Messages to Maria for The Divine Preparation of Hearts, Germany


Saturday, March 18, 2023


- Message No. 1400-02 -


The book of John must be revealed. It contains the truths of your present time. Peu à peu, We will continue to guide you. This booklet will be very important, so write it calmly and always with Us, under Our guidance. When you get too tired, rest.

Your Father in Heaven. Amen.

The Book of John shall be revealed through you, My child. The Father knows that it is a heavy burden for you to bear, but listen and write, and when the moment comes, you will have it ready to pass on. That time will be made known to you. It is a lot of work for you, My child, We know that. Step by step, this too will be accomplished.

Your Bonaventure

My child. The book of John is very detailed. He saw what happened at the end of time (end times). John will reveal more to you. He is with you from now on. He helps. He saw and wrote and ate. He obeyed.

It will be a small booklet. Everything the children are allowed to know will be recorded there. Some names and details will be secret. It has to be like this. Amen.

John will instruct you, with Me, your loving Father in Heaven. Amen.

Your Father in heaven. Amen.

My book will be fully revealed to you in due time. Begin to write everything down.

The Father has given you this mission, so I thank and help you and HIM.

I, your John, instruct you again with the Father.

Your John. Apostle and 'favorite' of Jesus.

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