Messages to Maria for The Divine Preparation of Hearts, Germany


Sunday, January 10, 2021


- Message No. 1272 -


My child. Only a short time remains for you. Be sure that Jesus, your Savior and Redeemer who loves you so much, will be with you AT ALL TIMES! None of Our faithful children will We leave alone, so believe and trust and remain in deep prayer, for your prayer is needed, your prayer is changed, and your prayer keeps you hidden and concealed in Jesus, My Son who loves and suffers you so much.

It is almost accomplished, beloved children that you are, but the end will be hard, hard. The Antichrist is extending his power wherever there are children who have lost their way and are not firmly anchored in the faith. He will stop at nothing and will be celebrated like the greatest unprecedented hero, benefactor and magician, the latter only in 'known circles', and the world will love him, celebrate him and submit to him. He stands ready, beloved children that you are, for his great appearance that will come very soon. Just hang in there, beloved children that you are, and never be deceived: My Son, your Jesus, WILL NOT Dwell UNDER YOU, by this you can tell Him apart.

Whoever thinks he is not at the end of time, whoever continues to blindly follow him and those who come along, let him know: your days are numbered, beloved children that you are. You must be vigilant and faithful to Jesus, and you must stop following those who come along, for they are leading you into a trap, and they are leading you into ruin from which there is no escape. So be vigilant and remain faithful to Jesus.

Pray and plead to the Holy Spirit, for only the Holy Spirit can keep you from confusion. Plead for clarity and ask for courage. It will not get easier, but YOU MUST STAND firm and trust in Jesus, for only HE will give you salvation and lead you into the New Kingdom, only HE, your Jesus, who loves you so much.

You must not accept the mark of the beast! No matter what you are not allowed to do then: Stay strong! The time is short, and the New Kingdom is ready, so stand firm, and don't be deceived! There will be no more 'normal life', even if you all hope for it. You must remain strong and not run after the masses, not after the media, not after those who run away and not after My Son's adversary, because that means your downfall. The 'normal life' they offer you is only possible if you accept the mark of the beast. Resist(!), beloved children that you are, for he who bears the mark of the devil will not inherit the New Kingdom. He will perish, for soon, very soon, the shine and glamor with which the devil lures and entices you will collapse, and what is left is corruption.

God the Father is intervening. That time is near, but you must remain faithful to Jesus so that you may be saved and lifted up. Whoever caves in, whoever becomes weak, whoever does not withstand the seduction, for whatever reason, be told: Only the faithful children will be able to save themselves when the Father's hand strikes, only the faithful children will be spared from the Father's wrath. They will persevere in their homes, and whoever has lost his house will find shelter in another house or inn (note: friends, family, religious communities are shown to me). He will lock everything, and he will have candles ready that are consecrated. He will pray, pray, pray. This he will do for 3 days. And outside a storm will rage, and the earth will quake, and the floods of fire will engulf large parts of the earth, they will disappear into the earth, the floods of fire. And the earth will purify itself, and it will be renewed. God, the Lord and Father, will renew it for all faithful children who have stood firm in the faith.

But you must not 'go soft', cave in or give in! You must, as in these days, stand firm and steadfast in the faith to Jesus Christ until the end. Whoever wavers will be lost, for the confusion is now growing! The division within the church, as well as outside, will become greater, and people will be in discord with each other. Everyone wants to know better, but only God the Father knows where you stand right now. Hold back with statements and speculations, because only HE, the Father in heaven, knows the date. There are many who say they know, but only God the Father knows when it will be.

Therefore be ready, beloved children that you are, remain vigilant and remain faithful to Jesus. That is all I can and must say to you today.

Listen to My call in these messages and remain faithful to Jesus.

Pray, pray, pray, for your prayer is so much needed. Amen.

With deep love,

Your Mother in Heaven.

Mother of all God's children and Mother of salvation. With Jesus and God the Father present, and the saints and holy angelic hosts gathered here. Amen.

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