Messages to Maria for The Divine Preparation of Hearts, Germany


Sunday, December 5, 2021

Executive bodies...!

- Message No. 1329 -


Our Lady: My child. The antichrist will show himself soon. That is why 'they' are now trying to force you all to be vaccinated.

Jesus: Never be afraid, for I stand ready.

My adversary is preparing the way for his son through his elite and this through your politicians, the present pope and his entourage and many others, who are ALL his (the devil's) stooges -bought, paid, manipulated, threatened, the list is long-, but 'tipping' more and more, because their conscience is heavy, and they collapse under this so cruel burden, which many let put on themselves and now don't know how to get out, because: they lose their face(! ), and of it many, many are afraid and 'murder' further, although they do not regard it as murdering. They are of the opinion that they are the victim -of the system, of the boss, also here the list is long-, and by their 'headless' and HEARTLESS(!!!) acting, they pave their way into hell, should they not go the way of conversion now!

Beloved children that you are: For all your deeds, you alone will be responsible! If you continue to blindly follow regulations and do not oppose these diabolical measures, you are guilty! You are so afraid for your life, your prosperity, your work that you blindly carry out 'murder orders'!

Children wake up! You must free yourselves from this vicious circle, and you must wash yourselves clean in confession, repentance and contrition!

You are executive organs of the devilish elite and do not realize what you are doing not only to others but also to yourselves! Your soul will suffer if you do not repent and draw a line!

So many of you have already been guilty of murder, and only through repentance and deepest remorse will you get another chance, but you must decide, because time is running out for you, beloved children that you are. Whoever continues to murder will be lost to the devil, and it is of no use to you to say: I had to do this.

You have the choice!

It is YOUR decision to renounce the devil and his devilish machinations. Who does not do that will be 'thrown to his (the devil's) feet', that is: He will be lost to him (the devil), and his eternity will be tormenting and suffering, and his soul will be eaten up with pain and distress, but never will it (the soul) die, but suffer eternally.

Consider, then, whether you want to continue to be the minions of evil, for you cannot reject YOUR DEBT. Only your conversion to Me, to your Jesus, will save you from this diabolical chastisement, but there is not much time left, for the plans of the elite are intensifying, and My Second Coming is approaching.

Be ready. On the day of the great warning, you should ALL be with Me. Amen.

I love you very much.

Turn back, My children, turn back, for only through Me, through your Jesus who loves you, will you attain eternity in glory. Amen.

Your Jesus, Who I Am. Amen.

My child. My Son has spoken. Please publish what has been said here. It is difficult, it is hard, but it is the truth.

Your Mother in Heaven with the Saints and Holy Angels present here, God the Father, Jesus and the Holy Spirit. Amen.

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