Messages to Maria for The Divine Preparation of Hearts, Germany


Thursday, October 5, 2023

Europe Is a Target of the Powerful!

- Message No. 1411 -


Message of September 27, 2023

Pray, My children, so that the worst will be held back.

Pray, My children, France will suffer.

Pray, My children, war shall be brought upon you.

Pray, My children, so that the diabolical agreements will NOT be enforceable!.

Pray, My children, and remain strong in faith!

Pray, My children, for you are facing a difficult time.

Pray, My children, and do not fold.

Spain will suffer badly, but your prayer can stand against it and soften many things!

Pray, My children, and trust in My Son!

Pray, My children, Germany shall 'perish', be destroyed in war and abomination.

Pray, My children, for all is not well with Europe.

Pray, My children, because the 'peaceful' countries are to be provoked and attacked!

Pray, My children, so that it will not lead to the terrible war!

The hunger is coming. You must be ready.

The hatred is becoming visible. Stay in love!

Pray, My children, because the provocations and injustice are increasing and overflowing! Pray so that you ALWAYS remain in love!

Pray for conversion of all humanity! You are NOT aware of the power of your prayers!

Pray, because only, and I repeat: Only through your prayer you will be carried through this time!

John will give you further revelations, but now is the time of prayer!

It is bad for your world, and Europe is a target of the powerful! With the fall of Germany 'one' hopes the takeover of this continent. So stay strong and pray and plead, because the German people is strong, and My (re)evangelization will start from this country!

The hearts of the German children who are faithful to Me will persevere, and they will accomplish great things! So be strong, beloved children, and pray, pray, pray!

Spain, you shall 'perish', Christianity shall give way, but this will never be!

I, your Father in Heaven, hold My protective hand over all such attacks, and they come insidiously via school, education, opening of the Church, closures and changes, feminism, gender and 'immigrations'!

Stay in prayer, Spanish people, for My Fatherly love is great for you and your country!

See what you have accomplished through prayer and fidelity to Me, My Son and the Most Holy Mother of God, your Mother Mary!

Reflect, My children of the Spanish people, because what is to come, for you and your country, planned by the most evil hand, IS AGAINST YOU!

Beloved children of France: you must be strong!

Pray and find the way back to Me, to your Father in Heaven!

I also love you very much, but for too long there has been an anti-Christian tendency in your country!

Be vigilant, pray and plead! I will not leave you alone in the struggle that awaits you!

Children of Europe: Stay peaceful!

Keep peace in your countries and with your neighbors!

No one is better than the other!

Know this!

You are all creatures of Mine!

So make yourselves aware of this! When you kill, you kill your brothers!

You are breaking My commandments!

Keep the peace, My children, keep the peace.

I, your Father, love you very much.

Do not run after the wrong one!

Do not run after the mainstream.

Teach your children about Me and Jesus!

Plead to Our Lady for protection for you and your loved ones, your home, your community(ies) and your country(ies)!

Pray for Europe!

The most peaceful countries shall be attacked!

Pray, My children, only through prayer will you endure the time ahead. Amen.

Now go, My child, and make this known.

He who in prayer, remains faithful and devoted to Us, has nothing to (be)afraid of!

But the way into deep devotion of preparation is necessary, therefore be ready, beloved children, be ready.

I hold My protective hand over the one who truly and honestly and sincerely asks Me for it.

Yours and your Father in heaven.

Creator of all God's children and Creator of all being. Amen.

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