Messages to the Children of the Renewal, USA


Sunday, January 30, 2022

Adoration Chapel


Hello, my dearest Jesus present in the Most Blessed Sacrament. I love, praise, glorify and adore You, my Lord, God and King. Thank You for Mass and Holy Communion, Lord. Thank You for the encounters with people after Mass. Praise You for the retreat my friend (name withheld) told me about. Trust You that Your Holy Spirit did such important work in those who attended. I hope I will be able to go in the near future if it is Your Will, Lord. Please help (name withheld) with the upcoming legal battle she faces. Also, please help her to carry the heavy cross she carries. Lord, if it is Your Will, heal her back. The pain she is experiencing seems excruciating. She offers her suffering to You, Lord but I could see the pain she is in by the look on her face and in her eyes. She is suffering so much, Lord. Have mercy on her. (Private conversation omitted.) Thank You for every meeting You provided today, Jesus. Help me to be a vessel of Yours to use for Your honor, to spread the peace and love to others You are longing to give Your children. Lord, I am sorry for the times I have disappointed Your Will for me by my negligence, or worse yet, My sins. Forgive me, Jesus, my Lord. I love You and I know I can do nothing without (apart from) Your grace, Your love, Your Will. Please keep me close to Your Heart and seal me, as Your child and Your disciple with Your holy, saving blood so that when God the Father looks at me, You are all He will see. Lord, I thank You for Your Most Holy Mother Mary. Thank You for sharing Her with us, such undeserving people. Blessed Mother, teach me, educate me in Your school of love. Help me to be all that Jesus desires I be. Always lead me to Him, beautiful, holy Mother. Thank You for being my Mother; Our Mother. Please pray for (names withheld) Blessed Mother, intercede for (names withheld). Mother I have noticed there is great confusion today in people who have experienced deep wounds. Jesus, heal the wounds of those who have been hurt, rejected or who have felt unloved for whatever reasons. (There are many reasons known only to You.) Protect us from evil, Lord. Help all who are far from You to return to Your forgiving, merciful arms. There are so many prayer requests, Lord and many things I would like to list here but it would take pages and pages. Jesus, You know everything I bring to You today and each person in need of prayer. I pray You will accept them as I lay each intention at Your mercy to do with as You Will. Your Will is perfect and holy and I know it is the only place to entrust those whom I love. I trust You, Jesus, my Lord. I love You!

“My child, My child, this age is one of disobedience and of detachment from all that is pure and holy. Because mankind has become devoid of faith and mercy, many of My children suffer terribly. I am especially concerned for the youth. Many have been raised in families that do not believe in God and even worse in families who worship false gods. These children grow up with no understanding of their true purpose in life and are disconnected from the love. They do not know truth, since I am truth and many become suicidal. This is the consequence, My child when My people lose the true faith. The evi one, My adversary and yours wants these children to die before learning of Me. He wants them to become despondent and void of all hope. Pray for these children of Mine who are lost. They have been victims of parents who do not know, do not love God, and at times even have parents who worship satan. My poor, lost children. I am here for you; waiting with arms open wide to you. Open your hearts to Me, My lost ones and I will pour out My grace into your hearts. You will experience My love, My light and I will dispel the bleak and dark areas of your hearts. I will renew your souls and you will feel light enough to fly. (which you will not do of your own accord, but you will no longer feel the burden of your sins and the chains from the oppression that weighs upon you.) Give me the opportunity to renew your spirit, My children. Ask me to demonstrate My love, My peace to you and give Me the burdens of your sins. Lay them at the foot of My cross, children and allow Me to give you much needed rest. Carrying such heavy loads is exhausting. I know. Give these to Me, My little confused children. I will give you heavenly peaceful rest. We will discuss your life and your disappointments. You will begin to feel My love, My peace. You will also be tempted to reject My offer for a joyful reunion with God because the evil one who wants to enslave My people will speak lies to you. He will tell you, you cannot be forgiven. He will try to convince you that I won’t forgive you. Do not listen to his lies. He is the father of lies and he can be quite convincing. Reject him and his lies, My dearest children. Call out to Me instead. My name, Jesus is very powerful. He cannot stand long in the presence of one who calls on My Holy Name. Say My name and call Me, My children. I will come and restore your peace. I am the rock, the firm foundation upon which you must build your life. When you do so, the waves and the storms that will surely come and the tempest you are experiencing will have no power over you for I will be your fortress, your harbor of safety. You have only to call upon Me, My children and turn your face toward Me, your God. All will be well. I will guide you in your new conversion and I will bring the right people into your life to help you in your new faith. You will grow in peace, love, hope and faith and will be beautiful in the sight of My Father. Come, follow Me. Listen to Me. I whisper loving words to you from the cross. I do not condemn you.”

“My little lamb, not enough people are praying. You renew your life of prayer so that not only will My protection be with you each and every day, but more souls will be saved. This is how My children can best serve Me in this day, by praying and offering sacrifices (even small sacrifices) to Me for love of your brothers and sisters who are in the clutches of the evil one. Help your brothers and sisters so in need of love and mercy to open their hearts to Me. Pray, My Children of Light. Pray.”

Lord, I am sorry I have not been praying as much as You asked me to. Help me, Lord to do all that You have asked. I want to serve my brothers and sisters. I want to serve You, my Jesus. You are all love. Help me to love You more.

“I forgive you, My little one. The world is full of distractions, worse than other times in history. I know about these distractions and I will assist you. Ask Me to help you focus on what is most important, the Kingdom of God. I will help you, My child. All of My children experience these distractions. I call all of My children to renewed commitment to prayer and fasting. We are approaching very urgent times for mankind. Remain focused on Heaven and on the salvation of souls. This is of the utmost concern for all of Heaven. May it be for My Children of Light. Soon, with the outpouring of the Holy Spirit, My Mother’s Immaculate Heart will triumph over evil and then My children will be the Children of the Renewal. Remain firmly rooted in Sacred Scripture, prayer, the Eucharist and the Sacrament of Reconciliation. These are imperative for you, My children. This is your daily bread, the Eucharist. Frequent Holy Mass, My children and pray, pray, pray. Look with hope, for what is to come after the trials will be beautiful, My children. Do not fear. Follow Me and all will be well.”

Thank You, my Lord and my God. I love You!

“And I love you, My child. I bless you in the name of My Father, in My name and in the name of My Holy Spirit. Go in peace, My little lamb. Go in My love.”

Amen! Thank You, Jesus!

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