Messages to Maria for The Divine Preparation of Hearts, Germany


Monday, April 17, 2023

On March 25, 2023 at Holy Place

- Message No. 1400-27 -


Message from John

My child. My so beloved tender soul that you are. I, your John, thank you very much. So hear now what the Holy Angel said, showed and explained to Me:

John, My beloved son. The Father told Me to make the following known to you:

Your book that you are writing is for the time at the end of this age. So keep everything I tell you hidden deep in your heart. Speak only in code about the time of the end, but keep everything else for you until the time of the end has come. Do not ask any questions about this, My son. You will receive the most precise instructions. So listen now and look, because there are still many things to tell. I, your angel of the Lord and Father, tell you this. Amen.

My child. I, your John, was confused, but I was not allowed to ask any questions about this now. The angel, of course, then helped Me to understand everything, but at first I was very questioning, i.e. so many questions went through My head. But I kept silent, as the angel told me, and continued to follow his instructions.

I saw, My dear child, how humanity became slaves of the wicked and had to work hard. I saw them first as if chained, all were uniformly dressed. But they were not ordinary chains (of convicts), but they were 'chained', 'linked' by the digital chip and the towers I already told you about.

I saw everything very dark and gray, no colors. This reflected the catastrophic condition of these poor technocratized people. They were in big camps, and there was nothing beautiful anymore, nothing worth living for, nothing to enjoy. These people were trained to the needs of the evil elite and 'vegetated' like empty beings, hard working and unfree, going along, without hope, without joy, as if dead in a living body; it was cruel to behold.

I saw, My dear child, that at the 'great warning', the merciful gift of the Father and the Son to all the children of men, the Father withdrew from the children of men who were not truly established and anchored in His Son!

Children, it was a cruel state for the soul of these children, and they suffered, suffered, suffered, a complete emptiness that was more painful and agonizing and tormenting than all the unrepented sins and guilt of sin they had brought upon themselves.

My child. My so dear child. It was the cruelest torment of all when God eluded them!

Complete darkness and emptiness these souls suffered, a truly cruel state!

The 'absence' of the Lord and Father is so terrible and horrible, that at the latest here ALL children should have awakened!

It is a kind of 'foretaste' of the torments of hell, which these godless souls will experience, if they do not repent and find to the Lord!

Children, children! Take the warning seriously!

Your suffering will be eternal if you do not convert!

My child. This you MUST tell the children, because the pain, the agony, the torment, the distress, the absence of the Lord and Father is the most horrible thing I, your Lord John, ever had to experience. I am not sending you through this torment, it would be too terrible for you to bear, My child.

Stay with the Lord, all of you, and cling to HIM!

You must have true love in your heart for Jesus and the Father to escape this so painful chastisement.

I do not want to cause you fear, but test yourselves, dear children, test yourselves!

Is our Lord, Jesus Christ, really and truly first in you and your lives? Or does your welfare come first and then the Lord!

Examine yourselves, beloved children, examine yourselves! The 'soul inspection' will be hard for many who are far from or turned away from the Lord!

My child. This is the penultimate message of the 2nd part of the book. Write it and come back. I, your John, am waiting for you. Now go. Amen.

Your John. Apostle and 'favorite' of Jesus. Amen.

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