Messages to Maria for The Divine Preparation of Hearts, Germany


Monday, April 17, 2023

On March 27, 2023 at Holy Place

- Message No. 1400-28 -


Message from John

My child. Listen and write and see what I, your John, bring you today:

The Holy Angel of the Lord and Father instructed Me, at the end of time, to reveal this little book. It is the last message of the second part, and the children must now be ready for what is said.

My child. The warning will be the greatest event of Divine Mercy ever, and the children of the end times MUST recognize and accept it as such.

You felt yesterday the great pain of the children, their suffering, their agony of soul, and yet this was only a very small part of what these children who will experience the absence of God will have to suffer. You cried a lot during this second part of the book, but unfortunately, not all the children awaken this time either, My child.

It was also very painful for Me to see, and I was very sad. The angel said to Me that now no child could claim that it had not been warned, because every human child 'suffered' the great warning of the Lord and should have turned back. Thus the angel told Me.

But the evil one will make himself important, I, your John, tell you today, and have explanations ready, which many children will accept out of lukewarmness, but, beloved children, this will be your downfall.

Whoever does not learn from the warning, Jesus will not come to his aid, for he has once again rejected HIM, his Savior, and has not cared for HIM!

Children, children, you must awaken! The Father is a merciful Father and longs for the return of your, all His children.

Out of the deepest love He created you, each one of you, but see how you trample Him underfoot and what indifference you show to Him.

He, who is Almighty, gave you His Holy Commandments in Moses' time, but who of you keeps them?

Your world would be a beautiful place if you would all keep them (the commandments)!

My child. Tell the children that they must be ready for all that has been revealed here now. It is for their salvation, and only those who accept, recognize, repent and implement what has been said will be uplifted.

My child. The New Kingdom of the Lord is ready.

The time that remains for you on this earth as you know it is short. A great purification will come, but first the Antichrist is still raging.

In the third part of the book, the Father will speak to Me.

Get ready, because there are unpleasant times ahead of you, but remember Our words and pray, pray and plead!

The Father protects every child who is truly with His Son. So give yourselves completely to Jesus and do not become lukewarm beings, who at the end of time, like the vermin I saw, fall into hell.

Only Jesus is the way! There is no other. Amen.

I, your John, will report to you again, but for now, prepare yourselves for what has been said.

The Father will instruct Me, if it continues, and I may give you, My child, further revelations.

Listen to the word of 'Heaven' for it is given to you so that you may not be lost and may stand firm until the end. Amen.

Now go, and share it with the children of the end times. I, your John, thank you. Come again. We call you. Amen.

Your John. Apostle and 'favorite' of Jesus. Amen.

--- End of Part 2---

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