy, Satan, held captive in his clutches, and thanks to their yes, I was able to free them, I was able to give them the new garment of grace, of love for God, of purity, I was able to give them the light of hope for a better life, much better in the friendship and love of God.

By their yes, my maternal mercy reached the souls completely darkened by evil, by sin, by Satan's dominance, and I was able to make the new day of grace, of mercy, of hope and of love dawn for these souls. Through your yes, my motherly mercy triumphed where once Satan and sin had triumphed.

Yes, by their yes year after year in these thirty years, my mercy here has triumphed in the lives of so many of my children who without their yes would be lost forever, and as soon as they close their eyes to this world, they would soon see Satan and the demons in front of them, and, seized by them, these souls of my poor children would be cast into the most horrible flames and torments of Hell that will never end.

Yes, the day without tomorrow of Hell would be, would be, the punishment that these souls would have for all eternity. And by your yes, they have been saved from this terrible fate, and how many of them are already in glory with me, happily ever after!

Therefore, my child, by your yes every day, my maternal mercy will continue to triumph. By your yes every day, my maternal mercy will keep on defeating hell and leading my children ever more along the path of prayer, sacrifice, penance, love of God, purity, goodness, virtues.

Woe to the world if you get discouraged!

Woe to the world if you are discouraged by your yes!

It will have no hope, and then I will have no more arguments to present to the Father to delay and postpone the great chastisement.

Happy are the souls who here, by their yes, have accepted my mercy and loved my mercy, loved my love, loved the grace I have given them to be saved in the midst of this ungodly, wicked generation, completely dominated by evil.

But, woe to the soul that even after having received my mercy, despised it and preferred sin. What remedy is there for the soul that despises the last plank of salvation that I give to sinners?

Convert yourselves! And think about the gravity of this hour and the gravity of the salvation of your souls that is at stake.

Here, through the yes of my son Marcos, I have given all my children the great grace of mercy. Do not throw away this grace, because it will not be given again!

I bless you all and I ask you: pray my Rosary every day, be converted, and live a life in the true love of the Lord!

Attack my enemy with the Meditated Rosary 15 and give my children 3 of these Rosaries, so that I can then free them and bring them my mercy.

Also, give the Meditated Rosary of Mercy 06 to two of my children who do not know it. In this way we will attack the enemy and snatch from his clutches the souls of my children whom I want so much to save.

Here, the Shrine of my Mercy and my Son, all the promises we made from our daughter Faustina to this day will be fulfilled, and here the mercy of our hearts will prevail over evil.

I bless you all with love, and especially you, my little son Carlos Tadeu. This is the message for you that I should have given on the seventh:

Our Lady's message to her beloved son Carlos Tadeu

"My mercy has reached you through the yes of my son Marcos. My mercy has reached you through the yes and the dedicated life of my son Marcos to me for thirty years, and thanks to his yes, in his life, the mercy of my Son and my mercy has done and will still do wonders!

My mercy has saved you through the yes of my son Marcos, drawing you to the path of prayer, of penance, of sanctity, turning you ever more away from the world and worldly things that have already led so many souls down the broad path of perdition. And to you, this maternal mercy of my heart and the heart of my Son, have revealed treasures of immeasurable love, mercy and grace, making your soul rich, beautiful, ablaze with love for God and for me, and thus your soul grows more and more each day in beauty, in beauty, in perfection and in splendor in the eyes of the Holy Trinity, of the Angels and of the Saints.

My maternal mercy, through the yes of my son Marcos, has brought to you the immeasurable riches, treasures of my heart, which I have not revealed to many generations of the past and have revealed to you, showing you not only the great love I have for you, but also the great value you have for me, for the Holy Trinity, for Heaven, for this generation.

You are also an instrument of my motherly mercy and of the heart of my Son Jesus. So, go! Go, my son, go ahead! And never tire of bringing this mercy of mine and this love of mine, salvation, to all my children. I will be with you, making the light of my Immaculate Heart and the Heart of my Son Jesus gush out ever more from your prayers, words, and example, flooding the lives of all my children with mercy. And then, always more, I will make salvation and grace through your yes reach all my children, just as through the yes of my son Marcos, I made all my mercy and all my love reach you.

And one day, through the yes of my son Marcos, you who have already received the grace of a home in Heaven, will also receive another great grace that will fill your heart with joy, jubilation, as you contemplate all the beauty of my maternal mercy.

I bless you and all my children now: of Fatima, of Pontmain and of Jacareí."


(Blessed Mary): "As I have already said, wherever one of these rosaries is, there I will be with my daughter Faustina, and also with my son Stanislaus Kostka, bringing great graces from the Lord.

To all I bless again that they may be happy, and I leave peace!"