Messages to Maria for The Divine Preparation of Hearts, Germany


Saturday, November 13, 2021

...all others will be at the mercy of the devil!

- Message No. 1327 -


My child. Please tell the children to pray.

It is through the prayers of all of you alone that the Father is holding back so much and DISPOSING! Your world would already be in 'ruins' if the Father were not a merciful Father. HE who is Almighty HEARS YOUR PRAYERS, and HE who is Almighty INTERVENES!

So pray much, My beloved children, for the end is near, and well to him who has purified himself in his lifetime, well to him who has prepared himself for the events now to come, well to him who is united in prayer with Us, Heaven, and well to him who has found completely to My Son Jesus Christ!

Children awake, for you do not know what torment awaits your soul. The devil is skillful and cunning, and until the last moment he will try to draw you into his damnation. There he will torment you, and the suffering, torment, unspeakable pain and distress will be 'hellish', so agonizing that there are no words for it.

The poor souls in Purgatory suffer purification torments, and these, serving for their purification, are not comparable to anything on your earth. I tell you this for 3 reasons:

1) Pray for the poor souls in Purgatory DAILY AND MUCH!!! And do not desist from praying for them and obtaining indulgences for them. They themselves can do nothing more for themselves, so you pray for them and thus acquire their prayers at the throne of the Lord as soon as they are delivered from purgatory.

2) The purging pains of the poor souls in purgatory, which cannot be compared to any human pain, so agonizing and tormenting they are for the poor souls, these pains pass away as soon as the soul is resurrected.

3) The torments that the devil will do to you are just horrible and never ending!

So turn back, beloved children that you are, and prepare yourselves. Only a pure soul will stand before the Lord, but those who are impure MUST take advantage of the warning to repent, lest they perish in the fires of hell and face the eternal torment of the devil. It is your last chance to repent, but you should be ready for the Lord now.

Listen to Our word in these messages and purify yourselves in your lifetime. Very soon you will have no more chanceand well to him who is truly with the Lord, pure and faithful and devoted to HIM. Amen.

I love you very much. Listen to My call and get ready.

Pray for the poor souls in purgatory that they may obtain salvation and resurrection, and relieve their distress and torment.

Convert, beloved children that you are, convert!

Seek out the Holy Sacrament of Confession and go to Jesus in deep prayer.

He alone is the way to the Father and to the Kingdom of Heaven. He alone! Whoever does not give HIM his YES will be lost and his end will be sealed.

The promised inheritance attains only the one who is with Jesus. All others will be delivered to the devil.

And those who think hell does not exist will have a rude awakening, but then it will be too late for you.

So repent, confess, atone and repent!

You must find your way to Jesus, beloved children that you are, for HE alone is the key to eternity in glory. Amen.

I love you very much. Not one child do We, I, your Mother in Heaven, Jesus and God the Father, wish to see lost.

So convert before it is too late, and carry hope in your hearts. Whoever is completely with My Son will survive the times that are now coming, for the Father is watching over him, His Holy Angels are sent out, and Jesus, My Son, will be with you.

So believe and trust and pray much. I, your loving Mother in Heaven, ask this of you. Amen.

Your Mother in Heaven.

Mother of all God's children and Mother of Redemption with Jesus and God the Father present, as well as the saints and holy angels gathered here. Amen.

Additional statement: The children must know what will happen to their souls if they sin and do not purify themselves during their lifetime!

My child. Please tell the children how important their purification is during their lifetime, so that they will not have to suffer the purification torments in Purgatory, which are solely for their purification and thus do good, because the soul WILL be resurrected and live in the glory of the Father, nor the torments of Hell, which are so cruel and 'destroy' the soul without killing it, ie:

These are torments which are a torture and torment of the soul not known on earth, which cause the soul ETERNAL suffering and ETERNAL torment and ETERNAL pain and ETERNAL abandonment of God and ETERNAL self-reproach and ETERNAL hopelessness (!). It is the cruelest place that the devil has prepared for 'his refreshment', because your suffering brings him satisfaction, but always only for a short moment, i.e. for this reason, this (his) misery, he will torment you eternally.

My children. My children so beloved by Me. Do not do this to yourselves. You have no idea how capable of suffering your soul is, because you have closed yourselves to protect yourselves. Yet the eternal protection that you and your soul need is the love of My Son, and for this love you must open yourselves and make yourselves ready! Whoever does not do this will suffer the greatest torments, but you must learn to distinguish:

The torments that befall the soul in Purgatory END after the completion of its (the soul's) perfect purification. The soul knows this, that is, again (means) that it NEVER loses hope. Be aware that when you go to Purgatory, there is nothing you can do for yourself to speed up this purification process of your soul. You should have done this while you were alive! I.e.:

You are used to pray and ask for yourselves, this will no longer be possible in Purgatory. You are dependent on 'the others', i.e. on people/souls who ask for relief and win indulgences for you! Keep this in mind:

You are dependent, 'unable' to do anything for yourselves -and also not for the other souls who are in Purgatory, and they not for you!- and you have to 'atone' (suffer the purification torments) until your soul is COMPLETELY purified!

My children. My children so loved by Me. Purify yourselves during your lifetime to spare yourselves, your soul, these sufferings!

Purgatory, however, your soul will reach only if it has given its YES to Jesus, honestly, sincerely and with hope.

ALL OTHERS will be sent to the hell fires, i.e. the devil will push them into the maelstrom of his underworld and torture, torture, torture them there.

These torments are NOT comparable with the purification torments! They serve only the satisfaction of the devil! They do not purify you, they 'destroy' you! They do not heal you, they 'tear' you apart! Your soul -YOU!- suffers never-ending agony, torment and distress! You cannot even imagine on earth this state of misery, so cruel it is, that not a torture, not a torment, not burning your body alive could describe it (these torments)! Realize this, beloved children that you are, and stay away from sin! Give your YES to My Son, your Jesus, so that you do not have to suffer this hellish state!

And now please realize that these torments will end NEVER! You give yourselves, by your sins, FREELY into the hands of the devil and deliver yourselves to him for eternity! ONLY your conversion can prevent this!

So these are the differences, My children:

Purgatory, whose purification will cause you torments that will end as soon as your purification process -depending on the degree of your sins that you have not brought before Jesus(!) in repentance and penance and atonement!- is completed.

Hell, which will cause your soul agony, torment and suffering and pain and hopelessness that cannot be put into words, which will only serve the satisfaction of the devil, but will cause you never-ending suffering! Hell IS the cruelest place, and if you could take a peek inside, YOU WOULD NEVER SIN AGAIN!

I do not want to frighten you, My beloved children, but to warn you:

Purify yourselves while you are alive, so that you may escape this torment!

Only Jesus is the way(!), My children. Only HE. Amen.

My child. Please add this as an explanation of the 3 reasons in Message 1327. The children need to know what will happen to their soul if they sin and do not purify themselves during their lifetime! Amen.

Your and your Mother in Heaven with Jesus and the Saints and Holy Angels of the Father gathered here. Amen.


Prayer of St. Gertrude to deliver 1000 Souls from Purgatory.

The Lord told St. Gertrude that the following prayer, every time it is said, will deliver a thousand souls from Purgatory. This prayer has been expanded to include living sinners and to alleviate debts incurred while still alive. Pray it every day.

Eternal Father, I offer Thee the Most Precious Blood of Thy Divine Son, Jesus, in union with the masses said throughout the world today, for all the holy souls in purgatory, for sinners everywhere, for sinners in the universal church, those in my own home and within my family. Amen.

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