Messages to Maria for The Divine Preparation of Hearts, Germany


Wednesday, May 17, 2023

Part 3, Message from John, on May 4, 2023 at Holy Place

- Message No. 1400-38 -


On May 4, 2023 at Holy Place

Message from John

My child. I, your John, am here, come to tell you the following today and to instruct you and the children of the end times.

My child. The Holy Angel of the Lord and Creator showed Me many cruel, but also hopeful, even beautiful images and situations and events, My child. He said:

'John, My beloved son. Tell the children of the earth at the end of time how much the Father rejoices over all truly faithful children of God.

It is those, My beloved son, who truly love Jesus.

Only through them, My beloved John, is there still hope and light in this end-time world!

Without them, My so beloved son, everything would be just hopeless and cruel.

The 'ray of hope' for Him, the Creator of all God's children and the Creator of all being, it is ONLY, and I repeat, ONLY these true and loving His Son, trusting in HIM and steadfast (in faith) children who keep His chastening hand 'in check' and resist the evil doings through their prayer, My son, their prayer, their steadfastness, their hope, their trust and their pleading for all mankind, because through them, their prayers, their acceptance of suffering, sacrifice and atonement, many still turn back, and this time, My beloved son, will be prolonged by the loving heart of the Father until also these children can no longer, i.e.. i.e. HE rushes to their aid before the measure of wickedness becomes unbearable for His truly faithful children, firmly anchored in faith in His Son.

Then, My beloved John, the Father intervenes, because HE loves these children inexpressibly, so deep is HIS fatherly love, and HE, who is Almighty, HOPES for the conversion of still many souls, because HE created them ALL out of purest, deepest fatherly love, and nothing HE desires and longs for more ardently than the return of these and all children to HIM, to their Father and Creator. Amen.

So say this to the children of the end times, for the 'wait' will be long for them.

Many, many are tilting, My beloved son, but this is because they have not truly prepared. The Father gave ALL children a long time to prepare, but only a few took it seriously and accepted it. They all preferred to wallow in their worldliness rather than strive for what is true: Their preparation.

The children sense, at the end of time, that something is 'different', but few connect it to the Apocalypse recorded in the Bible. It is the book, My dear Son, that is given to the children to orient and give back completely to God, their Creator.

My son. The end will be unspeakably cruel, but the children of the end times will see it only much too late. The Father, however, has made provision, and all children who use, accept and implement the last 'chances' for their conversion will return to HIM, their Creator.

The Father holds His protective hand over all who are truly devoted and faithful to His Son. He does this at all times, but it is especially visible at the end.

So tell all this to the children of the end times at the end of time, because it is about their salvation, and it is about the truly greatest 'strife' on earth that ever existed. History' will be written, My son, but differently than the children of the earth understand it.

This 'event', this happening, has never happened before.

So many miracles will be worked by 'Heaven', Jesus, but the children of the earth will continue to be seduced and deceived by those who do not love them and want their mischief, but the true children of the Lord Jesus Christ will experience and recognize them, and they will accept and recognize ALL the events that the Lord will give them and all before the final battle takes place, and many, many they will help, but too many are too comfortable and lukewarm and insist on recognition and 'luxury', their comfort is worth more to them than the Eternal Life at the side of the Lord and Father, and thus they become lukewarm and cave in, and the Evil One with his Antichrist has a very easy game with them.

The truly 'heroic' are the humble children, for by their perseverance and prayers they are able to accomplish so much good. They mitigate, they change, because the Father hears EVERY prayer that is sincerely and honestly addressed to HIM.

My Son. Make all this known to the children at the end of time. I love you very much. Your angel of the Lord and Creator. Amen.'

My child. This is what the angel told and instructed Me, your John. This is also part of the 3rd part of the book you are writing for Me and the Father.

Your John. Apostle and 'favorite' of Jesus. Amen.

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