Messages to Maria for The Divine Preparation of Hearts, Germany


Wednesday, September 21, 2022

The danger is expanding!

- Message No. 1376 -


My child. The evil deeds, planned by the evil itself and threaded through its henchmen -many, many in number and in all areas of your life (habitat)- are implementing, and so many of Our children do not see, and so many of Our children do not suspect, yet so many of you believe it is good, what happens and decisions are made, for a better togetherness, for a respectful and equal treatment of each other, for rights, etc. -the list is long, it is so long-and do not see where it is taking you, your society.

Cunning is the devil and does his mischief more and more openly and clearly in front of the eyes of all Our children, but only a few realize this. As long as they themselves are still doing well, they somehow still participate in life socially, they are indeed trembling, but they do not realize where they are being led and worse still they accept so much 'newness' just to be able to continue to participate in social life with all its luxuries and pleasures.

You do not see any dangers, but the danger is just now expanding further through all the innovations that are going on in your society right now, threaded for a long time and now carried out to lead to the final spurt into the 'One World' and 'One Religion' in which there is NO place for so many of you, and who are imposing more and more on you, depriving you of your freedoms, controlling you completely and exposing you to inhumane evils and outrages, so that ultimately the few of you who agree to EVERYTHING and survive this scenario, which will now become more and more visible (to those who want to recognize it (!), because many sleep before themselves!), which brings you destruction by illness and war, by hunger and exclusion and shall lead to death, those are allowed to serve the superiors as lowest slave, chipped and belonging to the devil (!), WITHOUT own opinion, without other rights, which are taken away from you worldwide, if you do not finally wake up, recognize the truth and leave your so comfortable comfort zone to do something against it!

Children, be warned, for plagues are coming!

Be warned, beloved children, for war zones are spreading!

Disasters will increase!

The earth is seething and fires and earthquakes will increase!

There will be popular uprisings, i.e. riots in many countries, as soon as the people realize where you (the elite through their stooges in politics and ALL high positions of your present world-economy-sector) are leading them.

Be warned, My children, for the time you have left to prepare yours is a short one, My children, it is very short. Amen.

Your Jesus. Who I Am. Amen.

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