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Sunday, November 21, 2021

Apparition of the Gracious Infant Jesus on the Feast of Christ the King, Sunday, November 21, 2021

Message to Manuela in Sievernich, Germany


The Holy Host is displayed in the monstrance for adoration. I see the Holy Host become all bright, full of light. Then I see in the Holy Host the Child Jesus made of bright light. Now I see in the Holy Host the gracious Infant Jesus in the form of Prague. He wears on His head a great golden crown, in His right hand a golden scepter and in His left hand the golden book. Angels come out of a light in front of the monstrance and kneel on the ground in front of it. Now I see the head of the gracious Child Jesus large in the Holy Host. It wears dark brown curly short hair and has blue eyes. The Infant Jesus wears a white radiant robe and mantle. The robe and mantle are adorned with golden lilies.

The gracious Infant Jesus blesses us and says:

"In the name of the Father and of the Son - that is Me - and of the Holy Spirit. Amen. I am not only the High Priest of the Eternal Father. I am the King of heaven. I am the King of Mercy! I am love itself. Because I also love with all My heart, you should also love with all your heart.

Thus I have a great desire, even in this time of tribulation: establish a house of mercy. My mercy! There mothers shall be taken in with their children, who are not wanted by many people. But I want to immerse these people in My Sacred Heart. Great is the burden of Babel. All the greater will be My mercy, which I will pour into the hearts of the well-pleased souls. Do not judge, so that you too will not be condemned. Why are you facing this time of tribulation? Is it not because of your hard-heartedness? Is it because of your many sins that cry out to heaven? Open your hearts! Make amends! Pray, sacrifice, do good works! Especially in this difficult time for you. I have told you that abortion is the greatest sin of your time. Make amends! Give mercy to those who need it so much. In this way, the Eternal Father will also give mercy to you."

M.: "Lord, I ask again about the house of mercy."

The Lord replies:

"This is my will. This is the will of the Eternal Father. The will of the Eternal Father is also My will. Amen.

Do not look at the tribulation of this time. Look to My love. Look to My mercy. I come to you as the King of Heaven and guide you through this time."

Now the Lord opens His heart. There must have been people writing letters that I see now. I don't know anything about that. The people who wrote these letters will probably come forward after the live stream.

The King of Heaven now places these letters in His Sacred Heart, in His Precious Blood. The Child Jesus presses His scepter to His heart. This scepter becomes the aspergillum of His Precious Blood. He blesses us:

"In the name of the Father and of the Son - that is Me - and of the Holy Spirit. Amen."

We are sprinkled with the Precious Blood. During this, the Child Jesus speaks:

"This is also true for those souls who pray far away. Bear everything with patience. I, too, have carried My cross. Even though your cross is heavy, it cannot be compared to the burden of My cross, for I bore the sins of the whole world. Also in this time rejoice, for I am with you! I take care of My sheep. It is not power that I want. I want you to love the Eternal Father! I do not want power, I want you to carry love in your hearts. Not power do I want, mercy shall be your crown! Kindness and mercy give to people in need."

We are to pray, "O my Jesus, forgive us our sins, save us from the fires of hell. Lead all souls to heaven. Especially those most in need of Your mercy."

The King of Heaven speaks:

"Pray for the poor souls. How often they are forgotten. I show mercy to them. My Precious Blood, I will pour into Purgatory.

Have no fear. I am with you!"

He blesses us: "In the name of the Father and of the Son - that is Me - and of the Holy Spirit. Amen."

The Lord takes His leave: "Adieu!"

M.: "Adieu, Lord!"

The Child of Jesus is still in the Holy Host. I ask for mercy and grace for those present, praying and sick.

As I continue to pray, I now see images from the life of Jesus in the Holy Host. I see the Holy Last Supper of the Lord. The Lord sits at the table in front of Head and raises a bowl of agate to the Eternal Father. I have seen this bowl before in Valencia years ago. A little later I see Him at the scourging pillar. Then I see the Lord on the cross on Golgotha. It is as if I myself am there now. I see three crosses. The Lord is hanging on the cross in the middle. There are people standing under the cross. A young man is very composed. But the two women are grieving very much. It is as if their hearts had been torn out. I always thought that the crosses were in a line. But I see the cross of the Lord standing in front. The other crosses a little at a distance behind it. For the Lord, the people who condemned Him must have chosen the largest cross.


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