Messages to Maria for The Divine Preparation of Hearts, Germany


Monday, April 17, 2023

Epilogue (Part 2)

- Message No. 1400-29 -



The warning: it is the complete purification of the soul, in which nothing is hidden or concealed. For those who have 'repressed' their conscience, through the great guilt of sin they carry, this purification will bring their conscience out of -their- abysses, and an unspeakable, indescribable pain, chastisement, distress and anguish, (breathlessness, horror, shock), will come to them.

God the Father

The warning is the purification of the soul. Whoever accepts it will not be lost. Amen. Say this to the children from Me, from their Father in Heaven and Jesus, their Savior, and Mary, the Most Holy Mother of God. Amen.

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