Messages to Anne in Mellatz/Goettingen, Germany


Sunday, February 27, 2022

Anne again urgently asks for our prayers. The Catholic Church is in its final throes. Never before in the history of the Catholic Church has there been such a great lack of faith as in the present time.


Dear followers,

Anne's suffering is sooooo strong, that night she even had to fight for her life,

it is very bad for her and one illness takes over from another.

We should pray the rosary chain fervently and well, and add a prayer storm to it, because Anne is again urgently asking for our prayers. Together we are strong and can help her, may everyone try as hard as we can.

Moreover, Heavenly Father wants us to read again the message of February 11, 2018 because it is so topical and because it concerns the whole world and especially the New Church.

If people knew how much the Good Father in Heaven loves them, they would leave everything unnecessary and turn back with enthusiasm to the only true Catholic faith, which is the faith of the Apostles.

There will be a great turning point in the faith and in the Church, according to the words of the Heavenly Father this Sunday.

The intervention of the Almighty Father will occur and many apparitions will come!

A blessed Sunday Quinquagesima to all, firmly united in fervent prayer for Anne!


February 11, 2018, Sunday Quinquagesima. The Heavenly Father speaks after the Holy Sacrificial Mass in the Tridentine Rite according to Pius V through His willing obedient and humble instrument and daughter Anne.

In the name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit. Amen.

Today, February 11, 2018 we celebrated a worthy Holy Sacrifice Mass in the Tridentine Rite according to Pius V. It was a wonderful, Holy and Divine atmosphere in which I found myself.

I was able to thank the Heavenly Father for His love that He has given to all of us, wanting to be the Heavenly Father in every situation we find ourselves in, in this faithlessness and extraordinary greatest crisis of faith that we find ourselves in and that has never existed before in our Catholic Church and cannot even grasp it. We are living in a time where no enlightenment for our lifestyle is evident anywhere.

The altar of sacrifice and also the altar of Mary were decorated with abundant roses, the altar of sacrifice with red roses and the altar of Mary with white roses. The angels and also the archangels fell down on their faces in reverence before the Blessed Sacrament in the tabernacle.

Heavenly Father will speak today, on this February 11, 2018:

I, the Heavenly Father, speak today through My willing, obedient and humble instrument and daughter Anne, who is completely in My will and repeats only the words that come from Me.

Beloved little multitude, beloved following and beloved pilgrims from near and far. I, the Heavenly Father, speak to you today, on the day of the apparition in Lourdes, My beloved children.

I, the Heavenly Father, am very, very sad about the present crisis of faith!!!

First of all, I, the Heavenly Father, would like to thank you, My little one, for accepting this eye-suffering of the right eye. You have been practically blind in your right eye for four weeks. You have now received this diagnosis from your ophthalmologist this week.

You gratefully accepted this admission from Me as an atonement suffering and your cross. You did not rebel nor complain, since you now have a new suffering added to it.

I have made you understand this suffering. You practically bear the world suffering for the darkness of this world. You want to give Me this suffering in the faithlessness of mankind for consolation. I thank you for your love, which you show to me. You prove to Me with your faithfulness that you really love Me.

In this time of crisis of faithlessness, you can prove to Me whether you want to sacrifice everything to Me. Do not complain about your suffering, but accept it willingly and gratefully.

And now I want to give you some information from heaven about My beloved Benedetto. I am exceedingly saddened that this Supreme Shepherd, whom I appointed, has caused Me so much suffering that he is also publicly confessing this mockery before the world. It is not acceptable to Me how he has led the True Catholic Church into faithlessness, since he already resigned his office of his own accord five years ago.

The Supreme Shepherd cannot resign his office at any time, because I, the True and Great God have placed the scepter in his hands for the entire universal church as Peter's successor. He was not appointed, but I chose him as Peter's successor. He is My shepherd who has to steer the church ship and also bears the responsibility for the whole world.

I gave him many talents which he was to use especially for Germany. Unfortunately, he did not put it into practice, although I gave him these very abilities. When the difficulties became too great for him, he gave up and did not turn to Me. No one can fulfill this most difficult office of the universal church by his own strength. Every Chief Shepherd can persevere only with Divine strength. This Supreme Shepherd has not taken off the white papal robe after his resignation from office until today. Moreover, he has allowed himself to be celebrated as pope, although he has resigned from office after all.

Now he feels the weakness of his age. Unfortunately, even now he has not confessed his grave sins, but has emphasized the weaknesses of his body. Thus he has drawn attention to himself and no one has noticed that he has not been the rightful Chief Shepherd at all for a long time. He abdicated once again at that time and no one sensed that this time had already come five years ago.

A deception occurred. He was hailed. In reality, his weakness of soul has occurred, which he in no way wanted to reveal to the public. Unfortunately, he did not bring this weakness together with the supernature. To the mockery of the entire Catholic Church, he exposed his human weakness by explaining his resignation from office five years ago.

My beloved children, now you must ask yourselves: isn't this already schizophrenic? I gave him many talents and he used them for his own benefit instead of using them for the entire universal church.

This is a mockery for the Catholic Church. I have bestowed My Divine love upon him. Now I must once again leave him to his own will, which I do very unwillingly. The public will know this mockery and I, the Heavenly Father, will have to watch with sadness how this soul is snatched from Me.

Will you, My little one, still remain faithful to Me? Or will you also depart from Me when many people mock you for the sake of truth?

No, Heavenly Father, I belong entirely to You, You are my purpose and goal in life. Never will I leave You.

This truth will spread very quickly. You, My little one, I have chosen to reveal this only truth to the public. You will be My only consolation in this darkness of the world. Your eyesight I need so that you, My beloved ones, will not only see the worldly with your eyes, but will direct your attention to the heavenly. I want to set you on your eternal salvation. You, My little one, are the forerunner.

The second chief shepherd was manipulated through the fault of Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI. He has destroyed this Catholic Church beyond recognition. He has done everything that can only harm the Catholic Church. The church has become a joke. People blaspheme the faith and portray it so ridiculously that nothing is left of a Catholic faith.

What does this mean for this chief shepherd? Even now he should have confessed before Me and the world that this great guilt is on his shoulders. He should have publicly confessed this guilt before the world.

I am giving him one last time so that he may confess before Me that he has not only sinned grievously but even committed sacrileges. I desire that he confess the burden of sin publicly out of love for Me.

By no means do I wish him to flee and put himself in the foreground in order to arouse the pity of the public.

The Catholic Church is in its last throes. Never before in the history of the Catholic Church has there been such a great lack of faith as in the present time.

My beloved little one, that is why I thank you especially for giving and offering Me this lost sight. The darkness of the whole world you carry with it.

Will you still say a ready yes Father to your present suffering if I do not return it to you? I want to fulfill Your will completely, dear Heavenly Father, even if it involves infinite SORROW for me.

You have been an infinite comfort to Me today in this time of scorn. What this Pope Emeritus, as he calls himself, has done to Me is indescribably difficult and incomprehensible to Me.

Pray, My beloved children, that every day that this Pope receives as a gift from Me, he may reflect and repent. Let him remember that his time on earth is limited. But there is still a possibility for him to confess this guilt before Me, the Supreme Judge, to repent and finally to accomplish it in a worthy Holy Confession.

I still give him this time because you, My little one, also want to load his guilt on your shoulders. You recognize My great burden, My sadness, and you see My tears. You dry them with your sorrow, which you willingly accept and want to carry.

I thank you all for wanting to give Me, the Heavenly Father, so much joy in the future with your little flock and followers, that you show Me this comfort every day and thereby give Me your love.

Still I want to say that love should be decisive for you, because in love you can prove everything to Me. The love you recognize with your mind's eye is not the worldly, but the supernatural, which you should put first.

So now I bless you with Divine power in the Trinity with all the angels and saints, and also with your dearest Heavenly Mother and Queen of Victory in the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.


Be ready for your last hour, for the time of faithlessness is far advanced. I thank you for every day that you prove to Me that you truly love Me. Amen.