Messages to Maria for The Divine Preparation of Hearts, Germany


Wednesday, October 13, 2021

Although many veils are lifting...!

- Message No. 1322 -


My children. Do not despair, for the end is very near indeed. God, the Father of us all, is well pleased with you, the faithful Remnant Army children united in prayer. Never give up, for your perseverance will be rewarded, and your perseverance will bear fruit, and your atonement, beloved children that you are, will bring many more children to repentance and to Me, to their Jesus who loves them so much.

Dear children of the remnant army: Although many veils are lifting, the evil one is already holding the next evil. So many children now think there will be lightenings and do not see how even worse evils will overtake them. Be and remain prepared, for in many places evil will come 'overnight' (from now on). He who is prepared will have nothing to fear. He will be able to endure the time to persevere, and he will pray and remain faithful to Me, his Jesus.

But those who are caught unprepared will go through hard times. It will not be easy for them to adjust to the wickedness, because they have not prepared themselves, have not listened to Our Word, and have not taken Our warnings seriously. Now see how you fare!

So do not trust the media at any time, who keep on lying and deceiving you. Behind the scenes the worst is planned, so wake up and face the truth before it is too late for you!

Those of you who are slowly awakening, be told: Unite in prayer and plead for help, intervention and mitigation to the Father. The Father is Almighty, and in His Omnipotence He will show mercy if you awaken and confess Jesus and begin to see through the evil game of the devil and his elite.

To all the vaccinated be told: It is not too late for you, but convert, beloved children, convert and do not let yourselves be further vaccinated, because it will go badly for you if you do not listen and continue to follow the evil game and its initiators! Your soul will suffer greatest suffering, if you do not turn away from it! Your bodies, beloved children that you are, will not withstand much longer. You MUST plead to the Father that HE may intervene and show mercy to you, beloved children that you are, to you!

Many mistakes you have committed, but the Lord is merciful. So turn back before it is too late and do not continue to play to the evil one by following his lies and obeying his lies.

Only Jesus is your way! Wake up and realize who you have fallen into the trap of. Amen.

Your Jesus. Redeemer of all God's children and Savior of the world and Mary, your Mother in Heaven, Co-Redemptrix and Mother of all God's children. Amen.

The warning is near. There will be no second chance. Whoever is not ready for the warning, whoever does not give his YES to Jesus, will soon have a rude awakening.

Your mother in heaven. Amen.

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