Messages to Anne in Mellatz/Goettingen, Germany


Friday, August 15, 2008

Hochfest Maria Aufnahme in den Himmel, dedication of a house chapel.

The Heavenly Father speaks after the Holy Tridentine Sacrificial Mass through His instrument Anne.


In the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit Amen. Today legions of angels could be seen. Not only in this room, but far beyond. Over the house, in the streets, everywhere this great golden light was visible. It will have a great significance at the end of these days, when Our Lady will crush the head of the serpent. We are at the height of our development and that is why today is a very special occasion.

The Heavenly Father now says: I, the Heavenly Father, want to manifest myself again through my beloved, humble, obedient and willing instrument and child Anne. She is all Mine and all the words she speaks are from Me, nothing is out of her. Today I would like to thank My beloved priest son for offering Me this Holy Sacrifice. It is My only holy sacrificial banquet.

My beloved son of the priests (I see the Heavenly Father smiling now. A.) have you forgotten My Heavenly Mother, today on this great feast? I had prepared a Marian sermon for you. It is an extraordinary great feast: the Ascension of My Mother. And I wish from you that you, after this intervention of My Heavenly Mother, give this sermon which I have prepared.

I honor her so much. If you put them in the foreground, you do not put me back. It is the great feast of My Heavenly Mother. Can you measure it that I have let My mother ascend to heaven with body and soul? My little one experienced this ascension in ecstasy for the first time. Saint Joseph kneeled, the angels kneeled and they sang: "The heavens glorify..." If you know this song, you shall sing it. The angels' rejoicing over this most beautiful woman whom heaven has chosen was so great. According to My Heavenly Plan, it has been created, completely pure, completely flawless, beautiful from the outside and inside. No woman could ever be more beautiful than this. I love her and today I would like her celebration to be a big one.

And this feast, My beloved daughter Annemarie, I have chosen today for your house chapel. It is not a house church, but I now call these special house churches chapels. I have put them to the test, also you, My beloved daughter. You had to pass many tests before this, My house chapel, could now be consecrated on the great feast of My Heavenly Mother. You can be grateful for that. You will always remember this celebration of initiation and it should be. Furthermore, you will have to pass exams that come upon you, which I will also allow. Do not be sad about it, for it testifies the authenticity of this Holy Chapel, where I, the great Triune God, am awake and present day and night, My Son in the Trinity in this tabernacle day and night in your house. Will you ever be able to understand this, this great grace that has come upon you today, even on the great feast of My Mother? There the whole heaven boasts: A singing of the angels, a sound of the trumpets, that was in heaven today, this great feast and you were allowed to celebrate it here in your house. Always be aware of this great grace, especially when hostility and mockery are waiting for you. Do not be sad that I allow this. These are also graces to sanctify you, My daughter, to sanctify you. You are on the path of holiness and the Heavenly Mother is forming you according to My Heavenly Plan. Everything will happen by fate.

You have decorated this chapel according to my wishes. These sacred objects are wanted by Me, not by you. And you have passed this test as well. Every part is conceived and sanctified by Me for My glory, for the glory of all heaven. Everything is harmonious. Look, My children, My beloved ones, is there not holiness here? Is it not expressed here? Is it expressed in the same way in modernist churches? Do you recognize these differences? Can My son still be present in these tabernacles? No, I do not wish it. I wanted My Son to go out of these tabernacles. It was a sad sight for Me to let My only Son, to whom this whole world, this whole Church, My Church belongs, go out. How bitter it was for Me that My modernist bishops do not obey Me. From My priests they want obedience, yes, they push them out of My churches, these My sanctified priests. What great offences! Everything must be expiated. I must demand ever greater sacrifices.

My beloved ones, look at the holy cross of My Son, then you will be able to endure everything that will come upon you. The victims become fertile. You will rejoice one day in the newly founded Church, in My One, Holy, Catholic and Apostolic Church, newly founded by Me. It cannot be like her. My Sacraments are gifts in My Holy Church. Not in other communities, are these gifts, these gifts, the sacraments, included. Much has been taken from me. And this sadness has an effect all over heaven. But My dearest Mother, on this feast that you are allowed to celebrate today, My Mother, the most beautiful, the most beautiful and purest in My Holy Church, makes up for many things. She asks again and again at my throne that I should have mercy on mankind and this church. But she also asks for the final event. She cries tears of blood for this humanity.

She looks to you, My beloved children, My children of Mary, if you want to follow this holy and stony path. He is stony and heavy in my succession. These steps, which I will show you, slowly, thoughtfully and far-reachingly, these steps I will open to you. Go and look at the cross and accept these sacrifices willingly and gratefully in my love and in my strength, not in your strength. You will grow and mature. You will not become weaker; on the contrary, your strength increases, because the Divine power, my power, works in and around you. You will be recognized as models because you convincingly shout out this, my will, through your testimony.

My words keep coming back to the Internet, i.e. they are shouted out into the whole world. This is My wish. I want to save the souls. All are Mine, My creatures. Can you understand this when my authority is on the brink of ruin? What this means for me, not only for you, for me it means very, very much. My chief shepherds cause Me great pain that they do not obey My chief shepherd.

It is about this most holy sacrificial meal. It is about Me, My bishops, not about you and your wishes and your power. It is about My Holy Sacrificial Feast. How many times shall I beg and ask you to repent. Again and again I have mercy on your souls because you stand at the abyss. Turn back! There is still time! The end time, in which My Most Holy Mother with you, My beloved children of Mary, will crush the head of the serpent, as Queen of Victory, is approaching, and she is hurrying very quickly.

My mother kneels before Me day and night begging and pleading for mercy for these souls who do not want to repent. She asks for them that they may receive the knowledge to receive above all My Holy Sacrament of Penance, then I will forget everything. In this moment I forgive everyone in My great mercy, but you will feel My omnipotence if you still do not obey Me. The omnipotence will look different than you can ever imagine. Great miracles and events will happen in heaven and on earth. The stars will change, sun, moon and stars will give signs for this great event. A large cross will appear in the sky. Will you then still go under my cross and confess your guilt, your grave guilt, before me?

How many messengers and messengers have already prophesied this. It did not happen according to her wish. Do you believe, My bishops, that My messengers would ever be able to give these words into the world? I have chosen incompetent little people where one cannot see that they would ever be able to proclaim these words. I have humiliated them for years and by this you recognize My true messengers. They will always remain nothing, because I, the great God, want to work in them and out of them, I alone. I will take everything from them that is in their wishes. Powerlessness they will experience, only then can I let my omnipotence prevail.

My beloved ones, another great gift was there for you today. My beloved Saint Joseph came to this house chapel at the last moment. Have you seen this miracle? Could any human being ever manage this in this last moment, where you, My beloved daughter Annemarie, waited longingly for your Joseph figure? You had just expressed this wish and I have heard it. In my omnipotence I have acted. He came to you.

Be grateful, My children, for My gifts, because I have so many gifts ready for you in the future, for all of you, My beloved ones, who walk the paths, the paths that are determined by heaven, according to My heavenly plan. You will be able to take these steps, then you will experience full protection and also miracles. If you take away some of these steps, even only one, there will not be full protection around you, because I determine and add everything. Be loved, my children, from eternity, you who are given gifts. Generously I would like to continue to give you presents, because I love you boundlessly.

My beloved family Sch., also I have not forgotten you today. I have led you here that you should experience this great event. You were called to come here, because yesterday you also experienced a great miracle. The evil powers have given way, not by the desire of My priestly son, not by you, My little ones, by My omnipotence, by My omnipotence it has happened and you have been set free. The impossible became possible and you have realized it and are grateful. As a gift I shower you today with this great experience because I love you and press you to My loving Heart and to the Immaculate Heart of My dearest Mother.

And now I want to bless you all on this way. Go out into the world! Announce the miracles! Proclaim that it is I and no one else who can save men. You will help me and you will be there in the future because I will let you strengthen and mature. I bless you with all Heaven, My dearest Mother, My most holy Mother, My Holy Joseph, the patron of this house chapel, all the angels and saints in the Trinity of God, the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen. Live love, for love is the greatest. Amen.