Messages to Maria for The Divine Preparation of Hearts, Germany


Monday, May 15, 2023

Part 3, Message from John, on May 3, 2023 at Holy Place

- Message No. 1400-37 -


On May 03, 2023 at Holy Place

Message from John

My child. The time is short. You must be ready. I, your John, have come to instruct you further.

My child. The Holy Angel of the Lord and Creator showed Me many events, and He told Me not to reveal them until the end of time. He said: 'John, My beloved son, what awaits the children of the earth of the end times cannot be compared to anything before. A very dark time will befall them, and the adversary of our Lord Jesus Christ will deceive and seduce, perform so-called 'miracles' before the eyes of mankind, and steal many, many souls for his father and lord, the prince of darkness, and push, lead them into hell.'

My child. That which awaits the children of the end times is already happening. This 'era' is initiated and you see, you feel, you live it in its dark beginnings, which will end in an absolute darkness, or will have its 'climax'.

The absence of good, the repression, the rejection of Jesus Christ leads you into this darkness.

There, where you will worship, Jesus will be no more! His adversary has then cleverly crept into all your remaining masses and churches, and you worship him there!

Your masses will be worthless. Jesus is not in them. Therefore, you will fall into more and more darkness. Your whole earth will be caught in this darkness, your world in which you live, you, beloved children! So many will not survive for various reasons, but all of them have their origin in this darkness! Where the light of God is absent, where it is absent -because you have let it happen-, life is bleak and sad, and depressed you will be, if you let this happen! You will no longer see a way out in this man-made world, because there is no human way out.

The children who remain faithful to Jesus will keep and carry hope in themselves and pass it on to others, but the light of life that comes from God will carry and shine hope only in those who are completely with the Lord, Jesus Christ. But all others will become dissatisfied. Many will become like animals, ravening wolves, and they will tear each other and each other apart! It will be cruel! It becomes bloody! Much murder, manslaughter and other cruelties will spring from them. Your world will no longer be worth living in. All this is happening because man has turned away from God.

The Antichrist has an easy game. His False Prophet and he will do greatest things and deceive you with that. You will cheer them and you will believe them. Only 'a handful' of children will not be able to deceive them. These are the truly faithful, and they are firmly rooted in Jesus. The world will only be 'amusing' for the (super) rich, the 'outwardly' beautiful, and the playing along. But beware. You are only in the game as long as YOU ARE USEFUL!

Your value scale has 'exploded'! Nothing 'real' will exist any more soon! Everything you 'modify' to your liking, and it is cruel to behold.... You change everything! Children, children, be aware of the consequences!

The Father rushes to the aid of His faithful children, and Jesus lifts them up into His New Kingdom. But woe, woe to him who does not remain faithful, worships and pays homage to the beast, plays along with the evil games and does not know how to control himself!

You believe that the reign of the Antichrist will be evil, and you believe correctly! But the chastisements of the Father will snatch you all away, and no one will be spared who has previously sought his recognition in the world of evil!

Oh children, be warned! The 'judgment' shall come upon you, and all you shall have to see laid bare before you, yet I leap in time.... So be warned, for everyone will be chastised by the Father's hand, who has 'tampered' with others! Only the good ones will 'survive', those who have not denied Jesus and are faithful to the end! The New Kingdom will be open only to them, but all others will meet a 'hard' fate.

So take advantage of this time and be prepared, because only those who are prepared will stand firm.

Whoever does not repent now, whoever does not prepare, whoever squanders his chance, will not attain the New Kingdom.

I, your John, will come back and report to you, but it is enough for today. The Holy Angel told Me to announce everything only gradually. 'John, My beloved son, give the children time to process and understand what has been said. Do not overburden them, My son, they must take their situation seriously! Amen.'

I will come again, My child.

Yours and your John. Apostle and 'favorite' of Jesus. Amen.

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