Messages to Maria for The Divine Preparation of Hearts, Germany


Monday, April 17, 2023

On March 14, 2023 at Holy Place

- Message No. 1400-18 -


Message from John

My child. You saw Me in 'My' cave when the Angel of the Lord and Father appeared to Me. I was grateful and awestruck. The angel instructed Me to see (look) and write, ask and write down His explanations as well.

I saw, through the angel, what would happen at the end of time, before the Lord, Jesus Christ, came again. It was His Second Coming, My child, and the children of the earth, who had a hard time but persevered because they trusted in Him, the Savior, and His Second Coming, were very happy and relieved when that day was announced.

Preceding it, beloved children, was His 'warning' to mankind, i.e., a merciful gift that was accepted by all those who still had a spark of morality and love of God in them, but which those who did not want God rejected, and so inflamed their hatred of God Most High that they got completely out of control and tried to 'make life hell' for the children of God, the faithful and true children of the Lord, i.e.: The time of great betrayal began, where children 'delivered each other to the knife', friends betrayed friends, families, acquaintances, colleagues (work, schools, sports, etc.) and neighbors betrayed and delivered each other to the regime of the Antichrist. Children, it was a terrible time. Especially the priests and religious had to suffer a lot!

Masses were officially banned, and only those who worshipped the beast still took place! Children, children, be warned(!), because it will come bad and worse! The Antichrist will allow himself to be worshipped, and so many will confuse him with our Savior! Children, children, be warned(!), because what looks like it is good, is not!

I saw that the true priests, who were not delivered to the knife, were hiding. And I saw that many priests celebrated the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass in hiding. But the fear of being discovered was great, especially among the faithful.

I saw large camps, and many innocent people were taken there.

They tried to put digital chips in all the people.

Many children wore them voluntarily, and I saw how they became more and more technocratic beings, unable to live their feelings, their intelligence and their lives, but all controlled by a higher elite who tried to train each human being to their needs, and who became a kind of technocratic, digital half-human, half-robot slave.

Children, it was cruel and terrible to see how these people no longer had or could make any self-control or decision.

All this was happening through implanted digital chips, and the big towers I saw made this possible.

I saw the world no longer worth living in, because whoever was not implanted had everything shut off. He had no more money, no more home, no more identity. 'One' erased him, and yet he was alive, unless he was taken to a camp.

The camps served many purposes, and ALL people were equipped with chips. Many, however, were killed, because they did not have useful characteristics or physical powers, -features, to serve the elite as technocratic slaves.

There were mass graves, My children, there 'one' threw away the people, like garbage, one disposed of them.

I repeat now once again and imploringly:

You must pray, much and fervently, and implore to the Father for mitigation, as well as for shortening the time of the end!

I saw how your prayers, like incense, ascended to the Father, and the Lord and Creator heard His pleading children!

Always have courage, because the Father intervenes, but the more time is granted to the Antichrist, the more cruel it will be for people!

Everything is prepared on the part of those who do not love you, but YOUR prayer holds so much off and up and back!

So pray, My children, pray, for I, your John, saw what happened and will happen if you refrain from praying!

Therefore, pray, much and fervently and implore, for through prayer the Father will intervene, mitigate and shorten.

His protective hand you can all implore! Do it!

I, your Lord John, was very saddened by the images and scenarios that the Holy Angel showed Me, but it was such a great relief for Me to hear from the Holy Angel that prayer has such power, and if used by the children of the earth, will act like a shield for the truly faithful children of the Lord, through the intervention, the omnipotence of the Father in Heaven. Amen.

I love you very much. The Father loves you very much. Therefore, My Book, which I saw and wrote and ate, is published, made known, revealed today (in this time). Amen.

So write and publish what I, your John, tell you, and what the Father instructed Me to do. Amen.

Your John. Apostle and 'favorite' of Jesus. Amen.

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