Messages to Maria for The Divine Preparation of Hearts, Germany


Saturday, March 28, 2020

See in what deception you live!

- Message No. 1247 -


Jesus in the Blessed Sacrament of the Altar:

My child. My daughter so beloved by Me. Tell My faithful children that I am with them. Tell them that I will not leave them alone, and tell those who have not yet found Me, their Jesus, to repent and find Me, for only through Me will they not be lost, only through Me, their Jesus, will they find salvation, and through Me, their Jesus, will they obtain eternal life in the Kingdom of Heaven of the Father, God Most High. They must repent, My beloved daughter, who is you, otherwise they will ALL be lost. Please tell them from Me, from their Jesus.

The time you are going through, beloved children that you are, is the time for repentance, for penitence, for the redefinition of your life, which must be totally centered on Me, on your Jesus, in order to obtain eternal life, and to make this world of yours better, lovable and worth living in, because what so many of you live for is nothing but superficiality, it is totally worthless and, worse, it takes you further and further away from Me, your Jesus. It separates you from Me, from your Savior, and will bring your soul down. You do not believe it, My beloved children that you are? Then let the following be said to you:

You are blind to the truth, blind to what really matters, blind and deceived and lost you live in a time that can be mitigated only by repentance and fervent, deep prayer to Me, to the Father and to the Holy Spirit. You have already entered into the clutches of evil, even if you deny it, but look around and begin to recognize! The time in which you live has made unimportant what is important, and what is absolutely unimportant now appears to you as important! What brings you good reputation before the people, if your soul is stained black? What brings you money and earthly wealth, if your soul has become stone with the raking of still more? What does your great job, your nice car and other earthly goods bring you, if your soul is withering away? What, My children? What? I ask you, and test you honestly:

Are you ready for Me, for your Savior? Are you ready to come before the Father? Are you? Are you ready for My return? Are you? Are you ready to come before Me, your Redeemer and Judge at the same time? Are you? Are you ready, My children? Are you ready or are you attached to your earthly goods, to your prestige, to your position, to your money? Let it be said to you: Whoever's reputation is more important than Me, his Savior, is still far from Me! To whom money is more important than his neighbor, he too is still far away from Me, his Jesus. He who prefers earthly wealth to Me, his Jesus, is not with Me, and he who rakes in money and always wants more, he too is not with Me!

Children, wake up and see in what deception you live. Nothing of what seems important to you on earth -and I refer to what I said before- leads you to Me, to your Jesus. Only through repentance and the reorientation of your life to Me, to your Savior, will you make your world lovable and worth(living) again and come close to Me, your Jesus.

So use this time and repent of all that you did wrong. Repent, atone, repent and atone, My children, atone. Offer up and pray! Your prayer is so needed, for yourselves and your world. Amen.

I love you very much. I am a merciful Savior, but I will (also) appear as a Judge, and for that day you should be ready, for that hour make yourselves ready, because a soul that has not washed itself clean will not (be able to) enter My New Kingdom. It will be lost and experience the greatest suffering.

So turn back, beloved children, and be always ready for Me, for your Jesus. Amen.

I love you and you very much.

Your and your Jesus, who I Am, merciful, full of love for each one of you and Savior of you and of the world. Amen.

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