Messages to the Children of the Renewal, USA


Sunday, March 13, 2022

Adoration Chapel


Good morning, Jesus present in the Most Blessed Sacrament! My good and beautiful God, I love You, praise You and thank You for all that You do and are to me and to all of humanity. My greatest good, thank You for Holy Mass and Confession. Please bless the pastor who said Holy Mass and bless the priest who was my confessor, Lord. Give them many graces, blessings and consolations in their vocation of the priesthood. Protect them Jesus against the snares and temptation of the devil and the powers of darkness. I pray this for all priests, Bishops and religious and especially for Pope Francis. Lord convert the hearts minds and souls of all people who provide counsel and advice to Pope Francis. May he always be open to the promptings of Your Holy Spirit. I pray that all members of my family and all of my friends will also be open to the promptings of Your Holy Spirit, Lord. You Who are always with us, Lord help us with graces from Heaven and the prayers of the saints and holy angels to not only be open, but to heed with haste these promptings of Yours. Lord, I for my part am still learning this and to discern which promptings come from You versus those that are my ideas. Either way, rule my heart, mind and will Jesus so that I live in Your Holy Will and only do actions that You work within and through me or that I take with good intentions. Jesus, when I forget that You are working in me, continue to do so anyway. You have my permission, Lord. You know how focused I can be on work or whatever the task is at hand and even on concerns for my loved ones. So, knowing I have a tendency to forget sometimes (often really) remind me, Jesus that I must ask what You want me to do; what You want me to say, or in many cases not to say (remain silent), and what You want me to pray and reflect upon. Lord, I give You my life, my work, my heart, my sleeping, my prayer time, my encounters with others, my family, my friends and everything I have. May I always remember that every good thing in my life comes from You, Lord. Help me to remember there is nothing that happens to me or around me and even in the world that does not come through You or by Your permissive Will. Therefore, I may always be at peace knowing I rest in Your precious, perfect Will. Help me to know when You want me to take a particular action for the good of others. Jesus, I love You and I entrust myself to You. Be with me living and dying for only You, my good and gentle Jesus. Thank You for Your mercy and love! Lord, I bring each soul who has requested or is in need of prayer to You in the Most Holy Eucharist. Thank You for the introduction this morning to (name withheld), a young man who is searching along with his wife for a new parish, being new to the area. Thank You, Lord that You put all circumstances in place for my meeting with him. I marvel at the events of this morning in which every activity, every second, was orchestrated by You, Oh Divine Creator of the Universe, so that I would be in line behind him for Confession, and also that I would remember I needed to let (name withheld) know that I was in line so that he would hold my place. By speaking with (name withheld) and asking him to hold my place (which I didn’t think of on my own since I was last in line!) gave him the opening when I returned to speak with me. Oh, Lord You really order all of my steps. I am so very grateful. As Father told me, I really need You for everything. It is so true, I rely on You my Lord and my God for everything! Thank You, Lord! Praise You, Lord.

“My child, My child I am pouring out graces on the world, especially in these days, on those who love and follow Me. My little one, I am generous in the distribution of graces to all of My children but many are not disposed to receive them. I remind My beloved children and I invite you all yet again to return and frequent the Sacrament of Reconciliation, Confession so that all sins will be absolved and your souls will be free and pure. Go as often as possible, My children; weekly if you can so you will always be ready and open to the workings of the Holy Spirit. I want My children, those who profess Me and are following My Way to remain in a state of grace. My children, even when you have venial sin on your souls, go to Confession as soon as possible. I am asking more of you in these days, My children because these are extraordinary times and call for extraordinary measures. It is not scrupulosity, My children. You are only beginning to realize the depth and degree of darkness, of sin, of the putrid stench of evil in the world today. I assure you it is worse than you really know, (but I see all) and I assure you the world is in the worst condition of all times in history. Therefore, I invite each and every person who loves and follows Me to be as free from sin, as holy as possible, and to be filled with My light, My love, My mercy and every good virtue so that you will not only be a light to the world, but that you will be able to withstand the evil and the temptations which will press in on you. I tell you this for your good, for your protection and for love of you. I love you, My beloved children. I will not abandon you. You must not abandon Me, either. I will work through you, My children. I will direct your steps. I will speak loving words to soothe your hearts, but you must be in the light, My Light to be receptive to My direction. Children, there is a great deal going on all around you to distract you; to take your attention off Me. There is also a great deal of evil in the world and that in and of itself should be cause enough for you to pray for your brothers and sisters who are suffering all over the world. My children, never turn a deaf ear or a blind eye to the misfortunes of others. Remember, My children that all are My creatures, the created people of humanity who bear the image and likeness of the Creator. All people are Mine, in that they belong to Me. I give each one the gift of free will, human will, so that each one of you are free to choose Me, God! This means people are also free to choose evil, I know for they may choose not to follow Me. I for My part will never cease calling them back to My loving, merciful heart. Help them to be open to My invitations to love by praying for those who stray from Me. Pray, My beloved, little children for those who do not love Me, and do not follow Me. Pray, pray, pray. You are not praying enough, My children for if you were, many souls would already have converted. My children, My most Holy and Immaculate Mother, Mary has asked repeatedly for prayer and sacrifices offered to the Father for conversion of souls. If My children had been doing all She requested you would already be living in the Time of Obedience and peace. Hasten to do as She has asked for all She has requested has been given to Her by the Father for the good of mankind. If you do not believe it is because your hearts are closed to God, for who could disbelieve the very Mother of Jesus? Who could disbelieve, but those who are cynical and are of little faith? To remain in this state, My children is to be just like the Pharisees and Scribes of My day, of My life on earth. Do not be hard hearted like those who rejected the Messiah, whom they knew! Open wide your hearts to the wonders of God, one of whom is Mary of Nazareth who said yes with the fullness of Her heart to the plan of salvation. She is truly a wonderful creation of God the Most High and She gave Her full consent each and every day of Her life, even before the Annunciation and Incarnation, to the Will of God. She did so more than anyone in the history of the world and consequently loved so perfectly that God the Father, moved by Her prayers to send the Messiah, hastened My coming. Yes, My children, by Her goodness, Her fidelity, Her purity of soul and Her great humility, Her prayers hastened the coming of the Messiah in that time of history. Yes, God ordained My birth in Bethlehem and all prophecy in Scripture was fulfilled in the proper time, but I repeat because of Mary, Most Holy, Mary the Immaculate, the ‘Full of Grace’ the Blessed Trinity responded with full delight to Her and My Incarnation occurred sooner than it would have. Yes, God willed this, but you must begin to understand and to believe with great joy in the power given to My Mother Mary to intercede for humanity. She was so united to the Will of the Holy Trinity, that God worked in and through Her and still does. I tell you this to give glory to God and to invite you even more to ask for Her intercession and to consecrate yourselves to Me, through Her Immaculate Heart. Ponder and reflect on this My children. Think of the vastness of God’s great love for humanity that He willed the restoration of the Human Race, the reconciliation, to mend what was lost during the fall in the Garden of Eden. My children, especially those who love Me but remain outside of My Holy Apostolic, the One, True Catholic and Apostolic Church, My Church and who do not realize, yet the greatness of My Mother Mary (due to the great love and mercy of God) that She will not only lead you more quickly and efficaciously to Me, but that She also bestowed graces from God to you. She constantly intercedes before the throne of God and even when She leaves Heaven to come to earth to provide messages to My children, She does so in the Will of God. She always acts within the Will of God because She is in perfect union with My Will. All in Heaven are also in union with My Will, it is true. The difference is in Her role, My children. Her role is the Mother of the Church. Her role is as Your Mother, as I give Her to you, My children to be your Mother. She is your spiritual mother. Do not be like one who asks, ‘How can this be so, since I have an earthly Mother’ for while each person born and even those who died in the womb has an earthly Mother, you also have a heavenly Mother. I share everything with My children. Listen, all of you, do you recall the parable of the Prodigal Son? Do you recall the good Father? Not only did he prepare a great banquet for the prodigal one who returned home with a sincere and contrite heart, but he reminded his other son that all he had was his. All he had. Reread this Gospel story, My children for this father represents God the Father. This father represents God. All that I have, I share with My children. This means all, including My Most Holy Mother Mary. I share even My Mother with you and by this I do not mean share by worldly standards, as in to make a loan or to give you a small part of what I have, but I mean this by God’s meaning. I give Her to you so that you share in My Mother! You share in the nature of Her motherhood as a child of My Mother. Do you not understand what a glorious and beautiful gift it is? Do you not wonder what a delight I took in sitting on Her lap and hearing the story of creation, of the faith of Abraham, of the story of Moses, of Adam and Eve, of Noah and the flood? Do you not wonder at My delight in the purity and humility of Her soul, Her complete faith and trust in the Will of God? Do you not wonder at Her perfection with Me? Do you not wonder at the mystery of the very Word of God, the second person of the Holy Trinity, the God Who ordered Abraham’s steps, who refused to accept the sacrifice of Abraham in Isaac and instead provided a ram to be sacrificed because of My great love for humanity, listening to My Mother telling Me the stories that I knew so well but delighted hearing from Her pure lips and faithful heart? She knew full well that I not only knew these events, but I lived them with the Patriarchs in My Divine role, but that in Her role of Mother, She was to teach Me, the Son of God. Does this not cause deep reflection by you into the mysteries of God? This is how you are to ponder and reflect while praying the Holy Rosary. Reflect and meditate on these great mysteries, My children. To meditate in this way is to unite yourselves to the very mystery of God; to unite yourselves to My Mother and what She and I experienced on earth as we fulfilled perfectly what Adam and Eve were meant to fulfill, but did not.”

“I am the new Adam and She is the new Eve, My children. She is so, because God created Her to be, My children and because She accepted the purpose of Her life and consented to all that I asked of Her. She not only consented, but made haste to do My Will and She did so with joy even when it caused great suffering, for to do God’s Will brings deep joy and peace; It brings consolations even in the midst of suffering. When you meditate this Lent on My passion and death, recognize and reflect on how great were the sufferings of My Most Holy and Pure Mother Mary. Reflect on the way Her Immaculate Heart suffered for love of Me and love of you. She stood by My side and looked upon Me, the unrecognizable Messiah, Her beloved Son, when even to see My tortured humanity, My beaten body, My crucified body, caused Her the deepest and greatest suffering. She suffered what I suffered, My children and She suffered not only as an earthly Mother would but as One perfectly united to My Will, suffered. You do not and cannot understand the depths of Her suffering and you will not until you come to Heaven and are fully able to comprehend but for now it gives Me honor, glory and praise when you attempt to understand. I love you, My children and it is true love for Me when you begin to love the one created by God to bear Me in Her womb, to teach and to raise Me, the One who nursed the Son of God, who taught Me to eat, to take My first step, who taught Me to pray in My humanity, who educated Me, who taught Me, the Son of God the Torah, who taught Me how to believe and trust in God the Father. You see My children, I chose the One who would be My Mother, the handmaiden of the Lord, the helper of the mission of salvation. I created Her because I chose Her and I gave Her a human will, just as I gave all of you, but She most perfectly gave Her will to Me and exchanged it for My Will so that she would never (and never once) stepped outside of My Will, so that She never fell into sin. This is why She is the Immaculate Conception, for She was conceived without original sin and She remained in perfect union with the Divine Will, and never once sinned. She rejected all temptation to sin by Her will in perfect union with My Will and thus She lived in the midst of sin, in perfect purity and oneness with God. In this way, She lived a life of heroic virtue, so much so that She is greater than Eve who lived in a pristine environment, free of all sin but who gave into temptation and became a source of temptation for Adam encouraging him to also sin. Whereas Mary lived in Nazareth among people who did not recognize Her purity and who also sinned, yet She remained free from sin. Do you not see how beautiful one like Mary would be to God? If the father of Abraham, a sinful man stood out to God, do you not marvel at the faith of Mary and how much She stood out among all others to God, because of Her purity of soul, heart and mind? Every small act of Mary was done with such great love for God because of Her purity. Where one is pure of heart, one can truly and deeply love God and therefore every act, every prayer, gives great glory to God and becomes a great act no matter how small it may seem. For this reason, Her life gave great glory to God even before She was asked to be the Mother of the Messiah. My children, Mary of Nazareth prayed for the coming of the Messiah with great humility, for She was so humble the thought did not ever occur to Her that She was to be My Mother. It did not occur to her because of Her great (and I use the word great with all intention) humility. This is why She asked the innocent question of the archangel during the Annunciation. It was not because of doubt, but out of humility and innocence of her heart that She asked how it would be so, since She had taken a role of chastity and intended this for Her entire life to remain a virgin because She did not want to stray for one second outside of the Will of God by breaking the promise She made willingly and lovingly to remain a virgin for love of God. She did this to validate God’s Will for Her with the messenger sent by God and the angel answered in union with God’s Will that this would occur by the Power of My Spirit and not by ordinary means. In this way, She was able to give full consent of Her will and Her fiat. This gave God even more glory because Her fiat was a full consent, yet again of Her will. My children it is wonderful to give your ‘yes’ to the Will of God in all things, but even more beautiful and with more merit when one knows how God will do something that seems completely and humanly impossible and to not only accept it but to believe the miracle will happen but to consent fully and completely in perfect faith to God’s Will and to believe there is much beauty, love and power in this ‘yes’ this fiat. So much power that God became incarnate, by this girl of Nazareth, in her little, pure womb and the God of the universe, the second person of the Trinity took up residence in the womb of the virgin Mary Most Holy of Nazareth, to be nourished, protected, loved and cherished for nine months before birthing Me for the sake of humanity. There are many more mysteries to be revealed about the time of My life within the womb of Mary, My Most Holy Mother that I will save for anther time, My children. Today, I give you a small glimpse into the glories of My Mother who perfectly reflected God in Her soul. I tell you this for the glory of God, so that you will understand My Mother’s role in salvation history and in your lives, My children for She is your Mother, also and you must take Her as your Mother because of your love and willingness to imitate Me. This is a beautiful request from Me, the One who asks you to take up your cross and follow Me, also gives you My Mother for your own, the One who was also the perfect disciple and who stood by Me even unto My death on the cross. She will walk with you, also and provide comfort and guidance to you just as She did for Me, for is She not a perfect Mother? I ask you, what good mother would forsake Her child in need? No good mother would and so you must realize that My perfect Mother will not abandon Her children, who have been given to Her by Her Son, the Messiah, the Son of the Living God who is also Her God. Go to Mary, My children because you also need Her. This is so, because I Will for you to need Her just as I chose to also need Her during My earthly life and I choose to need Her even to this day to bring more souls to Her Son. Meditate on this great mystery and you will learn even more about the benevolence and love of God.”

“My child, My little one I delight in you and your family’s desire for holiness. I see all that your entire family does for Me, and I mean each member, your relatives, your siblings, your husband, children, grandchildren, etc. Those who love and follow Me and I assure you all of My love and My protection. This should give you great peace. This peace will console your troubled hearts that yearn with holy love for the conversion of those who are astray and who live outside of My Will and My love for them. Continue to pray, but also to have deep faith in Me for their salvation. After all, do I not love them as much as I love you? I see what you are doing. I see your suffering and I hear your prayers and crying sighs for love of them and love of Me. Rest in My love but also be confident in My mercy. Trust in Me. I reassure you that all will be well with your entire family. Go now, My little daughter and My son, in peace. Be mercy. Be love. Be joy. I bless you in the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. I love you. I am with you.”

Thank You, my Lord. I love You!

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