Messages to Maria for The Divine Preparation of Hearts, Germany


Wednesday, February 5, 2020

Jesus' Light

- Message No. 1232 -


Jesus' light is what you need,

to bring peace to the world,

to feast on His joy,

to feel the happiness of heaven,

to stop stirring up envy and hatred,

for believe Me, My little children,

it is all the same to the devil,

to see you in pain and suffering,

it does not hurt him at all.

And worse, dear children,

he delights in it, and very quickly

he wins you over with envy and hatred,

which he stirs up, where dark night

dwells in your hearts, you children,

and then, then you are quite swiftly

the devil into his net

and will remain trapped there for a long time,

but you don't notice it, child',

because the devil is cunning, and quick as the wind

he uses you, and you do not see it,

and you are far away from the light

of heaven and that of Jesus Christ,

and your soul is more and more lost.

so be and remain faithful to the Lord,

for HE alone is your star,

which shines in the firmament of heaven,

gives you peace and the greatest joy.

so remain faithful, dear child',

that you do not get lost in the wind

of the evil one who wants to catch you,

so that he, secretly and very quietly,

to manipulate and steal you,

and then, My children, you are poor.

So rejoice, dear people,

for the Lord loves you, and full of joy.

he reconciles himself with every child,

who offers his sins to HIM.

repent and be good in heart,

so you relieve the Lord's pain,

over this your bad world,

which sadly supplants our Lord,

where sin, power and so much money

are dearer to you than the love of the Lord,

and therefore you are far from heaven.

So repent, dear people,

for only in this way will you experience all the joy,

which the Lord gives to everyone,

who comes to HIM and does not care about money,

about power, about prestige and always more,

what so many and so much want to have.

and blindly run into the trap

and then soon pull out their hair,

with envy and anger and sadness,

for only heavenly joy makes happy,

which you do not know, do not feel,

for you run after him who brings you displeasure,

and so you move away more and more,

and all at once you stand there, hands empty,

not knowing what to do now,

for you have built everything on sand,

you have given your time to transitoriness,

and Jesus, who is now a stranger to you,

because you have done nothing for Him, My people,

and now there is not even time left for you to repent.

So do not wait until it is too late.

Do penance and repentance and much prayer,

for that is what your world needs so much,

no power, no prestige, for all that is smoke

and sound in the kingdom of Jesus Christ,

who is so benevolent to you,

but you, you trample HIM underfoot,

want ALL just to enjoy your life,

but children, wake up quickly,

for all this passes away and soon, like the wind.

so find to the Lord, your Jesus Christ,

for soon, soon it will be too late for that,

and if then you are lost,

then it is really much too late.

I warn you, dear people,

for you do not yet hear the great ringing,

which proclaims the end of time,

so you better all get ready,

for when the time comes, little children,

you must be pure and faithful to the Lord,

devoted and pious and pure in heart,

for otherwise, My children, you will suffer the greatest pain,

and many of our children will be lost,

because they do not change and blatantly

blaspheme and defile the Lord,

insist on their well-being and mock Him with scorn.

mocking him and declaring him null and void,

oh children, would HE defend himself,

as you would, as a testimony to strength and power,

then the work of redemption would be accomplished in vain.

You do not understand the mystery of Jesus,

do not know what it means to be a true Christian.

Only through conversion, prayer and doing penance

you still find the way to rest,

when the time has come in the Lord's kingdom,

in love and joy and nothing is far away anymore,

what the soul desires and longs for,

so repent and carry courage within you,

to say, No! I change now,

for I want to be as the Lord has foreseen.

pure love and joy in the Lord I will be,

freed from sin and always pure,

to please the Lord and be joyful,

here on earth and then in eternity.

so repent, My dear children,

for the Lord awaits you and gives you rich gifts,

when you become His own, peaceful and pure,

then He will give you the greatest joy.

in your heart, in your life and no matter what happens,

HE stands by you, and HE guides you,

and when your life is done,

it will be HE who leads you to heaven, and your soul will laugh,

for joy and bliss,

and you will live with Him forever.

I love you, dear child',

listen to My words, for faster than the wind,

your time on earth will be over,

and so think well, where you want to be then.

I am leaving now. See you soon and goodbye.

Your Bonaventure. Goodbye.

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