Messages to Anne in Mellatz/Goettingen, Germany


Sunday, March 30, 2008

Sunday of Mercy.

Jesus speaks at the dedication of the house chapel in Duderstadt after the Holy Tridentine Sacrificial Mass and Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament through His instrument Anne.


In the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit Amen. The Merciful Jesus appeared with rays of grace flooded with dark red and white, which sparkled like lightning. The Blessed Mother was surrounded by golden rays that constantly sparkled. St. Joseph was enveloped in white-golden light and the Little King of Love shone in a golden glow.

Jesus speaks: I, Jesus Christ, speak now through My willing, obedient and humble instrument Anne. All the words she speaks are from Me. My little one, have you doubted a little that I, the Lord and Master, am not the King who works here and there in His omnipotence. From the beginning I have kept everything from this house chapel, as I would like to call it. Have no fear, little one! Nothing will happen here that is not in the will of the Heavenly Father.

My children, during the Sanctus this curtain moved. There my angelic host has entered this room, this hallowed room. They sang the Hosanna and the Gloria. This too was intended by me. Nothing will happen that is not in the Father's will.

You, My children, have experienced and been allowed to experience pure holiness today, on this day, because everything was determined from eternity in this holy place. He has been consecrated today to St. Joseph, my foster father. This has a very special meaning for My town Duderstadt. My Saint Joseph is the patron saint of the Church, and on March 19 I want to have celebrated and repeated this feast here every year. The consecration festival will be one week after Easter each year.

And now, My children, I want to make some things known to you. Today is also the day of my mercy. Hence these infinite rays of grace. They have come through this city. Whoever has the firm will in this city to want to repent this very moment and in the coming week, to him I will give My mercy. But whoever does not prove himself worthy of my mercy, him I will have to damn forever.

Believe and trust, My children! You stand in my plan in the Trinity from eternity conceived by my heavenly Father. My Heavenly Mother is always with Me. Therefore also these rays that come from it. They are rays of grace, for she is the mediator of all graces.

How many difficult things I had to experience in this city, that's why this house chapel. I could have given this one, My priest son Wolfgang, a rich gift if he had listened to My words and had opened up My churches here in this place for Me. I am the Almighty God. I would have kept everything from this place. But it will happen according to the plan now, which my heavenly father will carry out.

Dear children, atone and sacrificed for this place. Still often walks through the streets of this place. I want to have mercy on the faithful here, not on the priests who do not remember My word. Everything lies in the truth, what has been proclaimed here so far and also further on. You are all in my mercy. It is now the time of grace. Especially today on this day, I will pour out great graces on you and your families. You are wrapped up in my love. Feel safe and secure in this place. Return again and again to My Blessed Sacrament in this room. I myself invented this tabernacle that was placed here. Every single piece of what is here on My altar of sacrifice was determined by Me. My priest's son was allowed to order it, but everything according to my wishes. I thank you, My beloved priestly son, that you have always been available to Me so far, that you do not want your wishes to be fulfilled, but mine.

My children, time is pressing, it is very pressing, because My coming is near, very near. You are protected from eternity because you are chosen. Nothing will happen to you. But the great evil that is to come will come. I will keep everything from you. My angels will also be around you. Above all, My dearest Heavenly Mother and also your mother, whom I have given you, out of great and boundless love. Take part in their suffering. Your suffering is increasing now and so is your suffering. Open your hearts very wide for their love, which will pour it out into your burning hearts, yes, they are to burn with love, they are to grow into my love flames.

I love you and will found My Church anew. This, My priestly son, I have conceived as the founder of My house churches. Many house churches have already been consecrated by him and there will be even more. At all bases I will found a house church or house chapel. Come into this room for the hours of worship and worship Me constantly if your time permits. You will be able to pour out many graces on people who meet you. They need yours, especially in the coming time.

My beloved Mary, you have opened this home and this room to Me, your dearest Savior. That is why I thank you and that is why I am always here for you. This tabernacle should only be unlocked by a priest. Never do I wish that a layman should touch this tabernacle, My Blessed Sacrament.

All these words shall be shouted out into the world, because My time is near. You are already in the emergency phase. It increases because a great chaos will arise in my unholy churches, and then these believers, who long for me, will storm into these house churches and house chapels. Take them all in.

I love you boundlessly and want to bless you, love you and send you out into the world. Bear witness to me and do not think of your misfortune. Everything that comes your way will be allowed. You are protected and loved. Always remember that it is I who am present in these house churches. I will have mercy on all who hurry here to this place, because I will embrace them out of boundless love, because they will remember me.

And now I bless you thrice in all love, yes, in boundless love with My Heavenly Mother, with the angels, with My Holy Joseph, with My Padre Pio, in the Trinity, of the Father, of the Son and of the Holy Spirit. Amen. Love is infinite. Love, be obedient and persevere! Amen.

Sunday, March 30, 2008

Sunday of Mercy.

Jesus speaks through His child Anne after the hour of grace and adoration before the Blessed Sacrament in the house chapel in G├Âttingen.


In the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit Amen. O Jesus, we thank You that You have given us so many gifts today, on Your day. We cannot grasp how Your love is so infinitely great that You shower us with Your graces, the graces of Your mercy. You would therefore like to give us once again words of love, of mercy, here in this house chapel in G├Âttingen, as You have made known to us. We thank you.

Jesus has just appeared as Merciful Jesus in the Host, His Blessed Sacrament of the Altar, during the Exposition. He has spread out His arms wide to embrace us with His great love. Above was the Holy Spirit and God the Father.

Jesus now says: My beloved children, again I want to speak to you today through My willing, obedient and humble instrument Anne. All the words she speaks are from Me. My beloved children and chosen ones, I speak to you to pour out these streams of grace also here in this city of G├Âttingen from this household altar in the chapel of My priestly son. How much I love you and how much I also love this multitude of the twelve who were present in Duderstadt this morning: My twelve apostles.

The streams of grace that flowed in Duderstadt are flowing this afternoon over this city of G├Âttingen, the sinful city. These graces of mercy will be fruitful for many. Once again I have mercy on this city. Since many will read it and I will shout out My truths to the world through the Internet, I also have mercy on the whole world.

This hour of grace at 15.00 will be fruitful. One hour of adoration before My Blessed Sacrament contains endless streams of grace. My mother will also be active here this week through her graces, because she is the mediator of all graces. You have also seen these rays of My mercy today, My little one, in gold, red and silver.

I want to thank you that you follow My call again and again and that you obey Me in all things. You, My son of priests, will still celebrate many Holy Masses at this altar of sacrifice, My sacrificial altar. How grateful I am to you that you want to take these last steps. The path is stony but safe. In the Immaculate Heart of My dearest Mother, you are safe. She will embrace you, and she will hide you under her cloak.

The time has come, My children, the end times. I still have mercy on many priests who want to repent this week. Yes, their will is required, then my grace can work. I have given them this will and I will not break it.

Dearest sons of priests, turn back! Turn back this week. Once again I let my time of mercy come over you to give you a renewed great chance. Turn back! Turn back! Turn back, for I love you all, My beloved sons of priests, My bishops, My cardinals! Many are still in need of conversion. Pray, atone and sacrifice for these priests, for rich is the fruitfulness of My mercy.

And now I bless you with My dearest Mother in threefold power and in mercy, in the Trinity of God, the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen. Rivers of mercy will flow over this city. Love one another as I have loved you and courageously endure until my coming! Amen.

Praise and glory be without end, Jesus Christ in the Blessed Sacrament of the Altar. Amen.