Messages to Maria for The Divine Preparation of Hearts, Germany


Thursday, March 2, 2023

Have Everything on Paper!

- Message No. 1398 -


Message of February 09, 2023

God the Father: If there were not so much prayer and supplication worldwide, your life -if you still had it- would look bleak. The evil one has not reached his actual goal in the planned period of time. He also will not, in spite of his appointed puppet and puppets in almost all governments worldwide!

They are nothing but an empty shell. They are maniobrated (controlled). They have nothing to say, nothing to decide. All this is done by OTHERS OF THE HIGH ELITE and the Son of Evil himself, through them.

This is happening in the widest parts of your world and governments.

Do not be afraid, beloved children, because the project, the implementation of the most shameful plans will fail, that is, they will not manage (implement) them.

The time is short.

The government of the Antichrist is already. It is composed of the most evil politicians of the world, business, health, finance and justice. Secret meetings have been taking place for some time.

All pursue the one goal of the Antichrist and work constantly on this conversion. This includes many 'small heads' who play along because they feel big, but are then dropped. They do not belong to the top elite.

My child. The plagues will spread on your earth. Many children shall and will be put away again. They will be allowed to leave their homes only for necessities and in many places even the supermarkets, supermarket shopping will be online.

Communism will forbid you to express things on the Internet. Even the messages will be censored.

You must pray, and recognize the signs. Have everything on paper or saved (note: private not in the cloud), so you can read it!

It will be a difficult time, but do not be afraid.

No soul devoted to Me will be lost.

The Holy Archangel Michael stands ready to defend those who are attacked by the henchmen and executors of the war structures of evil. Many will have to leave, but Michael stands ready. Many will be threatened, but Michael stands by. NO ONE, I repeat no one, who is truly faithful and devoted will be lost to the adversary. You will live forever in My Kingdom, and you will praise Me, your Father, forever. Know this!

The Holy Archangel Michael with His Heavenly Host is sent to defend you, so that you will not be lost and can attain Eternal Life in the Kingdom of Heaven!

The devil will NOT gain power over you, not in life and not in death (passing away). Know this!

Jesus: No soul that is faithful to Me, its Jesus, will be lost!

My child. The time will be cruel, but not all children will have to suffer. My protective Father's hand is on so many of you. My Son will come at the end of this time and lift you, beloved children of the remnant army, into His (New) Kingdom. There you will live. Look forward to it and persevere. The time is short.

Your prayers mitigate! Your supplications to Me shorten the time of suffering!

So pray and supplicate!

I, your Father in Heaven, love you very much. Amen.

At the Father's command, only excerpts of this message are made known.

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