Messages to Maria for The Divine Preparation of Hearts, Germany


Friday, August 26, 2022

It is a hard time, but endure it!

- Message No. 1374 -


Each of you must be tested!

My child. My dear child. Darkness will be the time now (soon), but do not fear, do not be afraid. He who is with the Father has nothing to fear, for HE who created you all cares, and he who is faithful and devoted and devoted to Jesus, My Son who loves you so much, has nothing to fear, for he will be lifted up, and that time is near, it is so near!

My so beloved children that you are, I, your loving Mother in Heaven, am very concerned: So many of you have no longsuffering. They lack strength, they lack perseverance, they lack confidence that everything will really come as We, Heaven United, say! They fear everything will take a long time, everything will drag on, and do not see how they are moving away from My Son as a result!

You must remain strong and persevering, beloved children that you are! We, the Father, Jesus, your saints and angels, and I, your loving and protecting Mother in Heaven, know that it is a hard test, but always have courage and perseverance and firm trust that everything is as it must be, because:

Before My Son, your Jesus, sends His warning, each one of you must be tested for trust, hope, and faithfulness, and only the one who is strong and perseveres will pass this test.

So tell the children, for the warning is near. The New Kingdom will come, and that time is also near.

Much evil will yet befall your world, but you have Jesus and God the Father, your Creator, and both take care of each one of you who truly loves you. Your Holy Spirit is among you, sent to gift you with clarity, strength, perseverance, and many gifts more, so ask for them and USE them!

You must pray, you must stand firm, you must hope and trust in Jesus! Whoever caves in now, whoever does not remain faithful, will not gain the New Kingdom.

So persevere and plead to Us, to Me, your Mother in Heaven, to Jesus, your Savior who loves you and waits for you, to the Holy Spirit for clarity and faithfulness and to the Father for mitigation and concern. Ask for mitigation and shortening of time, and it will be granted to you!

So many of you know about this mystery, so many of you experience this infinite love, kindness and care of the Father, and yet it is so hard for so many of you at this time.

Children hold on, because the time will become much more difficult, and good to him who is completely established in My Son, good to him who places all his hope and love in My Son, good to him who remains faithful to Him, his Savior, until the end!

Beloved children that you are: remain faithful, persevere and never give in to evil!

So many temptations are scattered in your world. Ask the Father for help, pray and implore the Our Father. This prayer is so precious, so pray it fervently, My beloved children, because it will save you from temptations.

I love you very much. Pray much, pray fervently, and always remain faithful to Jesus, My and your Jesus, and trust in Him, hope in Him, and love Him with all your being. Amen.

Your Mother in Heaven.

Mother of all God's children and Mother of salvation. Amen.

Jesus, Mary and God the Father: It is a difficult time, but endure it. Amen.

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