Messages to Maria for The Divine Preparation of Hearts, Germany


Thursday, February 17, 2022

This is an important message, there is not much time left!

- Message No. 1339 -


My child. These are difficult times, but (just) endure them. The Lord is coming. He, who is Almighty, intervenes (now) soon. Trust, dear children, trust, for the Lord and Father will not leave you alone.

Pray much and pray fervently. It is a time that is difficult, but it too will pass, My child, My children. Believe firmly in the intervention of the Lord and Father, for His chiding hand will strike those who cause you the greatest suffering and evil, and HE will bring to account those who are fellow travelers and thus accomplices. Pray for them, that they may repent before this happens!

Your and yours Bonaventure


Oh, My child. I, your Jesus of the Holy Cross, am suffering a lot. Your world is getting worse and worse. Godlessness and ruthlessness have crept into the cold hearts of men. It is the serpent that poisons their hearts and their being, but they do not notice it!

Pray, My children, so that My and your Father may restrain His chiding hand, and many more children may be converted, for if HE intervenes, there will be no escape for so many of you!

The ruthlessness knows no limits anymore, and the souls of these people are cold, and cruel is their state of being. Their cold hearts are refreshed by the suffering of others, and they delight in their shameful deeds.

Many want to break out and cannot, because they are caught in the circle of evil. The devil has taken hold of them, his henchmen hold them in check, and their complicity holds them captive. They are afraid for themselves, but many also for their loved ones, and remain accomplices and stooges of the evil deeds and machinations of those who pay homage to the devil and partly even do it themselves! For them it is especially difficult to break out of this circle of the devil's wheel. Pray for them that they will repent and find the courage to follow Me, their Jesus!

Many souls are so cold that their only 'kick' is to do even worse, more shameful and cruel deeds to others. They find satisfaction ONLY in the torment of others, the implementation of ever more shameful atrocities and take pleasure in the most disgusting orgies, occult practices and (mass) celebrations with their peers and invoking their master and offering pure human sacrifices and rapes.

Children, if you knew what I, your Jesus, see, you would pray, pray, pray and want many of you off this earth from this life. This swamp, this suffering and affliction, this torment and anguish, these could not bear them.

Therefore, My children, pray so that many more children may break out of this circle of Satan and repent before the Father intervenes. Only he who has sold his soul to Satan CANNOT BE SAVED! All others still have the opportunity to repent now, and through your prayer you can contribute to this!

Whoever does not repent, whoever does not convert, will be lost to the devil for eternity, and nothing I, his Jesus, will be able to do for him then.

Therefore I call you, children of the remnant army:

Pray for these souls, so that the fire of My Divine Love may be kindled in them(their hearts)and they may find the way out of corruption, and they may find their way to Me, to their Jesus who waits for them and loves them. Amen.

My child. My children. This is an important message, because there is not much time left,and many souls I, your loving Jesus, still want to draw to Me, so that they will be saved and not be exposed to eternal damnation.

I thank you very much, My beloved flock of children, from the depths of My Most Sacred Redeemer Heart.

Pray also in all other intentions, for the time is short. The Father is intervening. That time is (very) near.

Ask, pray and plead to HIM, the Almighty, HE may grant mitigation, so that you may remain preserved from the most cruel evils that are planned.

Pray for peace in your world. The evil one has evil plans, but he will not be able to implement them if you pray, My children, if you pray!

Much has already been stopped by the Father's intervention! Believe, My children, and remain in prayer. Your prayer is the greatest weapon you have, in these difficult times. Amen.

Your and yours Jesus of the Holy Cross. Amen.


My child. These are most shameful deeds that the devil makes his henchmen and admirers (worshippers) perform. His practices are most cruel and his rituals vicious and unscrupulous his worshippers and followers.

Pray, My children, so that those who have not given their souls to him may get out and find their way to My Son.

It is high time, for the Father's chiding hand is intervening, and good to him who has converted before, good to him who is then with My Son. Amen.

Your and yours Mother in Heaven.

Mother of all God's children and Mother of salvation. Amen.

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