Messages to Maria for The Divine Preparation of Hearts, Germany


Saturday, December 17, 2022

It Is the Time of Perseverance!

- Message No. 1390 -


Archangel Michael: My child. Tell the children of the earth to persevere. Your trust will be tested, especially in the coming days now awaiting you.

Jesus: My child. Stay strong, for you must remain faithful to Me to the end. Temptations will be great, but do not accept them at any time, do not give in to them, and remain in prayer to Me, to your Jesus, and hidden in Me. It is important that you never give in, because otherwise you will open a door and grant entrance to the evil one!

God the Father: Stay strong, persevere, I, your Father in Heaven, protect My children.

Stay faithful to My Son and pray a lot. Prayer will give you the strength to persevere, and I, your Father in Heaven, will intervene!

An angel of the Lord: Believe and trust, for your trust will be greatly tested.

Do not give the evil one entrance, for if you open your door even a crack, he will spread himself and will not leave you.

Your eternity is at stake, so always remain strong, persevering and ready for Jesus Christ, Our Lord, who is coming again in glory, and that day is near, it is very near.

Always remain faithful to HIM, your Savior, and never become lukewarm! A lukewarm soul is in danger of being lost, for it is impressionable!

So pray much and attend your Holy Masses, AS LONG AS THEY ARE STILL HOLY!

Hang in there.

I, an angel of the Lord, ask you to do so. Amen.

Jesus: It is the time of perseverance.

Your Jesus, with God the Father, the Mother and the Holy Angels and Saints gathered here. Amen.

The following is shown and explained to me by the Holy Archangel Michael:

Archangel Michael is bowing down. He and many mighty angels are there and his hosts.

He shows me and explains: They are all ready for us, for the final battle that is near.

He explains to me further: They are already fighting. This battle will end in the 3 dark days.

He speaks: It is important not to open any windows or doors here either. You will be lost if you should. So keep to Our instructions. They are for your salvation and your redemption and elevation into the New Kingdom of the Lord.

Your Archangel Michael with all the mighty Holy Angels and hosts present. Amen.

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