Messages to Maria for The Divine Preparation of Hearts, Germany


Saturday, March 18, 2023

The Book of John Part 1

- Message No. 1400-03 -



On Jan. 31, 2023, at Holy Mass while receiving Holy Communion, God the Father came and showed me a book. It was bound in very aged but soft, fine, medium brown leather, and its corners were rounded. He opened it before my eyes, and it was densely written. I read and saw the following:

Listed in the book I read wars. In addition there was a text, a detailed description, enumeration, but the letters blurred and I could not read further.

Then I read: epidemics. Again there was a long description, enumeration, but again the letters blurred, so I could not read it.

After that I saw an angel with a bowl. It was the angel with the bowl of plagues. There were other angels. I mean there would have been 6 more angels, however I did not see them as clearly as I saw the first angel. Each angel carried a bowl. Again, there was a long, detailed text, and it too blurred before my eyes.

The father closed the book. Then HE opened it again, and I saw blank pages. I told HIM that I could not read anything because I did not see any writing. He showed me the book several times like this, with these pages where the writing was completely invisible, like blank pages, and yet they were not.

God the Father closed the book and put it in My hands. I took it, and HE instructed me to keep it in my heart, (like a great treasure). I did.

I had many questions, and the Father answered me. Then I returned the book to HIM, very reverently, and asked HIM to keep it and tell me what was in it. There was another conversation between HIM and me. Then it was all over.

It was revealed to me by the Father that this was the book of John, and that in it everything about this time, the end times, in which we find ourselves, was recorded, and that HE would reveal it to me bit by bit.

The following day, February 1, 2023, I visited Our Lady. I spoke and prayed to her. Quite unexpectedly for me, She suddenly held the same book in Her hands, the Book of John. She said that I would receive further revelations and instructions. She held it open in her hands facing her face so that I could not read it. She told me that war and plagues were described in it.

Interpretation by my guardian angel: The empty pages in the book mean: We can change through our prayer.

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