Messages to Maria for The Divine Preparation of Hearts, Germany


Sunday, January 15, 2023

What Is Coming Now Will Be Comparable to Nothing That Has Ever Existed on Earth!

- Message No. 1392 -


My child. I, your Jesus, have come to you, My daughter, who are chosen to spread (receive, write down and pass on) My Word and Our Word, THAT IS HOLY.

My child. Terrible times are ahead, but do not fear. The Father, My Father and yours, holds His protective hand over all His faithful and believing children, who love Me, His Divine Son, from the bottom of their hearts and have completely and devotedly directed their lives to Me, to their Jesus.

My children: Do not be afraid, for there is an evil time ahead.

Have courage and persevere.

The end is very near, but the time that is about to dawn will be very difficult for you.

My children: carry courage in your hearts, because I, your Jesus, will come. That time is near, My children, it is very near.

The Father is testing you, do not forget that!

So do not make money and earthly comforts your goal of this life, but prepare for eternity.

My coming is near. You are in the consummation time, so do not doubt.

Do not waverand remain strong.

Remain steadfast and always devoted to Me, your Jesus. I will take care of you! For each one of you I will take care with My Father in Heaven, and each one of you I will lead with My Father through this now dawning time of chaos, evil and abysmal evil.

Be vigilant, for the one who is presented to you is not Me! I, your Jesus, your ALL Savior, you who are faithful and devoted and totally surrendered to Me, WILL COME AT THE END OF THIS TIME.

So be vigilant and persevere!

Do not flinch, for My New Kingdom is near, and I, at the Father's command, will take and raise all the children recorded in the Book of Life. Not one child of yours will be lost, but it will be a very difficult time for you. Only the one who truly trusts Me will survive and get through this time UNHURT!

That is why it is so important that NONE of you give in to evil.

The temptations are great, but persevere. He who gives in to evil will be lost. His name will not be recorded in the book of life. So take good heed, for this time will be a difficult one.

Fear nothing, for he who is truly with Me has nothing to fear, no matter how much the devil tries to inflict on him through his machinations, evil deeds, shameful deeds and misdeeds!

Believe firmly in My word, because it is and will be, as I, your Jesus, Savior and Redeemer of your, WHO I AM, tell you. Amen.

My child. My Son has spoken, I, your Father in Heaven and yours, promise that time is shortened.

Keep praying, My children, because your prayers preserve the good in your world!

Plead, beloved children, for your pleading obtains mitigation! Shortening will be given to you and more, the more you implore it from Me through your prayer!

Potentiate your prayers, beloved children that you are! All angels and saints stand by you and PRAY WITH YOU, IF YOU ASK THEM!

Ask for clarity from the Holy Spirit. HE, Who will keep and guide you in the true way, is sent so that you may not fall into the confusion or aberration of your present time.

So pray and plead daily for clarity and strength, perseverance and understanding. My Holy Spirit will give them to the one who asks Him daily.

Your Father in heaven.

God, the Most High. Amen.

My children. I, your loving Mother in Heaven, have come to ask you now to pray My rosaries more often.

Your world is upside down, that is, chaos and war are about to expand.

Have not only your welfare in mind, for this will lead you into the (catch)arms of the devil and his henchmen, but pray for the whole world!

It is boiling in ALL countries of the earth, and wars ignite, if you do not pray!

The war in Europe is threatening to escalate. So pray, My children, pray!

Those who do not want to sink into chaos, do well to pray My rosaries daily!

Do not become lukewarm and remain steadfast, for what is coming now will be comparable to nothing that ever existed on earth!

Do not forget that the evil one, the serpent, the devil, has sent his sonto deceive you, to lie to you, to deceive you! He will steal you by charisma and guile, and you will succumb to him, IF YOU DO NOT PRAY AND STAY WATCHFUL!

Only the Holy Spirit of the Father WILL preserve you from these pitfalls, but you must implore it (preservation), ie: Pray DAILY for clarity and strength, perseverance and understanding, because: If you have fallen for the Antichrist, My Son will not be able to do anything for you.

Jesus is coming at the end of time, so be and remain vigilant!

The gates to the New Kingdom will be opened as soon as the time is ready. The Father is testing you, beloved children, so stand firm!

Do not think about your welfare in this life, but: Prepare yourselves for eternity!

Many human lives will now and yet be lost (note: pass away), but it is up to you where your soul will find eternal rest or not!

The Eternal Life at the Lord's side attains only the one who lives now already with and for Him! Whoever does not make himself ready will soon suffer the consequence.

Children, My so beloved children. The warning is near, but you should be ready for it: To be able to endure it, to plead for forgiveness on your knees to the Lord, so as not to die and be lost in the act of this so wonderful mercy!

Many will turn away only because they will not be able to bear the light of My Son!

Do not commit this mistake, My so beloved flock of children, because Jesus is love, Divine, pure love, and nothing more beautiful, sublime and wonderful exists than to be embraced with His love. But you must be ready for this love, because if you are not, you will not know how to endure it through your sinfulness and you will not be able to accept it!

Be therefore ready, My children, for all the now coming events and do not wait!

Everything is beginning to take place, so be ready for Jesus, My Son.

Stay alert and do not wait! Whoever is not ready for Jesus will have a hard time. He will be lost if he does not repent and his 'final rest' will be agonizing.

So do not wait and have everything ready.

When wars break out, do not be afraid!

The Father holds His protecting hand over all His believing children!

No soul who loves Jesus will be lost. I, your loving Mother, promise this today.

Be ready, because Chaos is overtaking your world!

Be steadfast, for the mark of the beast shall be impressed upon you!

Stand firm and distinguish:

The one who comes first is not My son!

So remain vigilant, steadfast and ready.

Pray My rosaries, for they do much good!

Wars can be prevented by praying My Rosary!

Carry love in your hearts and pray for conversion instead of condemning!

Conversion is important, My children, and the more who convert, the more difficult it will be for the devil to impose his aims.

The final battle is near, it is very near, but you will still have to go through a lot. He who prays will be preserved. He will not give in and Jesus will guide him and take care of him and his loved ones.

So keep My words in your heart: remain vigilant, steadfast and pray My rosaries! Pray to the Father and to the Holy Spirit!

Your prayer CHANGES, so do not wait for this or that to happen, but CHANGE THROUGH YOUR PRAYER!

Never has your prayer been so important as in this time!

Do not fall into the deceitfulness of the evil one, for this will bring you eternal death!

Pray, My children, pray!

Heaven united is open to you, that is: Ask Us, and We will help you. Amen.

With deep motherly love,

Your Mother in Heaven.

Mother of all God's children and Mother of salvation. Amen.

Make this known, My child. Difficult times are dawning, so be and remain ready, My children. Vigilant you must be to discern, so pray to the Holy Spirit daily and ask for clarity. Amen.

Your Mother in Heaven. Coredemptrix, who I am. Amen.

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