Messages to Anne in Mellatz/Goettingen, Germany


Sunday, August 17, 2008

The Heavenly Father speaks in the house chapel in Duderstadt after the Holy Tridentine Sacrificial Mass through His child Anne.


In the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit Amen. I have seen many saints today, including Padre Pio and Sister Faustina.

The Heavenly Father now speaks: I, the Heavenly Father, speak also today through My willing, obedient and humble instrument and child Anne. She is Mine and I have prepared her for this time. Yes, the storm roars around My Church with mighty power. You will not be able to grasp what is about to happen! You are in the last stage of the greatest struggle for My Only, Holy, Catholic and Apostolic Church. I will give it a new birth and it will shine gloriously in the whole world through the Holy Sacrificial Feast in the Tridentine Rite. This is My Holy Sacrificial Feast. This I want all priests to celebrate with the greatest reverence, for I myself have appointed these, My sons of priests. They have been called by Me in the Trinity.

Now my flocks go apart. Why My beloved ones, why must this happen? It is the obedience that is no longer shown to me, the highest Lord and God, the heavenly Father. None of my shepherds will obey me. You recognize it, my beloved ones, since they no longer want to obey my chief shepherd.

In spite of their vocation, they are parting and no longer want to serve Me. They are so far away from me that they no longer even feel that they are guided by evil, no longer by me. Otherwise I would not have let My Son go out of these tabernacles. How hard it is for me that you no longer want to serve me in humility. This humility, my chief shepherds, has become alien to you. You can no longer serve and you know no humility. Do you kneel before Me, before My Blessed Sacrament in silence? Do you still have time for me? Have you not succumbed to worldly desires for a very long time? Have you not conformed to the world? Where am I, your Lord, your highest God in the Trinity? Where are your thoughts? Where are your deeds to want to serve Me? I want to lead you, you, My chief shepherds, My beloved shepherds. But I cannot lead you if you do not obey me. You too have forgotten humility, my beloved shepherds. When do you kneel before Me? Every knee shall bend, whether in heaven, on earth or under the earth. You no longer know who you stand before. You stand before the world, before the people, and you serve the world. I am completely forgotten for you.

Around you the greatest storms roar and you don't even recognize it. You mock and ridicule my messengers and messengeresses whom I have sent you as the greatest gift in these storms. They want to warn you about the greatest events. They stand in My omnipotence. They do not grow up. You do not recognize it, since you have seized power, your power. It is not my omnipotence that calls to your help and believes in it. You yourselves are there in your power. You want to settle everything. No one is allowed to talk you into it, not even your dearest Lord and Master, your Savior. Where did you end up? How far am I to fetch you back because you are so far away from me that you do not even recognize me. Even if I would stand before you in full size, you would not want to recognize me. It is up to your will. Only your wishes apply, not mine and also not my plan would you want to fulfill. This path is stony and difficult. The other way is easily accessible. That is why you lead so many astray, because these too do not want to recognize the hard way and are also not willing to go it.

Grace is here. I have given them to you all, but you devalue them. Why do you not at least accept My grace? It would give you much to recognize, but from the outset, unseen, you reject it. I would want to give you all the power of the world if you would be in my grace. You are separated from Me by severe sacrileges, severe sins.

How often have I called you through My messengers to repentance. Turn back! Turn back, I have cried out into the world. Are you turned back, My beloved shepherds? Do you now obey Me? Silence must come within you, otherwise you belong to the world and you will continue to be led and directed by evil forces. The last time has come!

My beloved ones, I call you once again to obedience. Serve me and not the world! These altars, the popular altars, I will destroy them, even if you want to put your power in the foreground and destroy your church from within, I am the Ruler and Founder of My Church. My churches belong to me. But you cast out mine beloved of me. In them you cast me out. You slander me, you mock me, and you again put me on the cross, in my messengers.

Don't you realize it's me? Do you still not recognize that I have chosen the weak? I do not mention the strong, but always the weak. Just look into My Bible, there My way is marked out and My steps. And these steps My little ones follow. They do not reject Me. They take upon themselves all heaviness, also for you, my beloved ones. Yes, I call you my beloved ones because it hurts me unspeakably that I implore you again and again, I, the loving God. I remain the loving God. Even if I must show you my omnipotence, you remain my beloved sons of priests, after whom I still consume myself today. I want to take you back from these evil powers, from this path that you have taken, because I love you in Divine Power, in Divine Love.

Love one another and serve Me, for I am your Lord and Master and love all who repent. I call everyone to My Holy Sacrament, to My Holy Sacrament of Penance. Only then can you turn back, then I close you into my loving arms, because I have not forgotten you. Grace works when you want to serve me. I have given you your free will as a gift, which I never want and will never break. Do you recognize how far your power goes and how far my omnipotence goes? I am the Alpha and the Omega. My love is boundless!

I will continue to test you. The evil forces want to keep you away too. I allow this and I have made it known to you at the dedication of My Holy House Chapel. There too you were tempted, My little one. You could have succumbed if I had not strengthened you with my power. You will not be able to fathom it. So do not ask how my way is. It does not correspond to your wishes and your ideas. It is unfathomable and deep.

Love Me and prove your love to Me. Serve me and not the evil spirit, because how quickly you can succumb if you would not have my protection, which I want to pour out over all of you who want to walk my steps and are ready to continue to walk these steps. Stay in this love! Become strong! Become more courageous and deeper in my love! Remain faithful to me in the last hours, for you belong to me! You have given Me your yes-word! Remember, in the most difficult tests! Then I want to stand by you. Think of this covenant of loyalty and of this yes spoken by you. "Yes father, yes father!" Repeat these words again and again and do not let up in your sacrifice and in your atonement for my sons of priests who go astray and become confused.

Look, it's me. Look at My Son. How much did he wear. Did he not precede all of you these steps Persecution, mockery, scourging, crowning with thorns? Isn't that partly your way? Can you not recognize it, all you who are still far from me? Look at my cross! I died for everyone! Only many will stray. Come back to me and accept my graces that still flow through my messengers.

Now I want to bless you, My small and beloved flock, in the Trinity with all the angels, all the saints, with My beloved Mother, My beloved Padre Pio, in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit Amen. Only love, divine love, lasts eternally! Amen.

Praise and glory be without end, Jesus Christ in the Blessed Sacrament of the Altar! Amen.