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Monday, February 20, 2023

The Antichrist Comes to Destroy!

- Message No. 1397 -


Message of February 02, 2023

God the Father: My child. Devastation of so many parts of your earth will now come. The powerful have agreed that the easiest thing for their plans is to put everything in devastation, in fear and in distress, so that they can implement their final plans.

Jesus: You still have to endure much suffering before My Father sends Me, your Jesus who loves you so much, to you, but the more and the more fervently you plead to HIM, the milder the time will be.

The Antichrist comes to destroy, but he shows himself from a lying side, which so many will not recognize as such.

God the Father: He, the Son of Evil, is among you, and together with the rulers of your world he is making plans of destruction, but: My Son, your Jesus, will come to lift up all those who are truly devoted to HIM. But every heart that is hypocritical will perish.

My children. You have a very short time left. Use it for your preparation. Have food in your houses to get through a certain time. Hunger will be brought upon you, but this time will not last long.

After the warning, beloved children, there will be a time of rest, but it is not. It only seems to be, for My children will be unable to classify what they have experienced and will have to reorient themselves (for the time being) before they can go about their daily lives again. I say many, not all.

Those who do not survive the warning will be a shock to the others. They do not understand the 'why' and will not be able to place this either. They are in a kind of shock that they have to 'get over'. I say many, but not all.

My children. Have food and drink on hand for this time, for you will need it.

Have the necessities in your homes at all times, so neither the warning, nor planned evil deeds will leave you empty-handed. Where there is lack, there is too little, I, your Father, increase, but you must be prepared for what is coming.

Pray, beloved children, for peace in your countries!

Pray, beloved children, pray.

War shall be brought upon you as a solution to the evil plans of the elite. Where there is suffering and hardship and struggle for survival, people themselves accept the straws of the evil one, and he will show himself as a peacemaker and bring you solutions so that your suffering and hardship will come to an end, but be warned: the one who brings you solution is the one who deceived you before!

I love My children very much and that is why My Holy Angels are sent to lift up those who are 'trapped' in war zones, ie: Your Holy Archangel Michael will stand up for you with all My heavenly hosts, and no truly faithful child will be lost to the adversary. My Holy Angels will lift you up and your soul will be in the Kingdom of Heaven. There it will live forever and praise Me, God, the Most High. Eternal life will be obtained by all those children who remain faithful to Me and do not waver. You must not give in and never give in to evil, no matter what that means for your terrenal (earth) life: Only a soul faithful to Me and My Son will be lifted up and attain Eternal Life!

Those who are spared from war: Pray for your brothers and sisters who are suffering. They need your prayers very much!

The war will not be widespread, even though this is the desire of the Antichrist. My protective father hand is over many parts of your earth. Where there is special prayer, My protection is special. So pray with your heart, intimately, deeply and faithfully. Your trust will be tested in these days, and you must be truly faithful and steadfast.

My Son will come, and that time is very near, but do not confuse HIM with the one who will deceive you deceitfully. Only he who is established in Jesus will recognize him. But so many will follow him and perish. I, your Father in heaven, warn you: You must remain in prayer so that your soul -you- will not perish.

Do not be afraid, for My angels are standing by. No matter what the evil one brings upon you: I, your Father in Heaven, give you Eternal Life if you remain faithful and devoted to Me.

The time is short. Hang in there. Do not wait for signs, for they are already to be seen!

Pray and supplicate and change for the good by your prayer and supplication! You mitigate by every prayer you fervently pray, and you change and thwart the plans of the evil one with every fervently prayed prayer.

Especially the rosaries of the Most Holy Mother of God and Virgin Mary stop wars!

So use them, beloved children that you are, so that the measure of devastation that is to come upon you may be lessened.

Pray for conversion! (*) The more who convert, the milder everything will be. The more convert, the harder it will be for the wicked!

The more convert, the easier it will be for you, My beloved children. Amen.

Pray and persevere. Amen.

At the Father's command, only excerpts of this message are made known here.

Your and your Father in heaven, God Most High. Amen.

* see also message number 1393 and 1394

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