Messages to Maria for The Divine Preparation of Hearts, Germany


Thursday, May 13, 2021

Ascension of Christ

- Message No. 1299 -


My plans are great and perfect!

My child. Please tell the children not to despair. My plans are great and perfect, and the end approaches with each passing day. So persevere, My flock of children so beloved by Me, for I, your Father in Heaven, am ready to intervene, and that day is near, it is so near.

But, beloved children that you are, you MUST be ready, for: An unprepared soul will have a very hard time now, here, in your world, and when the signs of warning come. It's not enough to convert only then, because:.

You must be prepared and ready, because you don't know the day and you don't know when it (the day) will come, and therefore you must be ready and live every day as if you are ready for it (the warning), because:

When the warning comes you must be ready and prepared to recognize, experience and accept it as an act of mercy and as My Son's gift to you -what it is: the gift of mercy, of My and My Son's infinite love to you, My children, to you!- because:

Only a pure soul, which is truly prepared for My Son and this so wonderful event, which will still show so many children the right way, the way of conversion, the way to Jesus and to Me, but which you will only EXPERIENCE WITH JESUS, if you are truly with HIM (!), will experience it with HIM.

So get ready, be ready and stay ready, because: The day is near, and woe to him whom it (the event of warning) strikes unprepared!

I, your Father in Heaven, warn you, for I love you, each one of you. So listen to My call and be ready at all times, for: Everything is now going to happen very quickly, the events are going to overturn, and into all this comes this event so wonderful that many of you will not know how to endure it.

My children. We showed Mary for the Divine preparation of hearts how this event will be, and she told you again and again through Our Word that Jesus, My Jesus and yours, will be with the one who truly believes in HIM. So believe and trust and be completely with My Son, because only the one who is truly with HIM will not be lost and will experience the warning as the greatest act of love and mercy, as We have told you again and again through Mary for the Divine preparation of hearts.

Believe in Our Word, for it is full of love for you, it is for your salvation, so that you may find your way to Jesus and into the New Kingdom full of love and joy. HE, your Savior, is ready for you, and His Second Coming is near. But still much suffering will come over your earth, but your prayer mitigates, your prayer shortens, your prayer keeps away (outrages) and your prayer alleviates! It lies like heaviest boulders on the way of the target enforcement of the evil one and his elite, so remain in prayer, My so beloved children, always remain in prayer.

Your prayer in the intentions of My Son works miracles! Much of what the elite has planned, HAS NOT COME TO PASS!

Yet you do not see it, for it is being covered up by those who control your media! So rise up and pay no attention to them (the mainstream media) anymore! We warn you since the beginning of these messages, but you do not listen!

Believe in Our Word and take it to heart, because it serves you for the salvation of your souland is given to you by Us, by your Father in Heaven, My Most Holy Son Jesus, His Most Holy Mother Mary and selected saints and angels, out of deepest love and for your salvationfor the salvation of your and your soul. Amen.

Listen to My call in these messages, you do not have much time left.

As soon as mercy departs, justice comes, and woe to him who has not made himself ready. Amen.

With deep love,

Your Father in heaven.

Creator of all God's children and Creator of all being. Amen.

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