Messages to Maria for The Divine Preparation of Hearts, Germany


Saturday, March 14, 2020

The scourge is great that is upon you,

- Message No. 1236 -


but you can defeat it!

My child. Your world is upside down and you do not see why. You do not realize that you cannot be without God, the Most High.

You must change, My children, you must find to Me, to your Jesus, because I AM the way to the Father, and THROUGH ME, through your Jesus, you will be saved.

My child. The scourge is great that is upon you, but you can defeat it.

You must pray, My children, you must pray. Only through prayer will you attain change, only through prayer, My children, will you find fulfillment and your way to Me, to your Jesus. Prayer is important. It is so much needed, especially in your present time.

If you do not repent, My children, and find your way to Me, to your Jesus, the world will experience further scourging. You do not see it. You do not believe it, but open your hearts and see where you are!

One scourge after another will afflict your world, your life, if you do not repent, beloved children that you are. In prayer you find strength, in prayer you find fortification, in prayer you find perseverance and you come closer to Me, your Jesus, with every prayer.

Whoever does not yet find fulfillment in prayer to Me, to his Jesus, be told:

Keep praying, for I, your Jesus, hear you. Keep praying, because I, your Jesus, am there for you, pray and ask Me to help you; and he will see, feel and (experience) how a prayer addressed to Me in love, in hope, in faith and trust, in devotion and joy, will fulfill him.

No material joy is greater than what I give to a soul that truly believes in Me. Nothing in your world can give you fulfillment that remains.

Only through Me do you experience everlasting joy. Only through Me do you experience true fulfillment. No one is able to be fulfilled on the outside. Only a soul who loves Me, her Jesus, is able to attain true fulfillment, a fulfillment that lasts forever, as soon as she is completely with Me, with her Jesus.

So pray, My children, pray. The scourge that is upon you is heavy, therefore pray, pray, pray, beloved children that you are. Your prayer changes, your prayer helps, and your prayer, spoken in deep faith in Me, in your Jesus, heals.

So listen to My call and pray, beloved children that you are. Only through repentance and prayer will you not be lost. Only through repentance and prayer, beloved children that you are.

Come to Me, to your Jesus, and believe in the miracles that have happened over all the existence of humanity. My Father, God Most High, will stop if you pray, My children, if you pray sincerely and honestly. Amen.

I love you very much. It pains Me very much to see so many of My churches closed.

With deep love.

Your Jesus, who I Am and always will be.

Ask Me and I will intervene.

Give Me your YES, those who have not yet done so, and I will help you. Amen.


Bonaventure: Unite in prayer at the times you know. (12PM, 3PM, 24PM, 03PM).

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