Messages to Maria for The Divine Preparation of Hearts, Germany


Monday, April 17, 2023

On March 15, 2023 at Holy Place

- Message No. 1400-19 -


Message from John

My child. I, your John, have come to instruct you again today.

My child. What I saw so long ago through the Holy Angel of the Lord and Creator is what is already happening today in your world.

I foresaw the end so long ago, but I also saw how much your prayer protects you.

The Father does not leave you alone at any time, you must know this to be able to endure, to persevere. So pray and plead to the Father in Heaven, because He, your Creator, who loves you, hears His pleading children. This was a consolation to Me, the greatest consolation, when I saw the images that His Holy Angel showed Me.

My child. I saw much calamity, and I saw much suffering, but there were many praying and Jesus' faithful children who stood firm and persevered to the end. They were the children of Jesus' light.

At no time did they stray from the true path, at no time did they doubt the Lord's love and care. They did not become martyrs, because the Lord, our Savior, raised them up at the end of time, and this 'hope', this 'trust' and this 'faith' gave them the strength to go through ANYTHING and to accept NOTHING that the evil one wanted to impose on them.

The Lord, Jesus Christ, was ALWAYS by their side. HE led these children of true faith in HIM, gently and watching over them, through this time of horror, through all the end times.

Their faith was severely tested, as was their trust, but they overcame every hurdle and remained fully hidden in the Lord.

These will be the children of the New Kingdom, My child, and their hope and trust and faith will make them endure and get through everything. They 'persevere', and they pray and plead much and fervently. These children will not be lost, and they will await and experience the Lord's return with the greatest joy and hope. I saw this for the end of this time, My child, it was a true joy and relief to Me.

But the others, who were not faithful, caused Me the greatest sadness. I saw them lost one by one. They fell as 'vermin' into Satan's hell, and he took refreshment in their sorrow!

The Antichrist had deceived many, and these also fell like vermin into hell!

And many martyrs I saw. These did not 'leave' Jesus, and their soul immediately ascended!

Children, you have nothing to fear as long as you remain faithful to the Lord, Jesus Christ! But if you do not, you will become the vermin that I saw and fall into hell. No one will be able to help you, because the Antichrist will NOT let go of anyone whom he has once drawn to himself!

So be warned, because whoever falls for him - and there will be many, very many - will not have a second chance!

You must remain strong and steadfast and realize that the life on earth is only a minimal fraction of your eternity!

So live for this, eternity in the Lord's kingdom, because whoever has not prepared himself for eternity will experience a rude awakening in the clutches of Satan. All this the Holy Angel showed Me, and the horror of those children who, in the end, when it was already too late for repentance, fell into the hell of evil.

This is a state of absolute agony of soul, because you realize that you should have trusted in Jesus. This realization brings you eternal suffering and brings you, your soul greatest torment and anguish.

But the devil only laughs at you, and the torment and anguish that he will bring you is nothing compared to the torment that the human body can be subjected to during its lifetime, ie: The physical pain passes, at the latest in death, My children, but the spiritual one increases and your soul will be tortured (tormented) for eternity, should you fall into Satan's hell!

I saw how ALL children of the earth still received a great opportunity to repent, and I, your John, can only beg you: Accept it!

Do not let yourselves be further seduced by the devil's transgressions, but pray, pray and plead! Turn back and find Jesus! HE is the way to the Father and into Eternal Life in Glory, and HE is the way into the New Kingdom!

So do not waste this so great chance for eternity in the Kingdom of Heaven! Accept it and prepare yourselves!

Only in this way your soul will not fall prey to the eternal torments of the devil! Only in this way will you be able to survive the last times!

Prayer protects! Prayer changes! And the Father hears His pleading children!

All this I saw for the end of this time, and I saw and tell you that this time is now. Amen.

Listen to the Father, your Creator, for only HE is the love your soul longs for.

His commandments are law, in the past as well as today and for all time! Take them to heart and live according to them, then you have nothing to fear. Amen.

Examine yourselves, for he who does not examine himself can easily overlook something, and he will fall deeply if he is not honest!

So take the commandments of the Father to heart, for only with them will you enter the Kingdom of Heaven. Amen.

I saw what happened, My children, and I saw how many claimed to be good, but they were not. They did not live the commandments of the Lord, made exceptions to them for themselves and others, and bent them to fit their well-being.

The greatest sin in your time today is fornication and abortion, My children, and now see how this blood guilt clings to so many of you!

Beg forgiveness and confess, atone, repent and atone! Give your sacrifice of atonement to the Lord, so that you may be freed from this so cruel guilt.

The Lord is merciful and HE forgives your sins, but you must bring them before HIM with a truly repentant heart and convert! Confession is of little use to those who confess and do not change! Who confesses and truly wants to stay away from sin, the Lord helps him! But you must ask and pray and plead that HE helps you, because so many of you are deeply entangled in it, the sin, that they hardly know how to get out of it alone. So ask, pray and plead, for the Lord is merciful, even that I saw for the end of time.

It is very extensive what the angel showed and explained to Me, and many questions I had to ask, and yet it is inevitable to find to Jesus and to escape from the swamp of sin of your present time!

Without repentance, no salvation, My children. This is what I saw and I want to share with you today.

Listen to the Lord and Father and find Jesus Christ, otherwise there will be no salvation for you. You will perish, because what is coming will be bad, and only a truly faithful child will withstand to the end. Amen.

I, your John, bring you this message today, for the time of preparation is drawing to a close. So use it and be ready, ready for Jesus. Amen.

Tell the children, My child. It is what the angel showed and explained to Me, and it is for this time. Amen.

Your John. Apostle and 'favorite' of Jesus. Amen.

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