Messages to Maria for The Divine Preparation of Hearts, Germany


Monday, April 17, 2023

On March 23, 2023 at Holy Place

- Message No. 1400-24 -


Message from John

My child. I, your John, am here, come to tell and show you the following.

The Holy Angel of the Lord and Father showed Me what will happen at the end of this time. He showed Me all the suffering that is to be inflicted on the children of men and what they SELF were inflicting on them. He showed Me that prayer is the most powerful weapon of all, and he explained to Me that the children of the end times can change their 'destiny' that I, your John, saw, through fervent prayer and supplication to God, the Most High. These children who prayed were protected at all times, in life, as throughout the end times. They were filled with divine power through fervent prayer and their firm faith in Jesus, their Savior. They held fast to faith and Jesus, and they did not get lost. I already told you all this, but I want to repeat it again and again, because the angel showed Me this world and this protection that came from their prayer. He said to Me:

John, My son, you must repeat it to the children of the earth at the end of time, often and steadily, because only, and I repeat, only through their fervent prayer to the Father will they not be lost and will they withstand until the Lord, Jesus Christ, comes again.

And it is only through their fervent supplication that the Lord and Father will intervene and mitigate and shorten the time of the Antichrist!

Tell this to the children of the end times again and again, My son, because whoever does not pray will falter, whoever is not anchored in Jesus will follow the Antichrist, whoever is not truly with the Lord will accept everything that comes from the devil just to survive!

But, My dear John, this will mean eternal death for these children, so you must tell them again and again.

Therefore, My child, I repeat it over and over again: prayer changes, and it keeps you strong, it gives you strength, and it makes you persevere.

Tell the children of the earth from Me and from the Holy Angel of the Lord and Father, because only, and I repeat, only through their fervent prayer will they persevere and remain faithful to Jesus. Without prayer, however, they will give in and be lost.

It is important that ALL children know this and put it into practice.

My child. I, your John, saw a lot of suffering. Many families were starving. The fathers had no more work because they did not accept the chip of evil. 'One' marginalized them, while the others, however, seemed to celebrate life joyfully and gladly. Every child, however, felt that something was 'different' from before, and this began even before the Antichrist appeared.

My child. Sadly, sadly, these children follow their well-being more than they go within themselves and question what they are sensing. If they would do it, they would find out many truths, but these are of course unpleasant, because they demand a turning back from their previous life. So 'one' prefers to continue living as before and makes one compromise after the next. What is a digital chip anyway? It brings so many advantages! I had to accept it, otherwise I would have lost my job... Excuses after excuses, just to be able to go on living comfortably.

It made me very sad that these children did not want to learn anything. They suppressed any kind of awakening, just so that it would not become inconvenient for them.

Children, children, you will ALL awaken, but so many of you unfortunately too late. If you knew the hardship and suffering that awaits your soul, you would have listened to your intuition and faced the truth!

I had to suffer a lot, with all these images that the angel showed me. It was a meaningless life that most of the children of the earth lived, and it made Me very, very sad. I would have loved to shake them so that they would wake up, but of course this was not possible.

My child. So now tell what I saw and wrote and ate at the command of the angel, for it is that time that I saw, and the children of the earth must awaken and repent!

The Lord's warning is near, so near, and the children should take advantage of this so great act of mercy!

It is the last chance not to be lost, because after this the truly terrible time begins.

I, your John, beg you: turn back!

Only in this way will you attain Eternal Life on the Lord's side! Only in this way will you become truly happy, now and in the Kingdom of Heaven! Renounce earthly goods and riches and gather treasures for eternity! Only that counts, My children, only that counts!

Live with the Lord, Jesus Christ. It is HE who has redeemed you, but only the one will truly find salvation who gives their yes to HIM and surrenders to HIM.

Respond, beloved children! You must convert, there is no other way.

The New Kingdom is near. Whoever does not repent will stand in front of a closed door. Amen.

My child. Tell the children that only through conversion is their life worth living and meaningful. Whoever lives WITHOUT the Lord is cut off from true and eternal life. Tell this to the children. Amen.

Your John. Apostle and 'favorite' of Jesus. Amen.

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