Messages to Maria for The Divine Preparation of Hearts, Germany


Monday, April 17, 2023

On March 22, 2023 at Holy Place

- Message No. 1400-23 -


Message from John

My child. I, your John, am here, come to tell, explain and show you the following today.

My child. I saw a great schism in the Holy Church of Jesus, and the believing children had much to suffer, among themselves, with each other, and under the 'rule' of those who followed the Antichrist and carried out his orders. The schism, My child, is already initiated, that is: Everything is prepared for the true children to be led astray and thus to hell, and many, many will be lost.

John now shows me many 'scary' (unattractive) pictures, which do not have much to do with our church as I know it:

I see Satan in the form of the Antichrist being worshipped in the host -which is now unholy- as the Lord's Supper, and 'hosts' being served, but not 'changed', i.e. not being the body of Jesus.

I see a lot of symbolism in these churches where the Antichrist is worshipped and adored, and I see and feel, -like- a euphoria of the 'fellow celebrants'. They are completely under the spell of the Antichrist and his satanic varieties.

I see how there is much quarreling even before John shows me what has just been described. The believers are quarreling among themselves, and the true children faithful to Jesus are being drawn away. Thus, there are only lost ones left in the church. I see that there are also 'overseers'. These are the ones who take away the true believers.

I see the true churches closed. There are no more mass celebrations.

I see the 'head' of the church celebrating himself and greeting the antichrist among cheering people. I see this in a large square . The False Prophet (in the car, papamobile) is cheered and accompanied by the 'faithful' and his followship, and the Antichrist is shown to me like a copy of Jesus, but nothing heavenly!!! surrounded by like apostles, who are of course none. It is an allegory, John explains to me: the false prophet leads the faithful 'to the knife' (delivers the faithful to the Antichrist), and the Antichrist deceives and shows himself like Jesus Christ (as the one he is not).

My child. This is the great deception and the great betrayal: The betrayal of the believing children.

John also showed me how there are still true priests who celebrate the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass in a hidden way. This, however, was only a small minority. He showed me this by means of a small, humble priest. But the 'mob' was enthusiastic about the false prophet and the Antichrist. (Note: A really bad time awaits us. Yes, My child. That's how it is, unfortunately.)

My child. In the Vatican, I, your John, saw much darkness. The darkness came about because the devil had crept in. His henchmen had infiltrated and were spreading more and more. They all gradually took key positions. Only in this way was it possible for the False Prophet to take his place as head of the Holy Catholic Apostolic Church. Even the popes before that had a hard time in some cases. You would not believe all that is happening, has happened and exists in the Vatican. The devil worshippers gained more and more power until they finally 'ruled' it, the Vatican. It was very sad for Me to see this, because everything that Jesus had left behind was destroyed and trampled underfoot. There is a lot of symbolism even in the Vatican, and the dark rituals, Satan worship, take place in parallel with what is shown to the 'world'. They feel great and powerful, euphoric and believe they control everything, but at no time do they count on the intervention of the Lord and Father. When the Holy Angel told Me this, after all the terrible and for Me so sad images, I was able to breathe again, as they cut off My air.

My child. I, your John, tell and show and explain all this to you, so that the children of the earth may get ready and not be lost. I saw how skillfully the false prophet had set everything up, and I saw how overly trusting he had so many children behind him. None of them saw how false he was in reality....

But this is not the whole deception. Much will they, he, the False Prophet, and the Antichrist, deceive you. So-called miracles they will do in front of the eyes of many and the media! They are skillful, cunning and thoroughly satanic, so you must know how to distinguish. The angel told Me how the children can recognize him and distinguish him from Jesus. He told Me:

A truly faithful child, faithful to Jesus, knows, because he has experienced that Jesus is the merciful and all-embracing love. This love carries! This love brings divine joy and bliss! It calms and it is gentle. It does good and it liberates. It never puts you in turmoil! It never puts you in euphoria! It never puts into the state: I want, I need more! But this is what the Antichrist does. He makes dependent, puts into euphoria and turmoil. Thus it will be possible for the believing children to fall into strife. They follow him because they want more. Their ego is addressed!

Jesus gives satisfaction, love, peace, comfort. One feels whole with HIM and through HIM, His all-embracing and merciful love.

The Antichrist is addictive and euphoric. He is like an addiction, and this is never good.

So tell the children, My dear John, that they must distinguish:

Bliss or euphoria.

Jesus or the Antichrist

Love or hate

Contentment or addiction.

My child. I, your John, hope for the children of the earth that they learn to discern. I will instruct you again, but it is enough for today. There are still many 'points' to report, but rest for now. I will come to you again, My child.

Your John. Apostle and 'favorite' of Jesus. Amen.

Schism: the secession of the Holy Catholic Apostolic Church of Jesus into the Anti-Church (Counter-Church) of the Antichrist (Jesus' adversary).

What a betrayal!

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