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Monday, September 7, 2020

Don't you have any respect?

- Message No. 1258 -


My child. My dear child. Please write, for My word must be heard. My word that I, your loving Mother of Garabandal, proclaim today is important for My beloved faithful children.

My children. My children so loved by Me. It is time to convert yourselves, for the end times are shortened by the prayer of My truly faithful children.

My Son, your Jesus, is ready. His 2nd coming will be, but beware, because his adversary will also enter the stage, and you will not know him from My Son, if you do not convert, desist from your greed and avarice, continue to dwell in fornication and pleasures and give in to the devil and his henchmen -and they are in all areas and positions of your so mendacious world! through media and lying press, believing them, running after them and playing to them, because you do not hear My word, you do not listen to the word of My Son, and you do not listen to the word of the Father in Heaven, God, the Most High! You are trapped in your comfortable world of lies, where appearances and prestige and transient things are more important than Me, your Mother in Heaven, than My Son, your Most Holy Jesus, and than God the Father, your Creator! How can this be, I ask you? How can you turn against the Father like this? Have you learned nothing in your existence? Have you forgotten who created you and gave you life?

Children, wake up! Your world is upside down! You are creating children 'artificially' -through artificial methods! Instead of praying and asking God, your Father, you 'artificially inseminate' and put this into the womb.

Children, what are you doing? Have you no respect for your Creator? You have surrogate mothers carrying the children -babies- for you! Why don't you pray and ask God the Father for this grace?

You give children to families who have no mother or father! . How can this be allowed, I ask you?

You have sex for your pleasure and completely disregard creation! It is shameful what you are doing, and there are so many who are doing it!

Children, turn back and convert, for what awaits you otherwise will be cruel and sorrowful and agonizing! You will experience greatest torment and your soul will be lost! You must repent and turn away from all the outrages that the devil and his henchmen sell to you as 'normal', and you must learn to distinguish!

It is not right what you are doing to your children, neither the artificial form of insemination, nor the ever increasing separations among couples with children, nor the attitudes and inclinations that you are setting before your children!

So many children are aborted because of the banalization of sex! So many! And the mothers who commit this mortal sin! Their souls will suffer, suffer, suffer if they do not repent! You men, who are fathers of these killed children, will not be spared either! Incitement to sin - and you commit it 2 times! - causes suffering for all, and so also for you! What do you think, beloved children, who are you, to live only according to urges and pleasures?

Marriage is sacred, and the union of man and woman is fruitful! He who cannot have children should ask himself the question of why behind it! He should pray and live in humility, because the Father hears those who plead to HIM!

You do so much wrong, beloved children that you are, and through sex and greed, pride and prestige the devil gets all too easy with you!

The Holy Sacraments of the Holy Catholic Church of My Son ARE HOLY! They must NOT be changed, and whoever lives in sin MUST NOT RECEIVE JESUS! I.e. not that My Son turns away from him. However, the person (soul) who receives Holy Communion must BE FREE FROM SIN!

So convert, confess, repent and repent! No matter what the false priests of My Son will tell you, realize that the one who wants to change or alter even the slightest thing about the Holy Eucharist does NOT COME FROM MY SON!

So many wolves in sheep's clothing have mingled with your religious, and they are given a hearing and encouragement in the highest and not so high circles. The wayward people and authorities welcome and celebrate the opening (change) of the Holy Catholic Church. Ask yourselves why!

Wake up, beloved children that you are, because you are very close to the abyss! You do not see it, but it is as I, your Mother of Garabandal, say today:

Whoever does not repent, whoever does not convert, whoever does not confess, repent and repent, whoever does not pray, and whoever prefers to 'disappear' and 'abolish' My Son, trampling Him underfoot and desecrating His Holy Church, will be lost for eternity, and nothing will he be able to do about it. His suffering will be accompanied by the greatest pain, and he will languish in agony, without an end(!), without hope, without redemption, eternally!

So choose well and open your eyes: The one who comes is not My Son, even if he pretends to be such and is presented to you as such! The one who is already here is also not sent by My Son, but by His adversary, who strives for the takeover not only of your religions, but of the entire world domination and is about to implement!

So awake, beloved children that you are, and join the remnant army of My Son! Wait no longer, for the end is near. As soon as the warning has arrived as the last act of My Son's mercy, there will be strife of the worst kind on your earth. The days will darken and evil will be visible among you.

So convert now, and fight for good! The Father will put a stop to it, but the degree of your suffering in this time depends on your prayer. The more you pray, the more you pray (!), the easier it will be for you and the Lord's children. Amen.

I love you very much. Listen to My call and turn back.

Pray, My children, pray so that the Father will stop and His angry hand will not move over you!

Jesus suffers, HE suffers for you! With every sin you commit, you violate His Sacred Heart.

So repent! Convert! Pray! And give your YES to Jesus! No sin is too great for My Son not to forgive!

Confess, atone, repent and come close to Jesus. Amen.

In deep and sincere love of heart I take leave of you today.

Your Mother in Heaven.

Mother of all God's children. Mother of salvation and of Garabandal. Amen.

Make this known, My child. It is of extraordinary importance. Amen.


St. Michael the Archangel: 'I will defeat the devil with My Heavenly Hosts!'

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