Messages to Anne in Mellatz/Goettingen, Germany


Saturday, March 19, 2022

Feast of St. Joseph, Message of March 19, 2018 - please read again


March 19, 2018, Feast of St. Joseph. The Heavenly Father speaks after the Holy Sacrificial Mass in the Tridentine Rite according to Pius V through His willing obedient and humble instrument and daughter Anne.

In the name of the Father of the Son and of the Holy Spirit. Amen.

Today, March 19, 2018, we celebrated the Feast of St. Joseph with a dignified Holy Sacrifice Mass in the Tridentine Rite according to Pius V. Since we are celebrating Lent, the altar of sacrifice was not decorated with floral decorations as before.

The altar of Mary with St. Joseph was bathed in a sea of flowers. I would say it was strewn that day like a carpet of flowers that could not be missed. The fragrance was given to me by our dear departed Catherine, for she always venerated St. Joseph during her lifetime.

I have been able to experience St. Joseph in many situations and incidents. Like a slide show, everything played out before my eyes. I saw more and more beautiful pictures with St. Joseph, the Blessed Mother and the little child Jesus. One picture was even more intimate to look at than the other.

In the ecstasy I was allowed to experience a deep joy of heaven.

Heavenly Father speaks:

I, the Heavenly Father, speak today on the Feast of Saint Joseph, My beloved ones, through My willing obedient and humble instrument and daughter Anne.

What significance does Saint Joseph have for us today in this time? In what situations can you call upon him today? He was a great saint on earth and is a great saint in heaven.

I wish from you, My beloved ones who believe, you also call upon him today.

He will help many people who are in great need, be it in the family, be it with the dying, be it also in serious illnesses. He also wants to help many terminally ill people today, who have been given up on by doctors, heal. The doctors are often faced with a mystery, call St. Joseph, because he helps and heals.

He can obtain the healings at any time with the Blessed Mother. Of course, it was different with Catherine because the will of God was different, not because Saint Joseph did not help.

Saint Joseph is also the man of work. Therefore, call on him when you have difficulties at work. He will solve your problems. He will also help the job seekers and make it possible for them to get a job according to Heaven's wishes. Do not forget to thank him.

He is also the mediator of the married couples in the difficulties of marriage, he wants to assist them. He will teach you how to pray. In difficult situations you should pray together, My beloved married couples. He will help you to save your marriage. These healthy marriages will then produce children who are called for the order or as priests. Therefore, call upon him also for saintly priests.

Saint Joseph is also the patron saint of the dying, this is very important, not only when death is approaching. Always pray for a good hour of death so that you can enter heaven prepared.

Saint Joseph wants to help and assist you in all kinds of situations, because just as he loved the Blessed Mother and the Child Jesus, he wants to assist you in Divine Love.

Today, sexual love comes first and that is worldly love and not true love. True love consists in one's being there for the other and in sacrifice and forgiveness out of love for the other.

The many premarital relationships must finally come to an end, because they do not correspond to My wishes, as well as the cruel and bestial killing of children in the womb! All abortion clinics must finally be closed.

These are My special recommendations to all of you, My beloved children, which I have in store for you today on the Feast of St. Joseph.

Thus, in all love and care, I bless you with Saint Joseph with your Heavenly Mother, all the angels and saints in the Trinity, in the name of the Father the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.

Trust in Saint Joseph, for he will stand by you and help you in many situations. Amen.