Messages to Maria for The Divine Preparation of Hearts, Germany


Monday, April 17, 2023

On March 24, 2023 at Holy Place

- Message No. 1400-26 -


Message from John

My child. I, your John, am here, come to tell you the following today:

My book is now to be written and revealed to the children of the earth, and this so great mission the Father entrusted to you, My child. Please tell the children of the earth that My little book is being written for their salvation. Please tell them from Me, from their John.

My child. The warning I saw was a great gift from God to all mankind. The children of the earth were given this so merciful event, the enlightenment of their conscience, at the end of time, My child. Every earth child now experienced the 'sifting' of his soul, as I, your John, saw it. Here nothing remained hidden and everything came out and to 'eyes' of each child. But each child, speaking for himself, saw only his own soul. So many children I saw fascinated and full of joy. They took it upon themselves to live sinlessly from now on. They were radiant, although they also had a great pain of soul over every sin they had committed and not repented of, but their joy was so great that they ran to meet Jesus with open arms, that is, they wanted to orient their lives completely according to His good pleasure from now on. It was beautiful for Me to see this. This so great and deep and genuine love for the Lord, Jesus Christ, who had suffered so much on the cross and throughout the Passion for all these children!

But I also saw many whose conscience was torn apart, that is, they suffered terrible agony of soul. It was the children who had not prepared themselves, and it was those who went completely on wrong paths. This agony of soul that so many children suffered frightened some and they became believers, but in many it kindled great and fierce hatred against God and Jesus Christ. These children were beyond help. They would all be lost later, so the Holy Angel of the Lord and Father told and showed it to Me, your John.

Many children, seeing for the first time how much harm and pain their committed sins had caused, were deeply ashamed and begged for forgiveness to the Lord and Father. These children were not to be lost, for they strove to live a life righteous to God from now on. They turned back and focused their lives entirely on the Lord.

Many children, however, were truly 'slain' to see and feel their guilt of sin. Their remorse tore them apart inside, and they died in the act of this merciful gift. They too were children who had not made themselves ready and many, many did not make it to Jesus. I was very sad about that.

But others converted in 'shock', and in their death, passing away, the Lord gifted them with His so great mercy, and they were not lost. They had to repent, repent a lot, My child. But their soul was not lost.

The children who had prepared themselves helped the others who were totally confused and incapacitated after this event. Many prayed. Many explained. Many helped.

It is important, beloved children, that you be ready for this event and for the Lord, Jesus Christ. This merciful event is unique and will remain so, the Holy Angel told Me. It will not be repeated.

The warning is followed by a truly terrible time. But the believing children now know that Jesus loves them.

Nevertheless, My child, there were again many who simply lived indifferently and unbelievingly. This was completely incomprehensible to Me. But what happened so often after the miracles of the Lord and Father was to repeat itself, and His people turned away from HIM.... It is sad that man so quickly falls into his 'old rut' and is closest to himself.

I saw what happened, and I saw what will happen to these children, but now they have to answer for that themselves.

The 'soul vision', so I want to call it, the enlightenment of the conscience, the sifting of the soul, should have helped each child to repent!

It is a sad state to have seen that also this so wonderful act of love was accepted so little, or was 'forgotten' again.

Children, children, you are shoveling your eternity into the devil's kingdom of hell!

I, your John, ask you: Accept this act of mercy and change! Find to Jesus Christ and do not get lost to the Antichrist! Your salvation is at stake!

Believe, My children, believe, for I saw what happened, and you are in that time which I, your John, saw so long ago.

I have come to you, My child, so that you may spread it in the world.

The children must accept this act of mercy from the Lord, otherwise they will be lost forever.

Tell them from Me and from the Father, for the Father cares for His children.

The angel showed Me terrible things, but your prayer, your repentance and your supplication will preserve you!

Use the gifts of the Lord, for they are given to you, so that you may not be lost, may not err, may not go astray, and may enter His New Kingdom!

Time is pressing, My children, time is pressing.

The angel told Me that My booklet would be revealed at the end of time. So see in what time you live and react!

I, your John, beg you: turn back and pray and implore to the Father!

My child. Give this message to the children of the earth. They must realize that there is not much time left. The Antichrist will show his face, but he will keep his true face hidden.

I, your John, will come to you again. The second part will soon be finished. The third still to come. Hold on.

Your John. Apostle and 'favorite' of Jesus. Amen.

An angel of the Lord

Make this known. It is one of the last messages of the 2nd part. Come as we call you. Amen. Your angel of the Lord with Jesus, Mary, the Father present and many saints and holy angels. Now go. Amen.

God the Father

My child. My angel has spoken. It is important that the children be ready. Now go.

Your father in heaven. Amen.

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