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Friday, March 10, 2023

Vision about Plague

- Message No. 1404 -


Message of February 24, 2023

Conversion: While receiving Holy Communion, the following happens to me in vision, and I am shown and explained the following: There were present: many saints, the apostles, Our Lady and Jesus, God the Father spoke.

My left cheek swells, more and more, bigger and bigger, so that a huge, disfiguring lump formed from the eye to the chin. I was frightened and impulsively shouted: 'No, I do not want that'. I did not understand what this was about. Since it remained, I began to ask....

Then I was handed a light colored paste. I was given to understand that I should apply this to the lump on my face, for healing. I took of this paste, it had the consistency of an ointment, and put a little on the lower part of the lump, but it disgusted me very much, and I did not want to touch it. Then an angel applied the paste and spread it all over the lump, and it began to heal. I was told that it was calendula(marigold).

God the Father:

HE showed me pestilential diseases and what they can be treated with:

To cure skin tumors and other skin diseases:

- Calendula (marigold)

- and Rosemary (Note: versatile)

HE said:

For leprosy: prayer.

Ask for forgiveness of your sins!!! (For) leprosy, boils and (plague) treatments of any kind.

The plagues will be great, but your prayer protects.

You must be pure. Bring Lenten sacrifices!

Seek out your Holy Confession!

Show contrition!


Beg for forgiveness!


Oh, my Father. Forgive me my sins.

I deeply regret them.

Look into my heart,

and then YOU decide what is rightfully mine.

Willingly I accept everything from Your hands

and consecrate from now until eternity

my life, my existence, my soul entirely to YOU,

my Father, and Jesus, Your Divine Son.


Yours I will be from now on until forever.


To seal this consecration, I now also ask the Most Holy Mother of God to confirm it before Your Holy Throne.


(*Note: Now lovingly ask Our Lady to do this).

Make this prayer known. It serves especially for those who do not have or cannot seek out a servant, Catholic priest, ordained by Me. Amen.

Your Father in heaven with Jesus. Amen.

(**Note: It is important that this prayer be offered sincerely, lovingly and contritely.)

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